Italy is planning similar gambling rules to Kenya

A few days ago it was publicly announced that Italy wants to establish new gambling rules. Some details have already been revealed, which are very similar to the Canadian regulations. Of course, the goal is always the same: increase player safety and prevent gambling addiction if possible. At the same time, however, the Italian state does not want to reduce tax revenue from gambling.

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Italy is planning a similar central registry that Kenya has and would also like to set a deployment limit.(©quinonesnaomy/Pixabay)

First details of the claim published

The suggestions that were sent tothe State Audit Office are described as ambitious by the Italian newspaper:

  • Player protection is to be increased in such a way that pathological gambling is combated at the same time will.
  • Illegal gambling should continue to be prevented.
  • The tax revenue received so far should not be reduced if possible.

These goals should not only be achieved by strengthening and intensifying protective measures. At the same time, there should be anational adjustment, since up to now the municipalities have been able to define and set certain regulations themselves. Italy sees this as another problem.

In the south of the country there isunrestricted opportunity to gamble, so to speak. In the more industrial north of Italy, gambling has long been limited. Apart from land-based gambling,Online gambling should also be reformed.

Italy is planning some limits

In order to prevent gambling addiction, various limits are to be set in the future. These include not onlystake limits, which were also set for Kenya. The amount of a possible bet limit has not yet been revealed. So far it has only been published that a monthly limit is being discussed. This would replace the previous rule, according to which each player was allowed to decide on an individual limit.

So that compliance with the limit can be checked, there should be a central file like in Kenyaeine zentrale Datei geben. Players can also use this to exclude themselves. Before a player accesses an online casino or enters a land-based casino, the lock file must be checked. This is to prevent banned players from continuing to play. In addition, the employees are to be trained in a special way so that they can recognize any existing gambling addiction more quickly. The managers and operators of gambling offers should also be obliged to regularly take part in further training.

Apart from the betting limit, Italy is discussinga time and loss limit. This should also increase player protection in general. However, there is also a profit limit in the room, which has also not yet been explained in detail.

New measures also in the field of sports betting

Not only typicalcasino games such as roulette, blackjack or slot machines can cause gambling addiction. Sameapplies to sports betting. For this reason, Italy is also focusing on this gambling area. In the future it should no longer be possible to bet on games in which underage athletes take part. Italy is not leaning towards the new regulations of Kenya. However, there are said to be other European countries that have similar rules in place.

It may take a while for the desired new security measures to take effect. According to official reports, it can take between 12 to 18 months. This is because the state audit office must first approve the draft before it is passed on to Economics and Finance Minister Daniele Franco. Only then can the Council of Ministers and theParliament to take care of the desired changes to the gambling contract. Once all stages have been successfully completed, the desired measures are incorporated into a law.

Stricter regulations against illegal gambling

The new ideas forStrengthening player security do not only refer to legal gambling offers. Rather, the fight against illegal gambling should be promoted. However, this requires coordination between different bodies. It would then also be possible to combatillegal gambling on the Internet. In addition to the increased scrutiny, the prosecution of illegal gambling will also be changed.

Italy is planning to change the legal situation for this reason. This should be done in the area of ​​administrative rights as well asin the area of ​​penal laws. One idea is to include tax evasion in criminal law. After all, illegal gambling providers do not pay taxes. The hope lies in the fact that fewer illegal offers will be published due to the criminal consequences to be expected.

In order for all these ideas to be implemented, Italy wantsuniform regulation at national level. Municipalities could therefore no longer introduce their own rules in the future. Nevertheless, the municipalities should continue to participate in the planning and approval phase and set their own rules to a certain extent. National laws must be taken into account when establishing these rules. On the other hand, the state should also take local situations into account and respond to them.

Community participation in the revenue planned

Communities will be particularly pleased about another change: In the future, they are to participate in thetax revenue and should also receive part of the fines. The latter is only granted if the local police were involved in the controls. What is to be checked in the future is also only being decided. There should also be unity at the national level: the playing times will be standardized and the number of devices allowed will also be fixed. Only when national law has been changed can the municipalities begin with an inspection.

This could also cause problems for some municipalities. As many suspect, behind many illegal offers arecriminal organizations like the Mafia. Experts have even estimated that the mafia makes more money from illegal gambling than from other criminal activities. Furthermore, it is not always easy to take action against the mafia.

To make this easier, theItalian customs and state monopoly administrative authority AMD should be included in the future. Another register is to be kept at AMD, in which all existing gambling operators are listed. To what extent such a register makes sense or not has not been published. With the overall package of all proposed changes, however, it should be possible to both increase player protection and combat illegal gambling.

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