IronFX has been on the market for over 10 years

IronFX is a company , which has a seat in Limassol and a seat in London, UK. The corresponding regulation by the FCA is also given here. In the field of forex trading, IronFX offers extensive trading solutions that can be used worldwide. In the long term, the broker should continue to grow and numerous tests have proven that it has a good reputation for good reason.

Forex trading and stock trading in general have become increasingly important in recent years. This means that numerous private individuals are now interested in buying securities and benefiting from positive developments. In the long term, there are likely to be some markets that are likely to grow even after the Corona crisis, for example, and where positive returns can be expected. There are many companies in the energy and propulsion space that should appreciate strongly in value over the coming years. In addition, it is possible that in thearea of ​​forex trading one also bets on commodities and other types of investments. If you want to be successful in forex FX trading in the coming years, you should of course also make sure that you are well positioned and have the necessary specialist knowledge ready. Especially in the Forex Trading segment, it can happen that you do not necessarily have the knowledge, but run the risk of suffering high losses. For this reason, you should make sure that you only invest in stocks that are definitely interesting and that you take the opportunity in advance to build up knowledge. IronFX also offers the necessary tools and training courses in this area, which can be used free of charge in order to be able to build up the relevant specialist knowledge.

Forex Trading auf dem Tablet.

IronFX has been trading stocks and forex products for over 10 years!(©PIX1861/Pixabay)

In the Corona crisis, there are some sectors that have been severely affected in recent years have come under pressure. In concrete terms, this means that there are many titles in the financial sector, for example, that are no longer worth as much as they were in the past. Banks such as Deutsche Bank, but alsoHSBC and Lloyds have lost massively in value. It is quite conceivable that the prices of the titles will rise again, but this could also take a few years. In addition, there are some stocks in the energy sector that have lost a lot of value. This means that, for example, shares in oil companies, such as Shell or British Petrol, have lost significantly in value. The Shell company is managed very conservatively and offers investors an interesting position in any case. Although the dividend has been significantly canceled, it can be assumed that Shell is very well positioned, especially in the hydrogen sector, and that growing earnings can be expected here in the future. In addition, a dividend is often not left at a low level for many years, but can be raised to a higher level again after the crisis. Anyone who is interested in investing in Shell could therefore benefit from rising prices in the long term.

In addition to the sectors already mentioned, there are also some titles in the insurance sector that have lost significant value. From an international point of view, it is corporations such as Allianz, Aviva or Prudential Financial that are much cheaper than was the case a few years ago. Anyone who decides to buy company shares will find that insurance is generally consideredvery conservative investment. This means that the corporations plan long-term with stable earnings and the dividends are often interesting. Those who choose insurance will find that Allianz, for example, has been growing its dividend for many years, and Aviva has a history of delivering attractive returns.

Commodities are also considered an interesting investment. If you want to bet on oil or gold as well as silver and copper, you can do this without any problems using the corresponding forms of investment at IronFX and quickly generate corresponding sales through trading in the Forex area.

What does the broker IronFX offer me?

Traders who decide to open a trading account with a broker often look at the regulation. The company IronFX has a seat in Limassol and another seat in London. This leads to being regulated byFCA in the UK. The broker is therefore one of the brokers that are well regulated in any case and are therefore correspondingly interesting. The fact is that with IronFX one can assume that it is generally aserious and reliable broker who clearly stands out from many so-called offshore brokers who also offer interesting trades, but mostly without regulation, which is correspondingly uninteresting.

The broker IronFX also offers other options in the area of ​​forex trading, such as purecommodity trading or stock trading and CFD trading. It is possible to trade a total of more than 120 different currency pairs at IronFX. In addition, the broker offers more than 80 different base pairs that can be traded. MetaTrader 4 software can be used for stock trading without any problems. In addition, it is possible to trade via the popular BB Trader or via AutoTrade. This allows the broker IronFX to offer trading across different platforms, which is of course highly recommended and ensures that traders can feel comfortable in any case.

How can I learn to trade at IronFX?!

In the area of ​​forex trading there is a lot of knowledge that must first be built up if you want to become active in this area . The fact is that many traders lose a lot of money precisely because they have not built up any knowledge and simply start trading blindly. In the long term, the webinars and tutorials at IronFX can definitely help to build up a healthy basic knowledge. However, if you want to trade successfully in any case, you should make sure that you also work with the demo account accordingly. The demo account has the great advantage that you can actively participate in the entire trade without taking any risk. TheBroker IronFX is characterized by the fact that a free demo account can be used and with this account one can in any case perceive the individual trading options and elements very well. In the long term, it is worth gaining experience with the demo account over several days or even weeks. Since no losses can be achieved with the demo account, it is recommended to work with this account and to be able to really try everything. A virtual balance is available that can be used for trades.

Realize support and deposits at IronFX!

The support offered by IronFX can be perceived primarily in English. In addition, there are other languages ​​that can be used. Basically, the support can be easily contacted by phone and also by e-mail. Unfortunately, support via FAX is not offered. In addition, there is also afree callback service that can be used if you want to address questions to IronFX.

The account at IronFX can be maintained in the currencyUS Dollars. There is the possibility that money is deposited in different ways. It should be noted that IronFX does not have a minimum deposit to be considered. The money can be deposited using Visa and MasterCard credit cards. In addition, classic bank transfers, for example, can also be used to deposit money. Service providers such as Skrill or Neteller can also be used when depositing funds with IronFX, just as is the case with Fasapay or WebMoney.

Fees apply to withdrawals. These are a flat rate of 1.50 euros when paying by credit card and 0.5 to 1.0% when paying via other service providers. In principle, it is possible that the money can always be paid out in several ways, just as it can also be paid in in several ways. So the broker IronFX is generallyflexible and well positioned and offers interesting options for forex traders.

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