Hard Rock Launches New Blackjack App

The US gambling giant Hard Rock International from Florida is best known around the world for its land-based operations. In the meantime, however, the company is increasingly focusing on online solutions. Only a short time ago, a live slot offer was adopted, with which players can play at the slot machines of the casinos from home. Now the next "prank" follows. The new app "Hard Rock Blackjack" was created together with the Irish developer Kama Games. Apparently it has much more to offer than just a few rounds at the blackjack table.

Blackjack Spieltisch.

Hard Rock International has launched a blackjack app together with Kama Games. Several table games are offered, including competitive poker variants.(©englishlikeanative/Pixabay)

Video poker and table games available in app

First A few weeks ago,Hard Rock International caused a stir when their own slot app was launched. With this, the players can play slot machine games in their own four walls, for which the way to a Hard Rock Casino would otherwise be necessary. This is a proven method, especially in times of the Corona crisis. Hard Rock is now following up with the next development. Together with the Irish companyKama Games the Americans have now released the app "Hard Rock Blackjack". This is a social casino app that mainly features table games. According to the company, these are "high-quality 3D versions" of thetable games blackjack, craps, baccarat and roulette. In addition to this, a large focus is obviously placed on the video poker games.

This fits the direction of Kama Games. The company is making its entire portfolio available for the new app. And as is well known, this is primarily designed for poker games. With the "Pokerist" app, the Irishprovide one of the biggest social poker games in the world. According to the company, it should be the third largest variant of its kind.

Advantageous partnership for both sides

In terms of content, the new app is apparently supposed to have much more to offer. As Kresimir Spajic reports as vice president of online gaming at Hard Rock,players should have access to "competitive poker tournaments". Among other things, it should be about shootout tournaments, Sit'N'Go, weekly tournaments and multi-table tournaments. In addition, poker variants such asclassic Texas Hold'em, Split Bet Poker or Set Poker should be available. The “unique party mode” is said to be particularly interesting, although the companies did not describe it in detail beforehand. The Vice President said of the partnership:

“This is a mutually beneficial partnership. We are here to offer the best games currently available in the world. Hard Rock has also seen positive results in the use of mobile games. We want to offer the legendary hard rock experience that our guests around the world have come to expect from us in a digital format.”

The partnership with Kama Games is therefore an important factor in making theIncreasing presence in the online market. Numerous other game modes, tournaments and even online slots are to be integrated into the app later this year. In addition,Advertising campaigns and other projects are planned with the Irish partner. Due to the ongoing Corona crisis, it is not yet known to what extent all plans may have to be put back a little. The app can already be used by players from numerous countries. The app is offered in a total of 28 languages. And: The messenger function is particularly interesting during this time. Players can exchange information with other players via Messenger or send small virtual gifts to them.

Connection with guests in times of crisis

In fact, the companies shared that the availability of the messenger and its release in these times were by no means coincidental. Hard Rock said they want touse the app to keep in touch with guests even in times of crisis. Due to the casino shutdown in the USA, this is only possible to a limited extent, which is why a digital solution would be ideal. Appropriately, there is also an increase in demand for online casinos in countries where land-based operations are currently at a standstill. In fact, the corporate giant from Florida is also affected.With more than 260 companies in over 70 countries worldwide Hard Rock is currently feeling the effects massively. All businesses are closed for at least two more weeks. tending to increase. From an economic point of view, the release of the new app should also come at exactly the right time. After all, some of the losses could possibly be absorbed with the digital offer.

Kama Games looks forward to partnership with iconic brand

The Irish company Kama Games is also very enthusiastic about the cooperation with Hard Rock. This was noticeable a few weeks ago. At that time, the group announced, somewhat mysteriously, that they would enter into apartnership with an "iconic American brand". Exactly which company was not known at the time. It's different now. And so CEO Andrey Kuznetsov explained in a press release:

“For us, this partnership represents a unique opportunity for growth. With our expertise honed over many years in the social media casino industry, we are confident in having created a product that offers true entertainment value for Hard Rock International customers. Kama Games is proud of the product. And we're excited to share our technologies with Hard Rock.”

For the Irish company, working with the gaming giant is indeed an accolade of sorts. As both companies admitted, this didn't just happen overnight. The first contact between the two companies is said to have taken place around three years ago.Hard Rock is generally "very picky" when choosing cooperation partners. Nevertheless, Kama Games recognized the enormous quality early on. This was then underlined by the Irish company in recent years. In 2019, the Irish made $90.4 million in revenue. This corresponds to an increase of more than 18 percent compared to the previous year. And that's not all: thefourth year of growth in a row has also ensured that Kama Games can now play with the really big ones.

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