Great Britain: Some casinos have to close again

Similar to Kenya, there are also in Great Britain a traffic light system. This system is used to differentiate between the regions in terms of their number of infections with the corona virus. The level defined here decides whether the casinos in an area have to close or stay open.

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In Great Britain, all arcades, casinos and betting shops in some regions have to close due to the high number of corona infections.(©derwiki/Pixabay)

Northern England and Scotland are currently affected

Currently areFour areas affected by casino closures: Manchester, South Yorkshire, Merseyside and Lancashire. The number of infections in these areas is so high that casinos, arcades and betting shops have to close. The Scottish Central Belts region is also affected. The cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh are in this area.

If the aforementioned regions were not on the third tier, but on the second or the first tier, then the casinos and gambling venues would have to accept a few restrictions. But at least they wouldn't have to close.

There is another negative truth in this context:Many of the casinos now affected had to close in the spring as part of the first lockdown. At the time, this led to financial difficulties that have not yet been resolved to this day. The casinos that have been closed for two weeks and whose closure has been extended will be hit particularly hard. Other companies, on the other hand, have only been closed for a few days.

Enormous losses expected in many areas

The British Gambling Association BGC does not like the closure of individual casinos and arcades at all. The reason is not only that the casinos suffer a loss again. Rather, theassociation is concerned about the employees who work at a venue. More than 1000 employees work in all betting shops in South Yorkshire. Almost 300 employees work in the casinos in this region. Nobody can predict how the employment relationships will continue. In any case, these depend on the further course of infection.The Scottish Prime Minister is showing little hope at this time, preparing the population for the numbers to continue to rise.

The Prime Minister's good news is:A further phased plan is to be drawn up thanks to which casinos and gambling establishments can reopen, albeit with Restrictions. If this is really carried out, the local arcades could at least generate a small turnover. An exception would be if the curfew is brought forward too far. In this case, the turnover is again too low, since most players try their luck late in the evening or even at night.

Coming back to the current situation: TheGaming Association BGC is also concerned about the tax revenue that is missing due to the closures. Some of the areas mentioned above have always paid taxes in the tens of millions. These are the annual taxes. Added to this are horse racing and media rights levies, which add up to a further £6m. The taxes paid by the employees should not be forgotten. Some of these are also gone.

Gambling Association takes action

The British Gambling Association has approached the UK Business Secretary and demanded that casinos and gambling establishments not have to close. Finallythere would be no evidence that players would infect each other. Another argument of the association is that local shops do not have to close. A certain degree of injustice is seen in this.

In addition, thevenues on site took care of high security measures after the last lockdown. These measures are said to be even safer than those in the local shops: Plexiglas screens, distance rules and disinfectants have been installed. For these reasons, the association cannot understand why only the venues have to close. It would also be possible to further expand the security measures instead of closing the bars.

Unfortunately during the first lockdownthe casinos and arcades did not receive any government support. The operators had to deal with the financial losses themselves. It is not yet clear how many of the casinos and arcades affected will have to close for this reason. One can only hope that there will be no bankruptcy filings.After all, more than 40,000 employees work in all venues. There are also thousands of employees in the casinos. So far, no idea has been published as to how the affected companies should be helped from the state's point of view.

Online casinos could experience an upswing

Spain published the first sales figures this year. From these it follows that at least in Spain the online casinos experienced an upswing in turnover. In some areas, sales increased by 36 percent. This could possibly also happen in Great Britain: If the casinos and betting shops close on site, the players could turn to online casinos. These are open around the clock and there is no risk of infection.

The Gambling Association would of course also like to prevent a migration to the online casinos. As a rule, these are gambling providers from another European country. As a result, sales in their own country are again missing. Horse racing has also been affected by thiscrisis as the number of spectators has decreased here. If all betting fans switched to online casinos, the horse racing industry would also suffer.

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