Italy: Legal gambling should be strengthened - Novomatic on board

In Italy was conducted a new study, the result of which is not really surprising: the legal range of gambling is to be increased in order to combat illegal gambling. At least that's how the gamblers see it themselves. The arguments cannot be dismissed out of hand. Coincidentally, at the same time, Novomatic is expanding its presence in Italy.

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Italy's population wants to increase legal gambling in order to reduce illegal supply. Novomatic supports this with an expansion of the range.(©bogitw/Pixabay)

Illegal gambling has increased

Italy has published new figures , the percentage of illegal gambling in Italy. These numbers are worrying: Compared to 2019,sales of illegal gambling providers have increased by 6 billion euros. Thus, the illegal providers were able to achieve a turnover of 18 billion euros - in 2019. This is definitely a very high sum. It is also very frightening that the majority of illegal providers are owned by organized crime.

Italian police are doing their best to crack down on the illegal vendors. There are also interesting figures about this, which relate to the period from the beginning of 2020 to April 2021: Onevery third day the police were active and were able to accuse a total of 1000 people. After all, 145 investigations were carried out. In the previous year, the number of indictments was half.

There are two reasons why the police take such strict action against illegal operators: On the one hand, the state loses revenue because only legal gambling operators pay taxes. On the other hand, the population must be protected. There are already gambling addicts in Italy who need to be protected. The higher the proportion of illegal providers, the greater the risk that the number of gambling addicts will increase. The population sees it that way too.

Locals support legal providers

The lateststudy was carried out in cooperation with the Lottomatica gambling group and the Censis survey institute. Almost60 percent of those surveyed are opposed to legal gambling being restricted. In their opinion, this would lead to more players resorting to illegal games. Such an opinion is understandable. That's why more than 66 percent think that only increasing legal gambling would reduce illegal gambling.

This opinion is also understandable. However, in order to achieve this, players must always be able to distinguish between illegal and legal providers. If the number of legal casinos increases, the number of illegal gambling dens would certainly increase as well. Finding theright provider from this will certainly not be easy. For this reason, some of the respondents are even in favor of creating a complete ban on gambling. However, only 29 percent of respondents share this opinion.

Since the majority of respondents believe that legal providers are pushing back illegal offerings, Novomatic could be successful with its latest expansion. Alegal online casino is predestined to offer Novomatic or Novoline games.

Greentube enters the market with Capecod

Greentube acquired Capecod, although both companies are part of Novomatic. AfterGreentube is already represented on the Italian market in thebest slot machines casinos, the offer of Capecod be offered in Italy. The very good news in this regard is that both online gamblers and gamblers who enjoy playing at a local gambling establishment will benefit from it.

There is more good news though:Novomatic plans via Greentube to offer the new machines, which are very attractive, but still work on a random basis: we're talking about AWP gaming machines. Game fans will be very happy about this as the games developed by Capecod are considered to be very popular. In Italy in particular, the games are well known and are often used. This company has only been part of Novomatic since 2017, although it was founded in 1987.

The acquisition of Capecod represents a very good opportunity for Novomatic to further increase its sales. According to a press release, the company is proud of itself for being able to pull off this move. After all, both companies benefit from the cooperation: From now on, both can offer the product range of the other game manufacturer. Thus, abigger circle of players is reached, since not every player knows all manufacturers. Accordingly, the players also benefit from the cooperation and can enjoy a much larger range in the future.

Capecod is to be released in other countries soon

At the moment it is the case that via Greentube the slot machines and online games fromCapecod are only offered in Italy| ||105 werden. Das soll aber nicht so bleiben. Novomatic plant, das Sortiment von Capecod in allen anderen Ländern anzubieten. Wie lange dies dauert, kann nicht abgeschätzt werden. Hierüber hat sich Novomatic nicht geäußert. Ein reputable online casino will certainly not wait long to include the game manufacturer's games in its range.

On the one hand, the prospect of offering all of Capecod's games in other countries is a kind of reward. Greentube is sure that thecooperation will increase its own turnover and that its own position in Italy will be strengthened. In return for this, Capecod's games are to be presented in other countries in order to increase their sales as well.

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