Great Britain: Casinos are about to reopen

The end of the Corona Pandemic set for early December. Many companies, including casinos, are happy about this end. A large part of the local arcades, casinos and betting shops have had to remain closed in recent weeks. Now they hope to finally be able to make money again.


After a month-long lockdown, casinos in Great Britain are allowed to open again. However, strict hygiene regulations and other rules must be followed.(©12019/Pixabay)

Not all casinos were closed

Fortunately were during not all venues are affected by the lockdown that has been in place since October. Great Britain came up with the idea of ​​dividing all regions into three zones. Something similar to a traffic light was designed. Thosethat fell into Tier3 had to close almost all casinos and other establishments. In some of these cities and regions, there were 600 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants. For this reason, the strictest measures have been introduced there.

As happy as the casinos are to finally be able to open again:There are of course strict measures to be followed. Every venue must adhere to these once the lockdown is over. However, it is not yet clear when there will be another lockdown. The figures for this have not yet been published. Therefore, all gambling operators are happy at the moment that they are allowed to open under strict conditions.

Measures for the opening in detail

As theBritish Gaming Associationpublished, after the end of the lockdown all casinos may open, even if they are in an area with the highest number of infections.

Strict regulations have been defined to ensure that there are no new infection numbers. For example,the Gambling Association had suggested the following:

  • certain live casino games such as poker and blackjack are no longer offered
  • Reduction of visitor numbers to 25 percent
  • Alcohol ban

These measures are intended to prevent the virus from spreading further. Live games are no longer offered because the players get too close and the risk of infection is therefore increased.

Although reducing traffic also drastically reduces sales,establishments seem to be OK with it. According to many statements, the casinos are happy that they can open again at all. Therefore, they accept a lot of hygiene regulations.

In the last few months, gambling operators have had to accept such a high drop in sales that many employees have been laid off. Of course, you want to prevent the number of layoffs from increasing. This is also a reason why the companies agree with a lower number of customers. In order to prevent furtherlayoffs or even bankruptcy filings, the GBC turned directly to Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The comment that no taxes are paid in the event of longer closures may have been helpful here.

Gambling Association already reacted in October

When the lockdown was declared in October, the British Gambling Association had already reacted. At that time,the three-stage plan was drawn up, based on which certain measures had to be implemented. This also included the complete shutdown of the economy to contain the corona pandemic.

The areas of Manchester, South Yorkshire, Merseyside and Lancashire were affected in October. But Glasgow and Edinburgh were also affected by the renewed closures.Most of these areas were hit earlier this year, which is why the Gambling Association reacted immediately. Little hope was given by the statement that all businesses - including casinos - would have to close until the second stage was reached.

Apart from the economic problems, the federation argued that around£54 million will be missing in tax revenue. But horse racing would also suffer particularly badly, since there has been a lack of spectators for a long time.

The Gambling Union raised concerns that casinoshave been generating less revenue for a long time. This is also because the early curfew led to a lower number of visitors. If the casinos now have to close completely, this could mean the end for certain businesses.

Casinos generally offer high hygiene regulations

The on-site casinos and gaming venues introduced strict hygiene regulationsmonths ago. Due to these regulations, the virus is hardly spread in the venues. That's how many argue. Hardly anyone can understand why they had to close again. It is therefore only to be hoped that in a few days everyone will be able to open again.

Otherwise it could happen that even morecustomers migrate to online casinos. These are never closed and can be used around the clock. They also offer a lot more games. There is also no risk of infection with regard to Covid-19.

Another advantage of online casinos is the regular bonuses and promotions. These are not offered by local venues either.Thanks to these bonuses, the financial investment is reduced, although the chances of winning remain the same. Many casinos also offer free spins without bonuses. There are also casino games that can be used for free. With these, the player familiarizes himself with the rules and thereby increases his chances of winning.

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