Hawaii starts gambling legalization

So far gambling has been forbidden in Hawaii. However, this is set to change and seven draft laws are intended to ensure that tourists can also enjoy gambling in Hawaii in the future. The government also wants to introduce state sports betting. If everything went according to plan, there would only be one state in the USA that would not allow gambling.

Beach Landscape auf Hawaii.

To this day, all gambling is prohibited in Hawaii. Now gambling is to be allowed, and there may be a separate hotel-casino resort.(©BKD/Pixabay)

These ideas were presented

Although Hawaii and Utah the are the only two states in the USA in which gambling is still prohibited,seven bills were presented in order to be able to establish gambling in Hawaii as well. Some might think that this is a bit of an exaggeration. One of these drafts provides that a company called the Hawaii Lottery and Gaming Corporation may offer the following games:

  • Gambling
  • Skill games
  • Lotteries
  • Poker
  • Casino games

According to this draft, sports betting should remain prohibited. Much more interesting may seem the idea that the proceeds from gambling should be used topublic schools and universities to financially promote.

Another draft would only allow that not only the Mega Millions and Powerball lotteries, which are popular in the USA, are offered. With this design, the question arises as to whether this idea is worthwhile. Most likely, residents of Hawaii canenter these lottery games online as is the case in Europe. It would also be positive here if the income would also benefit the education sector.

Two drafts for Insel Resort

Two further drafts appear far more interesting and purposeful. These envisage an island resort. This resort would consist not only of the casino but also of a hotel. Tourists can stay overnight in this, which is why tourism in general would be boosted. The income could still go to the education sector. Compared to lottery offerings, the economy in Hawaii would receive a far greater benefit. A large resort needs new employees, which is whyHawaii's population from a private perspective would also benefit. Some Hawaiians are reluctant to introduce gambling. However, if new employees are hired, this problem could be solved.

It is also interesting that the resort would belicensed for the next 40 years. In addition, sports betting would be allowed, which would be subject to a tax of 45 percent. The state would also benefit from such a tax. From this point of view, the idea of ​​having your own island resort would currently be the most efficient proposal. This is also due to the fact that the operator of the resort would only have to pay a fee of one million US dollars for the license. The building would also have to be built. After such a great project has to be awarded through a tender, local companies could get a chance.

Following this, new jobs would be created as Hawaii needed its own gaming authority. A portion of the license fee and government revenue from the creation of the resort would benefit theInitiative Hawaiian Home Projects.

Another draft would provide that there is a casino but no hotel. This standalone casino is said to only have a 10-year license.

Government wants to establish sports betting

Even before the various proposals are voted on, the government wants to establish sports betting. However, no private individual would be granted a license. The problem in Hawaii would be that many players already toillegal sports betting offers grab. Therefore, according to the government, it would not make sense to rely on a new local provider where the residents would bet. So the idea would be that there would be a state provider for sports betting,so that players no longer resort to illegal offers.

The idea is to establish asubsidiary of the state DBET. This newly created subsidiary is allowed to offer sports betting to anyone over the age of 18. The board of the new group will be made up of seven people who will oversee all activities. It remains to be seen whether this first step by the government actually makes sense. As a rule, tourists will not resort to sports betting - they want to have fun in a casino on site.

Chances of a new resort in Corona time

The Corona pandemic not only had a negative impact on casinos, which had to close. Basicallytourism suffered from the corona pandemic. This is one of the reasons why the idea of ​​establishing gambling in Hawaii came up. Having its own casino resort would attract tourists and partially offset last year's economic losses. But that only works if you have your own resort for overnight stays. Of course, the casino should also be available for day tourists. However, one thing is probably clear: the locals use a casino less often. At least there have been some negative reactions so far.

In general, the question arises as to whether a new casino resort is worth it. Nobody can currently estimate how often there will be a lockdown. These may not have any impact on the new resort, as the construction will certainly take a few years. From this point of view, having your own casino resort might well be a viable idea. If you want to play independently of a lockdown, you will find the right offer on the Internet. AOnline Casino Review can help to find the right provider.

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