Infineon bond issue with 9.05% interest pa!

The chip manufacturer Infineon is a constant in the leading index DAX for years. The company can be traded through numerous brokers. A bond on Infineon with 9.05% interest p.a. can currently be subscribed via the comdirect bank. The bond is a limited offer and is offered as a so-called Protect bond via the partner HVB.

Bonds are regularly offered by the comdirect bank. With an interest rate of 9.05% interest p.a., the bond on the Infineon share is a rather conservative form of investment. It is possible that the interest will be credited without any problems at the end of the term. Furthermore, it is decided during the term whether you can get the investment amount back or whether you can expect the shares to be credited to your custody account. This is due to how the share is developing on the reporting date and, of course, whether the barrier is touched or breached on that day. In the long term, Infineon is a very attractive bond that is impressive and can be subscribed to via HVB. At Infineon it is possible that good developments can be expected during the crisis. Numerouschip manufacturers have been able to master the crisis well so far. This is because IT and therefore also IT products are in high demand during the crisis. Anyone who is interested in a bond on Infineon should therefore pay close attention to the barrier and the date on which the barrier is defined. In general, it is possible that you can benefit from the current development in the industry in any case. How long this positive development will last is still completely open. At Infineon, there was a price setback, just as there had been at many other companies in the sector.

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Infineon shares are very well positioned overall. Although there was a sharp setback in prices in March 2020, of course due to the Corona lockdown, the paper has recovered very well since then. Prices of 20 to 25 euros do not seem to be a problem for Infineon at the moment. This is also due to the fact that the entire IT and computer industry should by no means be neglected during the Corona crisisauf keinen Fall zu vernachlässigen sind. Home office and many other solutions contribute to the fact that people are always interested in working in this industry and gaining a foothold here. Anyone who decides to invest in an Infineon bond does not buy the shares, but above all the option that they could receive shares. With a yield of 9.05% interest per year, the bond is in any case well positioned and could be very interesting in the long term.

Anyone who looks at the course of the Infineon share will see that theInfineon Chart is generally doing very well. Just over the past 5 years you can see thatthe stock is close to its high. In concrete terms, this means that the share price is significantly higher than it used to be. The opportunities in the IT industry, in which the company Infineon is active, are more than great. In concrete terms, this means that at Infineon it can be assumed that high returns will also be possible in the future. If you don't want to buy the share right away, but would like to buy it at a certain price, you should consider whether the bond is not interesting. This ensures that, under certain circumstances, the share is booked into the securities account if the price does not develop as one would hope. This automatically means that you are credited with Infineon shares below a certain barrier.

Many analysts predict rising prices for the company Infineon. This means that they are not only positive about Infineon, but about the entire industry and assume that this will develop positively in the coming years. The fact is that at Infineon one can assume that the companyhas a lot of potential and can definitely benefit from the current developments in the economy. In the long term, it is possible that high returns can be achieved here.

In addition to Infineon and theIT industry there are other industries that could be positive again after the current Corona crash. These are, for example, the automotive, aerospace and tourism industries. In these sectors it is possible that one can definitely assume significantly better figures than is currently the case.

The Rolls Royce company is considered a reliable manufacturer of turbines and engines. Anyone who looks at theRolls Royce homepage will see that the company is well positioned, but operates in a market or in an industry that is currently more than severely under pressure is on. In aviation there are a lot of companies that have very big problems. For example, Deutsche Lufthansa, the company KLM in the Netherlands and other airlines have already been able to enjoy state subsidies. At Rolls Royce there was also acapital increase recently. In addition, employees were laid off. The aim is to lead the company through this difficult time. Incidentally, classic car construction has long since had nothing to do with the aviation company Rolls Royce. That's because the automotive division was divested to BMW a long time ago. Whether and how the current company Rolls Royce will survive the crisis is still completely open. After the capital increase, the share price slipped to around EUR 0.70. Theoretically, you can buy shares in the company very cheaply, but you also take a more than high risk.

What does the bond on Infineon offer comdirect Bank customers?

The bond on the Infineon share is a so-called protect bond from HVB. In concrete terms, this means that you opt for a product that offers 9.05% interest p.a. andan additional buffer, or a barrier as security. This can be used to avoid being credited with shares immediately when the barrier is touched. It is also a fact that only the day of the valuation is decisive when it comes to having shares booked into the securities account or having your capital including interest credited to your account. The term of the bond is 12 months. The barrier will be set on November 16, 2020. The course will be observed or evaluated on November 11, 2021. On this day it is decided whether investors will get their capital back or whether they will be credited with shares instead. The interest amounting to9.05% interest per year will be credited to the invested capital in any case.

Bonds like these are always on offer at comdirect Bank. It can be expected that around two or three bonds can be subscribed to at the comdirect bank at the same time. These usually come from different industries, but usually offerquite good potential when it comes to returns. The comdirect bank ensures that the partners, some of whom are very well known, regularly have bonds or other promotions available for the bank's deposit customers. In general, it should be noted that with comdirect Bank you can benefit from the fact that the investment options can be defined in many different ways, meaning that something suitable can be found for every type of investor.

Why should I choose the comdirect bank?

The comdirect bank is one of the banks that always offer good conditions and where a deposit can be managed online without any problems . If you want, you can decideto keep a current account in addition to the depot. This means that as a customer of comdirect Bank you can easily use both products free of charge if they are used in parallel. Anyone interested in the broker's online depot should know that this can of course be conveniently managed via an app. Mobile trading is offered by the comdirect bank without any problems. The entire depot can also be managed free of charge without the current account. In concrete terms, this means that you can of course do a lot in this area and learn a lot. The fact is that as a new customer you can manage the depot for 36 months free of charge without any conditions. If you want, you can keep the checking account free of charge without any conditions and ultimately use both products in parallel completely free of charge and without conditions. It is of course possible to manage both directly via the Internet and to benefit from the fact that online banking at comdirect Bank is running extremely well.

Another advantage that speaks for thecomdirect bank is that the service at this bank is more than extensive and good. This means that as a customer of comdirect Bank you can benefit from being able to make calls with the service 24/7. You can also contact the service by fax or by calling back. If you want, you can also use the live chat, which responds quickly in different languages. The comdirect bank is more than progressive here and is impressive.

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