Ireland: Gambling Act has been newly regulated

A new law has been in force in Ireland since December 1st gambling law. However, the previous law has not been completely revised, only a few important paragraphs have been added or changed. All of this was done to increase consumer protection. Given that the current Gambling Act dates back to 1956, it was a necessary matter.

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Ireland has revised the existing Gambling Act and increased player security.(©anncapictures/Pixabay)

Regulations of the original Gambling Act

In Ireland gambling has always been already very popular. Contrary to the opinion of many, this statement does not only apply to casinos, scratch cards and lotteries. Sports betting isespecially popular in Ireland. For this reason, numerous bookmakers are based in this country. Interestingly, most betting fans go to the local bookies. The online offers, on the other hand, are less interesting.

These preferences of the Irish led togambling being legalized there a long time ago. As a rule, the children are taken to the horse races and thus become accustomed to this pastime from an early age. For this reason there are hardly any restrictions and regulations in theGambling Act for Ireland.

The disadvantage of such a law is the lack of consumer or player protection. In the past, children and young people were particularly affected by this lack.

Studies confirm: minors gamble more often

A few years ago, a study revealed thatminors gamble three times as often as adults. This statement does not only apply to young people who earn their own money. It starts much earlier: 10-year-olds play games of chance such as roulette and slots on their smartphones. It was also found that many young people have earned several thousand euros in debt.

Of course, such negative facts cannot simply be accepted. Because of this, Irish Gambling Law has been revised. Nowplayer protection is in the foreground and above all children and young people should be protected. How this works in detail has not been published. It was only announced that gambling advertising would be regulated. The focus may have been on other countries where, for a long time, either there has been no advertising at all or it is only broadcast at night.

Following regulation, it was determined that future charity projects would be supported by the gambling industry.

2019: Irish people spent five billion euros on sports betting

Another study shows how popular gambling is in Ireland. In theyear 2019, a total of 9.8 billion euros was spent on gambling. Sports betting accounted for the largest share, namely five billion euros. This shows how popular sports betting is with the Irish.

The study also revealed that 72.4 percent of 55 to 64 year olds gamble. It is sad thatevery tenth young person already gambles. It is all the more positive to see that under the new law gambling is only permitted from the age of 18.

Interestingly, the government took the opportunity and increased the betting tax from one to two percent in2019. It is reasonable to assume that the government wanted to secure its share of the popular pastime. On the other hand, this has harmed the industry: some bookmakers could not afford it and have closed their doors forever.

Despite this fact, this year the government again considered raising the tax. An agreement does not seem to have been reached yet. However, if more betting shops are closed, thenmany players could turn to online casinos. These are also a reason why the gambling contract was revised in the first place.

Online casinos are generally legal in Ireland

In 1956 no one could have known that online casinos and online sports betting would one day exist. However, after gambling was allowed in Ireland, all online casinos were automatically legal. As a result, some adjustments were made to the Gambling Act in2014 and 2015. However, these were not enough to protect young people and children from dubious providers.

For example, a study found that10 percent of all gambling lovers play online. The proportion of minors is not known. Nevertheless, it was necessary to integrate a higher level of player protection. This is the only way to prevent players from inadvertently choosing a dubious provider. Many cannot distinguish a reputable from a dubious gambling provider. And this is where the new law comes in.

Another reason for the quick change of the law could be the reduction of betting shops on site. The fewer there are, themore players migrate to online offers. For this purpose, rules and regulations must be created in good time in order to protect one's own population from great damage.

Despite the popularity of gambling in Ireland, things haven't got that far yet. Less than one percent of all players have identified risky gambling behavior. Given that over 60 percent of the entire population regularly gambles, Irish people claim to be a role model:Gambling does not have to be addictive and can be enjoyed responsibly.

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