IBIA changes data protection for sports betting

Many countries and gambling regulators already have some Timed new rules and policies for sports betting. The reason is primarily that cases of corruption and manipulation have increased in recent years. To counteract this, the IBIA has now issued new rules on data protection.

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In order to prevent corruption and manipulation in sports betting, the IBIA has set new industry standards.(©Pexels/Pixabay)

New rules to prevent corruption

Europol has in this year published the extent to which manipulation and corruption in the sports betting segment have changed. Infootball is primarily affected - just behind is tennis. Many cases of manipulation have been found in both areas in recent years. It was determined that in some cases more than 100 million were earned through the manipulated games. These revenues are by no means official revenues.

With the total, it seems no wonder that the IBIA has now issued new rules to protect players and the sports betting industry. The newrules shouldprimarily display all data more transparently. This transparency is intended to prevent manipulation. At the same time, the player is protected if only honest sports betting takes place in the future.

Europol also notes that most criminal activities could be identified in the lower range.This area also includes online bets. And this is exactly where IBIA would like to start and the so-called sports data providers should receive training in order to be able to implement the new measures.

Sports data providers are rewarded

It is also important for sports data providers that in the future only adult employees will be allowed to record and process the data. This is also intended to increase security. For this reason,all employees are also checked in order to immediately identify any connections. Such relationships also include a conflict of interest.

Once a company is able to perfectly implement all the new rules,it receives a certification. In order to obtain such a certificate, an inspection must be carried out by the eCOGRA inspection body. Those who pass the test are awarded the Data Standards Kitemark certificate.

The company Stats Perform is checked first. This is a sports data provider that works with numerous betting shops. Contrary to many expectations, the company has no problem with the test.The company spokesman confirms that they agree with the new standards and have been working to offer high quality for years. This is the only way the sports betting sector can continue to grow.

The fact that Stats Perform has no problem with checking may also be becauseaccording to IBIA, members have been working out proposals for new rules for some time . Whether these were included in the new standards was not published. If that were the case, the sports data providers would of course have no problem with the implementation.

There are also new standards in other countries

Some time ago other countries and supervisory authorities introduced new standards.These also focus on data security. All data records must be checked and, if necessary, forwarded to the appropriate department. The relevant bodies include not only the supervisory authorities – the police are also involved in some cases.

The MGA, the supervisory authority in Malta, works differently. This authority is also of the opinion that the records are checked better and that anomalies are dealt with more quickly. Unlike the IBIA however,The MGA requests the sports betting providers to report anomalies immediately. In order for this information to be analyzed and processed, a new department was set up within the MGA.

In the end it works in all countries as required by the IBIA:Every transmission of data between the data supplier and the operator customer must be analyzed in detail. Every little thing that indicates manipulation must be reported immediately to a supervisory authority or even a law enforcement agency. In addition, according to IBIA, all data must now be stored for three years.

EGBA had also demanded new standards

The demands of the EGBA – the European Gaming Association – prove how important new standards are. Since the Corona pandemic, this association has demanded thatonline casinos make more effort to ensure player safety. Advertising that refers to the corona virus should be banned. Some casinos had probably tried to advertise with a "corona-free" environment.

This advertising restriction has been included in the catalog of new industry standards. After all, nobody should be explicitly advised of an alternative to the closed casinos on site. During the lockdown in spring, online casinos experienced an upswing. This highlightsthe importance of responsible and safe gaming. In order to ensure this, new standards have now been demanded and in some cases also adopted.

The EGBA also requested that player behavior be better controlled.Other associations also agreed with this idea: the British Betting and Gaming Board, the Association Française des Opérateurs de Jeu en Ligne (AFJEL) and the Portuguese Associação Portuguesa de Apostas e Jogos Online (APAJO). Last but not least, the Canadian Sports Betting Association also agreed to the new rules. No wonder, then, if the new industry standards set by the IBIA are implemented without any problems.

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