Great Britain focuses on creditworthiness checks again

There are many ways to solve problematic gambling prevent or at least minimize it. Because of this, all countries are very creative to increase player safety. If the security measures are strengthened, gambling addiction would be reduced. At least that's what governments think. Great Britain had already considered carrying out a credit check on the players. This possibility is now being discussed again. However, both British players and the British Gambling Association oppose this idea.

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er BGC warns against the idea of ​​adopting a blanket credit check into law in Great Britain. This means there is a risk that players will migrate to illegal providers.(©fotoblend/Pixabay)

UK players were asked about new measures

Last one year, a survey was started by the TV station Racing TV. This was conducted among 2,000 gamblers in the UK. The main topic was the planned credit check, which only 5 percent thought was good. The remaining95 percent reject a credit check for good reason: They don't want to give bank statements to the gambling providers. The data on the bank statements would not concern the gambling providers.

At the same time, however, 74 percent would agree to a credit check if they weregamblers with a gambling addiction. However, they could also envision a credit check if players are simply at increased risk of developing a gambling addiction but have not yet developed one. However, there was one other topic that was asked about via the survey: Restrictions on wagering. 88 percent voted against - they do not want any interference from the government in this area.

YouGov study finds similar result

A study conducted by YouGov came up with a similar result: 84 percent of all players surveyed continue to speak out against a credit check. Another result came from the survey. Many players admitted that they would not accept a credit check required by law andif they did, they would resort to illegal gambling offers. According to experts, this would not only lead to an increase in illegal offers. An increase in gambling addiction must also be expected.

This is exactly what the government wants to prevent and for this reason has tightened the player protection measures several times. This has worked so far, with the latest figures showing0.3 percent of the British population are problem gamblers. Experts also have an explanation in this area: British players would voluntarily use the protective measures offered and for this reason would not develop a gambling addiction. This previous development must not be interrupted, which is why the UKGC is of the opinion that a credit check should not be applied to all players in general. Only problem gamblers should undergo such a test.

British Gambling Association warns against credit checks

The YouGov study was carried out on behalf of the British Gambling Association back in March of last year. With the new survey only taking place at the end of the year, players are clearly showing that they haven't changed their minds. For this reason, the British Gambling Association warns against including a credit check in the law. Players made it very clear that they were migrating to illegal online casinos. Thiswould be exactly the opposite of what the the British government is planning: increase player safety and prevent new cases of gambling addiction.

Therefore, the UK Gambling Federation believes that the government should not and must not include a credit check in the law. Otherwise, it would be expected that the players would implement what they threatened. As a result of thisBritish Gambling Association recommends that the government decide on other measures. However, theBGC has not revealed detailed proposals. He only points to advanced technologies that could nip a gambling addiction in the bud. According to the BGC, prevention is therefore particularly important.

Nevertheless, the BGC is not completely against a credit check. He takes a similar view of the players surveyed and offers that the check will only be carried out on at-risk players.

Licensed operators would protect players themselves

In a public statement, the BGC pointed out thatlicensed gaming operators protect players themselves would. They would recognize when problem gambling was emerging and will be in touch with the players. This does not apply to illegal providers. With this statement, the British Gambling Association is increasing its fear that players will switch to illegal betting and gambling offers if they have a general credit check.

At the same time, the BGC made it clear that the government must find a good middle ground that protects both theweak but the responsible players not being driven to play illegally. 460,000 players took up illegal offers last year. Under no circumstances should this number be increased. Instead, the previous trend must be preserved: the number of gambling addicts is continuously declining.

Gambling tools are used voluntarily

The UK Gambling Association has also found that most playersvoluntarily use the tools used by licensed operators verwenden. Zu diesen zählt zum Beispiel das Festsetzen eigener Limits. Somit entscheiden die Spieler selbst, wie viel sie setzen möchten und was sie sich leisten können. Das mag auch ein Grund sein, weshalb die Spieler hier kein Einmischen der Regierung befürworten. Sie möchten immer selbst entscheiden, was sie sich leisten können und was nicht.

Further regulations that lead to increased player security only apply tolegal gambling providers. According to the BGConly they would carry out an age verification and only allow adults to have a player account. If there were a general credit check and if many players left for this reason, there would be a reduction in player security. This is solely due to the fact that the illegal online casinos and bookmakers do not offer the tools of the licensed gambling companies.

It is not yet possible to estimate how the British government will decide and whether they will heed the opinion of the players and the BGC. Itwill be a while for the government to revise the current gambling law and for new regulations to come into effect.

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