Great Britain: Gamblers at risk of addiction should be protected with Gamstop

Player safety is in place in every country first of all. Therefore, there are many ideas how addicted players can be protected. Another idea has now been developed in Great Britain to protect against gambling addiction. This idea was developed jointly by the British Gambling Confederation and Gamstop.

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The British Gambling Confederation BGC is working with Gamstop to protect gamblers at risk of gambling addiction.(©lechenie-narkomanii/Pixabay)

Gambling operators should inform each other

The idea , which was developed by the British Gambling Association BGC, is as follows: As soon as a gambling providerdetects dangerous gaming behavior by a certain player, the player should receive a betting limit or his account, for example will be blocked. Since there is a risk, especially in the case of a ban, that the player will register with another provider, the data of the player concerned should be passed on.

Due to this data transfer, it should no longer be possible for a player with dangerous gaming behavior to set up a new account with other providers. However, onlygambling providers who are also members of the BGC can access the data. At the same time, it only affects players who, due to their behavior, are actually at risk of developing a gambling addiction or already have one. All other players are not affected by the data transfer.

In order for the data to be passed on to other providers in a secure manner, theorganization Gamstop shall be used. This is a self-exclusion organization where players can already voluntarily block themselves. The minimum ban period is six months, with players being able to exclude themselves from allonline gambling. If you want to play again after the selected blocking time, you must submit a separate application.

At this point we would like to draw your attention to our detailed section onResponsible gaming in reputable online casinos.

Program to be available soon start up

This idea is similar to the central registry that exists in Kenya. In Kenya, however, all online providers and all on-site casinos are required to vet each player before each new game. In Great Britain, thedata will be automatically passed on to all members of the BGC. This led to a discussion on the subject of data protection. Actually, the program to increase player safety should have started two years ago.

Due to theUK Data Protection Commissioner's concerns about the introduction of the schemeBedenken äußerte, the start of the program was postponed. However, it has now been published that March of this year has been set as the starting point. This was also ensured by the members of the British Gambling Association, who together donated one million British pounds. With this money it was ultimately possible for the test run of the planned program to start soon.

Test program includes code of conduct

The concerns expressed by the data protection officer were taken seriously by the BGC. The security of the data passed on is to be guaranteed by the inclusion of acode of conduct in the program. All members of the BGC must adhere to these. The code of conduct specifies how the gambling providers should deal with the affected players and how the information received should be processed.

The code of conduct also means that only the data of the persons who are severely affected are passed on. The behavior by which ahigh risk player should be recognized has not been announced. However, it should be ensured that people who are not at risk can continue to play without restrictions and do not necessarily have to accept a limit.

The UK Gambling Federation is proud to be able to partner with Gamstop. Several companies had applied, but afterGamstop has been offering the option of banning players since 2019, this company was awarded the contract. However, Gamstop was criticized two years ago because significant security gaps were identified. Normally, a self-banned player can only be unbanned upon request. However, it was possible for a player to register with another provider despite being blocked.

The player only had touse a little trick: Either change the spelling of his name or the address. It was no longer determined that it was one and the same person. Whether Gamstop worked on this issue is not known.

Gambling addiction should be nipped in the bud

The current actingGambling Minister Chris Philp also sees the program as a very important step in the right direction. According to his statement, every gamer at risk of gambling addiction could be protected from the start with this idea. The program is also suitable for intervening in good time and thus preventing gambling addiction from the start. Here, not only online casinos, but also sports betting providers come into focus.

It is particularly important that endangered players are not given a chance to open an account with another provider without taking appropriate measures. In order to achieve this, players shouldbe confronted with lighter measures before a ban is imposed. These measures would help the player to change their behavior so that gambling addiction does not occur in the first place.

Gamstop is already being used voluntarily

Although Gamstop has only existed for four years, this blacklist has alreadyabout 250,000 people. Das zeigt deutlich, dass den meisten Spielern ihr Verhalten bewusst ist und sie selbst etwas dagegen unternehmen möchten. Zusätzlich ist die britische Regierung darum bemüht, die Spieler zu schützen. Das lässt sich am Verhalten der britischen Aufsichtsbehörde erkennen. Diese spricht des Öfteren Geldstrafen in Millionenhöhe aus, wenn sich ein Glücksspielanbieter nicht an die Vorschriften und Regeln hält.

Partially, theUKGC takes in £30 million a year from fines alone. At the same time, licenses are withdrawn again and again, even if only temporarily. With this strict procedure, the supervisory authority wants to ensure that the gambling providers comply with the current gambling law. There are sufficient measures in place to protect the players. However, this will only succeed if the gambling providers and the players pull together.

This is exactly what the new program could achieve. If endangeredplayers are reported to all members of the BGC, they can intervene in time and thus protect the players from themselves. The prerequisite, however, is that the players accept the measures taken and also respond positively. Tricks as before would be counterproductive.

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