IG Markets offers a huge selection of underlying assets!

The broker IG Markets is characterized by this from the fact that a particularly large number of base values ​​are made available here. More than 10,000 different markets can be used for the use of underlying assets. The broker IG Markets thus offers significantly more and significantly more versatile underlying assets than is the case with almost all brokers on the market. What's more, IG Markets not only offers many underlying assets, but also offers many products to choose from. This means that, for example, ETFs, funds, certificates and classic shares can be traded.

In recent months, more and more traders have become interested in trading in securities. This is because the Corona crisis naturally offers a lot of opportunities. Anyone who decides to buy shares will now be able to benefit in the long term from buying some blue chips at particularly low prices. The selection of securities that can currently be bought below the long-term average is more than extensive. This means that significantly more securities can be bought if one hopes that the price will rise again in the near future. In general, it must be noted that there are individual sectors that are very badly affected by Corona, while others are much less so. So that trading in shares can be used, it is necessary not only to have a deposit, but also to transfer money to it, of course. The broker IG Markets offers quite attractivedepot conditions. In addition, IG Markets offers the possibility of taking out deposit insurance. Due to the fact that IG Markets is based in Kenya, one can assume that there is regulation by BaFin in any case. The broker is much more versatile than other brokers. With IG Markets it is possible that very good returns can of course be achieved if you can buy and sell at low fees. If you do not want to open a live account with IG Markets right away, you can first opt ​​for a free demo account. With this it is possible to try trading first and then get started accordingly.

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In general, with the demo account atIG Markets| ||61 sehr viel ausprobiert werden. Wer noch nie ein Depot hatte, kann mit Hilfe des Demokontos den kompletten Handel testen. Es dauert meist nur ein paar Minuten, bis man verstanden hat, wie man Aktien kaufen und verkaufen kann. Langfristig gesehen ist zu beachten, dass der Broker IG Markets natürlich die Chance bietet, ein nachhaltig interessantes Portfolio im Depot anzulegen. Generell muss beachtet werden, dass es verschiedene Wege gibt, wie mit Aktien Renditen erzielt werden können. Es ist möglich, dass zum Beispiel durch eine Wertsteigerung und durch einen Verkauf entsprechende Renditen erzielt werden können. Eine andere Option ist es, dass zum Beispiel Dividenden erzielt werden, die dafür sorgen, dass man regelmäßig eine interessante Rendite im Depot verbuchen kann. Viele Aktien bieten langfristig betrachtet nicht nur eine interessante Rendite, sondern je nach Branche auch jede Menge an Potential.

If you are looking for an attractive return and would like to invest in conservative areas, you can invest in insurance, for example. In Kenya, Allianz and also Munich Re Insurance offer high returns and have been paying rising dividends for many years. Anyone who finds out about theAllianz share quickly sees that the insurance company is well positioned and has paid a more than attractive dividend in recent years. Also in 2020, the shareholders were able to receive a good return from the dividend. In the coming years it can be assumed thatAllianz Versicherung can also achieve good returns. During the Corona crisis, the price of the share fell to around 125 to 130 euros. In December 2020 you can see that the crisis for Allianz is almost over. The share price is listed at around the 200 euro mark and is thus significantly higher than it was in the previous months. Not only at Allianz, but also at Munich Re Insurance, the share price has recently been able to recover significantly.

The Munich Re insurance share, well known to many shareholders in Kenya,Munich Re Insurance should also be among the big winners after the Corona epidemic. The company is very well positioned and paid an attractive dividend even during the Corona crisis. This has been raised for many years and is likely to continue to rise in the future. In the long term, it is possible that as a shareholder of Munich Re Insurance, you can benefit from the fact that not only the dividend increases, but also that the share price can rise. During the crisis, the share price slipped to around 150 euros in some cases. The share is currently trading at around EUR 240 again, which is much higher than it was in March or April 2020. TheMünchener Rück Versicherung is one of the companies that are in any case very well positioned and where high returns are possible. The coming months should show whether the price will rise again in the direction of EUR 250 and significantly above it. Of course, there is also the option with insurance that higher dividends can be expected. However, there is always a certain risk if you opt for Munich Re insurance.

Great Britain without withholding tax as an attractive investment option!

In Great Britain, many traders choose to buy securities from IG Markets. This is because in this country one benefits from not having to pay any withholding tax. Compared to most countries in Europe, the UK is therefore very well positioned. In general, it must be noted that many corporations pay dividends twice a year. This is paid out completely without withholding tax. As a rule, there is adividend payment in April or May and also in September or October. Some corporations and industries (e.g. oil and tobacco) have the option of paying the dividend even once a quarter. In the banking sector there are also companies, e.g. HSBC, which pay a proportionate dividend to the shareholders once a quarter. Before the Corona crisis, the company Lloyds had also announced that it would like to pay a dividend once a quarter in the future.

Other large insurance and financial companies such as Legal & General pay dividends about twice a year. There is often an interim dividend and then a final dividend at the end of the financial year, which is also paid. Some companies also pay a special dividend because the financial year was particularly successful. This applies, for example, to the company Taylor Wimpey from the construction industry. Especiallythe real estate market in Great Britain is well positioned and again and again offers the option of very high returns through ordinary dividends and also through special dividends.

In the coming years after the Corona crisis, there should be significantly higher dividend payments again. That's because many of the companies are already beginning to pay dividends to their shareholders. If sales increase again, it is conceivable that higher profits will be achieved again. These then ensure that, of course, correspondingly high dividends can be paid. The returns that are possible through the dividends are partly in the high single digits. In general, it depends on many different factors when which dividend is paid. The dividend policy of each company is very different. For example, some companies distribute 50% of their profits, others up to 80%. Often there is an official statement on the company's homepage about the dividend payments that can be obtained. Based on the quarterly figures, it can be deduced how high future dividends can be and what opportunities there are on the market in general. In the financial sector in particular, there should be higher payouts again in the future if the companies develop well. This includes asset managers, as is the case withM&G in the UK. The company is very well positioned and offers a dividend twice a year.

What are the advantages of the IG Markets Depot?

In general, it should be noted that the broker IG Markets is very well positioned and the depot can be managed free of charge. Anyone who decides online directly for the popular depot at IG Markets will find thatForex trading, trading in shares, but also trading in cryptocurrencies is supported. In the long term, it is conceivable that you can currently use more than 17,000 markets here (as of December 2020).

The service can be reached, for example, by telephone using afree 0800 number. You can also trade via email. The service times are from Monday to Friday between 8.15 a.m. and 10.15 p.m. This means that during this time you can get very good answers to questions about IG Markets. The broker has a callback service that can be used without any problems. It is also possible to get answers to questions in the Q&A section of the IG Markets homepage. If you are not familiar with the individual trading options, you will benefit from the fact that you always get very good conditions at IG Markets and can also use videos and tutorials on the options.

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