The Gambling Act is being reconsidered in Great Britain

Great Britain announced that it would reconsider the existing Gambling Act and to revise if necessary. One reason is that the current law dates from 2005 and therefore does not address the current situation. Although the government would like to give the review several months to complete, there is already some information that could change.

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The UK is revising its gambling legislation over the next few months to better address current situations.(©TheDigitalArtist/Pixabay)

Player protection should be increased

One reason why this Existing law is to be reviewed and, if necessary, changed, lies in player protection. This is neglected at the moment because in 2005 the position of the online casinos was not yet recognized.

In Great Britain, 16-year-olds were also allowed to buy a scratch card or hand in a lottery ticket. In this areathe age should be increased to 18 years. Here, too, is one reason that many online gambling providers now have scratch cards and lotto in their range.

It is not surprising that such a decision does not go down well with the operators of gambling portals. Some of these see no reason at all to raise the minimum age, while others ask for a lead time of one year. Up to now it has gotten through that there could be two possible solutions: For theonline offers the minimum age will be raised immediately, for on-site lotteries it could take a while.

Advertising and sponsoring also affected

Apart from increasing player security,the advertising for games of chance should also be revised. This also sounds logical if there were significantly fewer or no online casinos in 2005. Now it is also necessary to think about how advertising on the Internet and on the online casino side could look like.

Britain may orientate itself towards other countries: In Spain, advertising for games of chance is only broadcast at night, while bonuses have been significantly reduced in Sweden. However, areduction in bonuses only increases player security at second glance: Anyone using a bonus must first pay in a corresponding amount. In addition, sales conditions must always be met. This automatically extends the playing time and increases the incentive to deposit again.

When it comes to sponsoring, the experts also see a danger: if the teams in various sports continue to be provided with jerseys from the casinos and bookmakers, advertising will automatically take place. However, this advertising is not only seen by adults or spectators in the stadium. Thesponsorship is already seen by the children when the games are broadcast on TV.

A post onSky clearly shows that clubs earn millions from sponsorship. If this income were to be restricted, there would be serious criticism.

Betting limit could come

According to rumors theBetting limit for various games and slot machines could also come. Previously, you could bet £100 per spin in the UK. However, since 2019 fixed odds betting terminals have had a £2 betting limit. Perhaps this limit will be extended to slot machines in online casinos and sports betting.

To ensure player security at the highest level, it might also happen that theplayers themselves are checked more strictly. So it is said that the players have to prove that they are playing with their own money and have not taken out a loan. It could also happen that the players have to prove sufficient creditworthiness.

If all this happens, the gambling industry fears that the opposite will happen: thePlayers may switch to illegal providers. With these there are no regulations regarding a betting limit or bonuses. If that were to happen, there would be no player protection at all.

Legal online casinos would also have to struggle with lower sales. Similarly,the state would also lose tax revenue. The illegal providers are guaranteed not to pay any tax in Great Britain.

However, it is definitely clear that the current law needs to be revised. This is the only way to increase security in online casinos. However, the new rules should not be too strict.

British gaming regulator has already issued many penalties

Insiders know that the UKG is already very strict. This year's report clearly shows that the regulator takes its work very seriously. For example, she conducted 350 checks and followed up 630 leads. Because of these activities it happened that12 online casinos got a penalty. All the fines added up to a total of £30 million.

In addition, five gambling operators had their license temporarily revoked, while even11 operators lost their license completely. All this despite the fact that the current law hardly addresses online casinos. This raises the question of what the future will look like if online gambling providers are more heavily regulated?

If you look at the reasons why the online casinos received a penalty, it becomes clear why the players themselves should be checked more closely. In some casesplayers were able to gamble away very large amounts even though they either didn't make any money or borrowed the money to gamble. Therefore, the gaming regulator was of the opinion that in the future it must be ensured that players only play with their own money.

We have to wait and see what further revisions are coming. There are bound to be some surprises here.

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