Interwetten: Group secures licenses for the Swedish market

Interwetten is a real export - Schlager from Austria. At home, the company is clearly one of the top players in the industry, and Interwetten is also an enormously popular contact point in neighboring Kenya. So far, the focus of the group has also been largely on the Eastern European countries, but now success can also be reported in the far north. From 2019, Interwetten will be even more active in Scandinavia with a license from the Swedish authorities.

The market was already developed in 2017

The year 2018 is taking off for the Austrian gaming providerInterwetten apparently a really good ending. As the group announced, it has only recently received the license from the Swedish authorities and willfrom 2019 officially make sports betting and casino games available under Swedish regulation. Interwetten is not brand new on the Swedish market, instead the offer has been available since 2017. However, more or less in a gray area, because without the country's license, gambling was played under the license of the Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority. Now this picture is changing and around seven million adult Swedes will be able to access the provider's new website from January 2019.

According to Interwetten, it will also have a lot to offer and should include the offer for orientate towards the Canadian market. In detail, this means that the gambling giant will also provide a live dealer area in addition to sports betting and the casino, for exampleauch einen Live-Dealer-Bereich zur Verfügung stellen wird. Apart from slot machines and the casino versions of roulette and co., the latter can also be played here in a live version with real dealers. At the same time, the group announced that they were aware of the task and responsibility on the market and therefore wanted to attach great importance to responsible gaming by customers.

Group very happy about the approval

Es überrascht nicht, dass die Österreicher enorm happy about the decision of the Swedish authorities and should be able to significantly increase their own value and customer base in the coming years . Werner Becher, Interwetten spokesman, commented on the Scandinavian authorities' decision: "The licensing in Sweden is another milestone in the history of Interwetten, an important stimulus for growth and significantly increases our reach. We are extremely pleased to be able to offer what we have to offer and to fulfill the desire of many Swedes for first-class entertainment. Common values ​​and the licensing of the Swedish government make Sweden an excellent market place for Interwetten.”

However, this does not only apply to the Austrian group, but also to the competition.Scandinavia is in a sense a booming market as the politicians here are becoming more and more open to gambling. For example, the developer>NetEnt has just announced that together with the Swedish providerMr Green its live Make available Beyond Casino in Denmark. While this means no direct danger for Interwetten in Sweden, it shows how much value the developers and companies are now putting on the Scandinavian market. This is of course by no means a coincidence. After all, gambling is historically firmly anchored in the far north, and at the same time many large gambling companies come from Sweden in particular.

Companies everywhere are fighting for customers

Apart from Scandinavia, there is also something else going on Part of the world is extremely hot when it comes to gambling: A few months ago in the USA, a year-old legislation was scrapped that created a general ban on sports betting in the country. By overturning this lawEach federal state can now decide freely whether placing sports bets is permitted within its federal borders. Numerous states have already given the green light, which in turn has attracted countless foreign companies. After all, the providers are hoping for an enormously large and active market in the USA,which so far has been distributed almost exclusively to Las Vegas. Now, however, there are completely new opportunities for the companies - and the European competitors also want to use them.

Interwetten has not yet made a name for itself on the US market. However, the group currently has its hands full in Europe as well. The company holds licenses in Malta, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Sweden and Schleswig-Holstein. In addition, Interwetten in Kenya has just applied for a nationwide sports betting license and was able to reach the second round of the application process. So it's quite possiblethat the license from Schleswig-Holstein in Kenya can soon be extended to a nationwide license.

That would definitely be deserved , because Interwetten has earned a reputation as a pioneer in the gaming industry. Almost 20 years ago, the group was the first betting provider to make online betting available and has already received various awards in the past. Interwetten looks afteralmost two million customers from more than 200 countries around the world and can therefore be described as a real gambling giant. Sports betting, casino games, live casino games and virtual sports betting are offered under the umbrella of the group. The provider's website is available in nine different languages. It remains to be seen whether the new market access in Sweden will make a name for itself as part of the company's success story. With a view to the history of the group, the chances of this are at least not bad.

The article was published on February 28th, 2020 in the magazine of cpaws-ov.org under the keywords.
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