Great Britain: But no betting limit

Gambling is undergoing a reform in Great Britain. Originally it was planned to introduce a betting limit. After all, one already exists in most other EU countries. But as it looks at the moment, the UKGC does not want to plan a betting limit. We would like to explain why this is and what measures are planned instead.

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British players are not happy with a betting limit, according to a survey. This will not exist for the time being. Instead, losses of large sums should be prevented.(©PIRO4D/Pixabay)

UK players are against a betting limit

The Gambling Authority has Conducted a small study, surveying13,000 UK players. These seem to be against a betting limit, so this is not planned for the time being. However, it was published that the betting limit was not completely off the table. It is still being considered whether there should be an upper limit. It may still take a while before that happens. In addition, the survey revealed that most players are against a credit check. It has not yet been published whether this is also not scheduled for this reason.

At the moment it can still be assumed that agame round on a slot machine may cost a maximum of two euros. Furthermore, the breaks between the individual rounds should be extended. It could also happen that the games become slower in general. All of these are points that the UKGC is still debating. A decision must be made by October, when the revised law will go into effect.

Instead of the credit check and a general betting limit, theUKGC currently has another idea. However, the gambling providers have to cooperate with this. The near future will show whether this can succeed or not. For exampleto prevent the players from suffering too big a loss. In this context, it should generally be prevented that players make losses over a longer period of time. However, all of this can only succeed if customers are better and more strictly controlled and checked.

Animal protection in horse racing should be strengthened

The revision of the gambling law does not only refer to online casinos and arcades. Sports betting is very popular in the UK and this is why sports betting is also the focus of reform. The supervisory authority would like to tackle one point, namelyanimal protection should be strengthened. This applies primarily to horse and dog racing. The Labor Party has been calling for improvements in animal welfare in these two areas since 2019.

In addition, in sports betting, shirt sponsorship may be completely prohibited with immediate effect. It could also be thatadvertising and sponsoring will be banned in principle. The extent to which sponsorship or advertising will be used in the future has not yet been revealed. For the professional clubs, however, this would mean that their income would be drastically reduced. There is one very specific reason why the UKGC is suddenly reacting so harshly: the Football Index.

UKGC accused of misconduct over Football Index

The insolvency of Football Index has implications for the UKGC.The regulator is accused of not doing enough scrutiny of the company's plans. Had they done so, the company should not have received a gambling license at all. At least that's what the APPG argues. This is a parliamentary group specializing in gambling.

Football Index had tried to acquire new customers before the bankruptcy. These were necessary in order to be able to pay theexisting customers the promised dividends. But that's not all. Football Index is accused of not being a pure gambling company. Every member could bet there on a club as well as on the platform. So it was not just a betting shop.

Members affected by the insolvency can partly be happy. According to a verdict, the governing body ofFootball Index has to pay out more than 4 million euros to the players. How the amount is distributed is not publicly announced.

Loot boxes are also an issue of reform

Loot boxes are already banned in some countries. Some countries have classified the loot boxes as games of chance, but they can be played by minors. For this reason,Great Britain has also conducted an investigation into the loot boxes. In the context of a further survey, the parents were allowed to speak. Their opinion on loot boxes is not very good, and not only on the European continent.

A lawsuit against loot boxes has already been sought in the USA. After all, they hide in normal video games and the minors are encouraged to pay for new loot boxes. Otherwise there is no way to advance to the next level. The investigation into the loot boxes is ongoing. Thanks to this, it should be clarified whether they are really so harmful andcan cause a gambling addiction.

Depending on the outcome of the investigation, the British gambling reform also applies to loot boxes. If a gambling character is attributed to them, they could be banned altogether. This is for examplealready the case in Belgium and the Netherlands. Whether this will also happen in Great Britain will be revealed with certainty once the investigations have been completed. At least it is conceivable that the loot boxes may only appear in games for adults in the future.

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