ICE 2021: Gambling Fair is postponed

The British capital has been hosting for 30 years now The International Casino Exposition (ICE) takes place in London every year. Actually, the date is set for January or February every year. In the coming year, however, everything will be different. The good news: The ICE 2021 will take place. Quite regular in London. However, the industry will not meet from February 2nd to 4th as planned, but instead only around two and a half months later. The Expo should start on April 20th and end on April 22nd.

Brücke in London.

The ICE 2021 in London has to be postponed. Instead of February, April should now be the month for trade fairs. Is the Corona crisis to blame?(©PublicDomainPictures/Pixabay)

Instead of February: ICE 2021 in April

The worldwide Gambling industry can take a deep breath. After a lot of bad news spread in recent months due to the Corona crisis, there is also somewhat good news. The ICE 2021 in London will take place.The trade fair was definitely on the brink, because for a long time it was not foreseeable how the pandemic would develop. However, the Corona crisis still has a certain influence here. Instead of February 2nd to 4th as planned, the trade fair will not be held until April next year. It's supposed to start on April 22, and the industry will then gather in the British capital by April 24.

Not too much will change for the exhibitors and visitors. Thevenue also remains the originally planned location with the ExCel London Exhibition Centre. It is not yet known which companies will be guests at the upcoming trade fair. For the first time since its introduction in 1990, the ICE in London will not take place in January or February. However, the industry has already gotten used to changes. The Mese was also a guest at Earls Court Exhibition Center until 2021. However, since this is now clearly too small for the masses of visitors, the ExCel London Exhibition Center was moved to around three times the size.

Restrictions on trade fairs due to the Corona crisis

The fact that the ICE in London was postponed by more than two months serves primarily to protect against further developments related to the Corona -Pandemic. The organizers fear that the "aftermath" of the crisis may not have completely disappeared in February 2021. The effects this can have in turn could already be felt this year at the ICE North America Digital. The US counterpart to the trade fair in Europe should actually have taken place in May. Due to the Corona crisis, however, the fair had to be canceled and was held virtually instead. A total of 2,300 participants attended the virtual ICE event over several days, making for an unforgettable trade fair.Exactly the same path was taken in Asia only a month later. This is where the ICE Asia should have taken place in the Philippines in June. Here, too, the organizers decided to hold a virtual meeting. In order to avoid a virtual ICE 2021 in London, the organizers are giving themselves around ten weeks more time.

Nevertheless, according to the organizers, it is to be expected that thefair next year will only be able to take place under certain restrictions. There will probably be additional hurdles to be overcome, but they are confident that they can be overcome and the industry can be offered the necessary events, according to event circles.

From August 1st: Casinos in England are allowed to open again

The gambling industry in England is also getting really good news from politics these days. The British government had already agreed in mid-June to reopen betting shops in the country. In July, the bingo halls followed suit. Now the government has finally agreed to reopen casinos in England.From August 1st, corporations will be able to welcome players back to their establishments. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently announced this decision. Johnson is also following a request from the gambling association Betting and Gaming Council (BGC). In the last few days, he had increasingly called for the entire gambling industry to be reopened after the betting shops and bingo halls.

The reopening is only possibledue to a health concept that the companies have to adhere to. For example, the dealers in the casinos must wear protective visors. Players receive their own single-use chips at the gaming tables, so that no viruses can be transmitted via them. In addition to this, players must follow certain routes in the casinos, which is intended to ensure distance from other guests. According to the concept, anyone who wants to play in the casino at a particularly popular time must also have their body temperature checked. Irrespective of the time, disinfectant dispensers are also permanently available.This is also good news for around 12,000 employees who work in English casinos. In the neighboring countries of Wales and Scotland, however, the governments emphasized that they did not want to reopen just yet. Around 4,000 people work in the sector here.

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