Great Britain: BGC wants a mediator

The British Gambling Association wants a change that benefits not only the players but also the industry and the gambling providers. An ombudsman is to be appointed who will act as a mediator between several bodies. We clarify the background.

Drei Schiedsrichter stehen nebeneinander und sind von hinten zu sehen.

The British Gambling Association calls for an ombudsman. This takes on similar tasks as a referee.(©KeithJJ/Pixabay)

Gambling Law in the UK is being revised

The requirement for a Ombudsman is not new. The BGC has already requested this before, but the request was not granted. The BGC now hopes that the wish will be fulfilled this time as part of the planned change in the law. But what should an ombudsman do? He shouldfirst and foremost take care of customer complaints, which would increase player protection. It is therefore available for mediation between players and gambling providers. Another task of theOmbudsman is to mediate between industry, politics and society.

The members of BGC, including the group Flutter Entertainment, are behind the idea of ​​this mediator. This company had already announced a few years ago that they agreed to such an order. First and foremost is player protection, which would increase as a result. Other members like William Hill, Betway, Playtech and Bet365 see it the same way.

The change to the gambling law that has existed since 2005 would now be the right time to implement the desired change. Thus, no reform needs to be sought.The change to the current law is primarily intended to increase security when playing.

How the Gambling Act is to be changed

Until now, people over the age of 16 were allowed to play the lottery in Great Britain. The purpose of the reform is toraise the minimum age to 18. In addition, the maximum bet on slot machines should be limited to two euros, while a single game should last longer. Longer breaks between games should also increase safety. Despite these new ideas, the BGC still considers it necessary to appoint a mediator. This aims to strike a balance between consumer protection and prevention.

Sports betting could also come to the fore here. For a long timeThe Labor Party has been demanding better animal welfare. In Great Britain, not only dog ​​racing, but also equestrian sports are very popular and associated with sports betting. Of course, an ombudsman could also help in this situation and both protect the animals and continue to guarantee the enjoyment of sports betting.

AlsoThere is a ban on advertising and sponsorship. This would not only hit gambling providers hard, as their advertising options would be restricted. Lack of advertising could lead to a loss of customers. However, the sports clubs, which expect income from advertising and sponsoring, are particularly hard hit. If this falls away, the annual turnover would be extremely reduced and have far-reaching consequences.

Advertising ban demand comes from Christian groups

Recently, Christian groups have also interfered and demanded an advertising ban. One of the triggers wasadvertising, which appeared on 15 junior pages of well-known football clubs. In addition, 70 percent of all Premier League clubs have a sponsor partner. All of this led to the UK government being forced to consider regulating advertising. Of course, restricting advertising could go a long way, and this is exactly where the ombudsman could be deployed.

Furthermore, the mediator could also be used for current problems. TheFootball Index bankruptcy case clearly shows that it is not only the regulatory authority that keeps a close eye on things. A specialist could possibly have prevented insolvency here. At least it would have been possible to secure the members of Football Index. As you can see, a mediator would be useful and helpful in many places.

It is interesting that not only clubs with a focus on player safety are demanding a reform. The gambling providers themselves are of the same opinion and are therefore happy about a planned change in the gambling law. However, hardly anyone would have expected an advertising ban or a restriction of advertising. In this pointthe ombudsman could also mediate, which is why he is viewed positively by all gambling providers.

Ombudsman: official definition

Many do not know what an ombudsman is, which is why we would like to give a small definition here. An ombudsman isan impartial person who thus stands on both sides. Thanks to the neutrality, the arguments of both sides can be seen, broken down into their components and presented to the other side. In addition, an ombudsman can make his own suggestions and thus change the view of gambling providers.

Last but not least, a mediator is used for precisely this task: to mediate between the parties. The ombudsman thus assumes the role of a mediator. An ombudsman has beenused by insurance companies for years to resolve disputes. A continuation of the ombudsman is the ombuds council, which consists of several members. It is often a voluntary appointment, so the task is carried out free of charge. If an ombusman were to be introduced in the gambling sector, it would of course not be free of charge. After all, he has to work much more than a volunteer and must have sufficient experience and knowledge.

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