Ireland Makes Amendments to Gambling Act

Sports betting is particularly popular in Ireland, and though for several decades. Actually it can be said that every Irishman grows up with sports betting. Because even the children are taken to the racecourse on Sundays and public holidays. Given this information, is it any wonder that the gambling law in force in Ireland is also several decades old? So it was about time that the previous law was changed.

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In Ireland the Gambling Act was only changed in December 2020. Now another change is pending: advertising for gambling should be banned.(©A_Different_Perspective/Pixabay)

Ireland tackles legislative change again

Als in Ireland the previously valid gambling law was brought into being, nobody could count on online gambling and the numerous lotteries and scratch cards. This is one of the reasons why the previous law is now being changed. Afurther reason is the missing player protection and a missing age limit. Until now, minors have also been able to gamble. This was already changed inlast year when gambling was suddenly reformed. Now only persons of legal age are allowed to participate in any kind of gambling in Ireland.

Now the government wants to take the whole matter slowly and in detail. For example, one party drafted theproposal that gambling advertising be banned. An exception should only be the advertising for sports betting. The proposed draft does not clarify why this should be the case. Perhaps the limitation and permission for sports betting advertising lies in the fact that most sports clubs and athletes are sponsored. This statement applies in particular to horse racing. For this reason, there was a heated debate last year as to whether it would really make sense to introduce any restrictions in this area.

Interesting Facts About Gambling in Ireland

The latest published data highlights why a new Gambling Act is being sought for Ireland. In2019 all Irish people spent KES/EUR/USD10 billion on gambling. Here, the population behaved balanced and half was spent on casinos and the second half on sports betting. Whether this was done on purpose remains to be seen. Thus, each person living in Ireland has spent around 400 euros per year. This figure ranks Ireland seventh in the world.

This data also makes thephysicians behind a reformed gambling law. Experts see a health risk if people continue to actively gamble. Of course, it is not to be seen as a positive thing if children grow up gambling and see it as normal. Especially since there is a risk that this behavior will be passed on to the next generation. As long as sports betting is seen as a leisure activity, the behavior of the population will not change.

Similarly, the Secretary of State for Public Health supports efforts to ensure that gambling does not become a health hazard in Ireland.

Further reasons for legal reform

In the course of time, other reasons came up why the gambling law, which has been in force since 1956, should be reformed abruptly. In the past, players could only go to a local betting shop and place their bet. The bookmakers didn't care about the age of the players - after all, there was no age limit. Of course, this alone posed a problem. For adult gamblers, there was also the fact that theyalso online bets for a short time. The government apparently sees this as the greatest danger, since everything here takes place without regulation. However, such an opinion is not correct. In an online casino that also offers sports betting, only persons of legal age may open an account. The same applies to online bookmakers. Despite all this, the Irish government sees a problem with placing bets on mobile phones.

Once age is no longer an issue, sales may be regulated. Nothing of the sort has leaked out yet. However, since many countries are resorting to online sales restrictions, such a measure would also be conceivable in Ireland. In this context, however, there should be a central registeras planned for Kenya, in which the previous bets of all players are saved. Otherwise, players could bypass the betting limit by playing at multiple casinos. On the other hand, if you want to block yourself completely, you should also be saved in a central register. This is the only way to prevent the player from tricking himself and resorting to another online gambler. similar to

Minors in Ireland gamble

Another reason why the law, which was only recently passed in December 2020, is being changed again is the fact that minors also gamble in Ireland take part. According to a study10-year-olds are already taking part in gambling by placing bets with their mobile phones. Such behavior is definitely a concern, which is why it was more than time to include at least an age limit in the Gambling Act.

From this point of view, however, it would also make sense if no more advertising for games of chance. According to official figures, gambling advertisements appear at least once at every sporting event. So it should come as no surprise that such a large amount of money is spent on gambling in Ireland every year. The fact that gambling advertising should therefore be banned in general sounds understandable to some politicians. were carried out at sports events

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