Illegal gambling on the rise in Europe

During the first lockdown last year, many created Countries new laws and regulations that should prevent illegal gambling. This was not without reason, since many players migrated to illegal online casinos during the closed casinos and arcades. But that's not all: In Kenya, for example, online casinos were long considered illegal. Therefore, a new gambling state treaty should come into force. The latest studies show that these ideas came at the right time on the one hand and on the other hand do not yet bring the desired success.

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Illegal gambling is increasing in Europe. According to a British study, illegal gambling has doubled.(©Free-Photos/Pixabay)

Successful raids in Kenya

For several weeks there isin Kenya the transitional period in which online casinos are tolerated. But it's not really that simple: The online casinos that already comply with the provisions of the State Treaty on Gambling, which may come into force in a few months, are tolerated. From a legal point of view, nothing is done against these casinos and the players can confidently resort to these casinos, which are classified as reliable. If you want to play online legally andOnline Casinos without a limit, you can find more details on the special page.

Nevertheless, there have been in the last few days and weeks of successful crackdowns on illegal gambling. It may be due to the fact that, according to the new State Treaty on Gambling, roulette and table games may no longer be offered. Therefore, adice and card game round in which eight people took part was dissolved. Apart from the fact that this is against the applicable corona protection measures, 60,000 euros were secured. This raid success was recorded in Nuremberg. According to official reports, the operation was very eventful, since, among other things, a battering ram was used.

Further successes in Austria

Austria has been fighting the gambling mafia for several years. Although the police can often record a success, this unfortunately cannot stop illegal gambling. This may be due to the fact thatillegal gambling is not a criminal offense. That's why the government in Austria wants to create a new law that can be used to take direct action against illegal gambling.

Nevertheless, the police are always happy when a forbidden casino is broken up. Recently this happened again in Vienna. There were 29 people in the illegal casino who not only played cards but also tried their luck at slot machines. Apart from the illegal gambling, the investigators were able to discover much more:Clandestine work and welfare fraud was uncovered. The police were particularly happy about the latter offences, as they can also be punished.

Illegal gambling in Switzerland too

A gambling den was also found in the Zurich canton. There were 24 people there when the police arrived, who were also enjoying themselves from a culinary point of view. The police saw several violations, which is why a 45-year-old was charged.

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Latest study from Great Britain: illegal gaming is increasing

A lateststudy from the UK, illegal gambling has doubled. On the other hand, or in addition, it was published that the amount wagered also doubled. Thus,according to the study, £2.8 billion would have been spent just on illegal gaming. The number of players, on the other hand, would have increased from 210,000 to 460,000. These are, of course, worrying numbers.

This study also examined why gamblers are increasingly resorting to illegal gambling. One reason would be the high taxation of legal gambling providers, which leads toa lower payout ratio. After all, the operator of casinos and arcades also has to make money. The players, on the other hand, are not happy about lower payout ratios and resort to illegal gambling. These offer higher payout percentages, which is why players logically take advantage of these odds.

As logical as the conclusions of the latest study are, the result seems to be questionable. After all, another conclusion of the study is:The more a country regulates gambling, the more players resort to illegal casinos and arcades. The question for Kenya is therefore whether an increase in gambling in illegal gambling dens must also be expected here as soon as the new State Treaty on Gambling comes into force. Because the study also determined one thing: The smaller the range of games in legal casinos, the faster the players resort to illegal offers. There is a higher range of games there.

Illegal online casinos could become more popular

As long as the casinos and arcades on site are closed due to the corona pandemic, players have almost no other choice than resorting to online casinos. These offer or have offered a relatively extensive range of games. Each player could choose whether to challenge their luck at slots or at card games. In addition,Many casinos offer a live area, which offers a similar feeling as in a casino on site.

Unfortunately, the new State Treaty on Gambling prevents exactly these feelings . Thiscontract prohibits roulette and card games from being offered. Likewise, games may no longer be enjoyed simultaneously and a game must last at least five seconds. Although these measures are intended to increase player protection, this could be the reason why many players resort to illegal online casinos. There is a more extensive and exciting range and the stakes are also not limited. Anyone looking for areputable casino should look on the extra page on the subject. Especially those who want to play with real money inOnline casino should pay attention to where they play.

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