Italy is investigating gambling problems

Not only Kenya and Austria are fighting against illegal gambling . Italy has also had problems with unlicensed gambling. For this reason, the idea of ​​setting up a committee of inquiry arose in this country. In this article we would like to explain what this is supposed to deal with and what goal is being pursued.

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Italy would like to establish the background of illegal and fraudulent gambling with a committee of inquiry.(©lechenie-narkomanii/Pixabay)

Italy fights with mafia-like organizations

In Italy players are not just resorting to gambling that is not licensed. The far bigger problem is that thesegames are run by criminal organizations. It recently came out that the slot machines are being manipulated. Due to this manipulation, not all winnings are saved and therefore not taxed. As a result, the state loses revenue, as this consequently reduces tax revenue.

It was determined thatthe Mafia is behind the criminal activities. Investigating against them and still being successful has always been a problem. As soon as the police are one step further with the investigation, the organizations dissolve and disappear. It is often the case that the manipulation of slot machines is only discovered much later. In this case, it is no longer worth investigating.

But why do so many players play illegal games? As long as the local casinos were closed due to the corona pandemic, it still sounded logical if people played ina back room. At the moment, however, online gambling also seems to be a big problem - in addition to the on-site slot machines, which were supposed to be legal but were subsequently rigged. Money laundering can also be carried out in this way.

Italia Viva and Lega provided the impetus

Although Italy has had problems with illegal and fraudulent gambling for a long time, the idea of ​​a committee has only just emerged. TheItalia Viva and Lega parties made it very clear how big the problem has become and that the Mafia would infiltrate legal gambling. Precisely for this reason, the deputies demanded that the investigative committee be established. In principle, the government would be satisfied with the growth of the gambling industry, but not with the parallel growth in illegal gaming.

Therefore an application was made for a committee of inquiry, so thatthis can determine all processes and present them transparently. The focus here is by no means only on the end problem that the profits are not registered and therefore no taxes are paid. The committee of inquiry has much more work to do. The committee should start where the games are developed or the slot machines are produced. Apparently, a search is being made for a solution that will make manipulation no longer possible.

Next the marketing andthe route to the arcades and casinos will be examined. Thus, all processes must be researched and uncovered. The committee of inquiry then demands a solution that will eliminate the known problems in the future or prevent them from the start. Since this is very time-consuming, this task can take several months.

The goal is a perfectly regulated market

The main goal of the investigation is obvious: In the future, all players should have a professionally regulated market at their side, so that everything is not just legal, but also runs safely. If errors are found in the production of the slot machines or in the marketing, new regulations could be created. All those involved must adhere to these in the future and thePlayers Enjoy Safe Gaming.

Now the problem also lies in the fact that the players are already playing safely and legally, but the state is being cheated. After all, there are also many legal slot machines that have been manipulated. TheCommittee of Inquiry must now work out a solution how to prevent this in the future. After all, the Italian state is also happy about the growth in the gambling industry, as this increases tax revenues. Therefore, it seems as if the state would benefit most from the result of the investigation.

Sports betting will also be examined

The investigative committee should be given the task of investigating not only the processes in casinos and arcades. Sports betting should also be scrutinized. This means that the entire gambling field comes into focus. The same applies to instant games. If these andthe sports bets are manipulated, the player ends up with a far greater loss. Therefore, player protection will surely increase after the investigation ends.

It is also interesting that the media are also involved. That also sounds logical. If the media advertise the illegal games, more players will take advantage of them.Breaking the ads here already could reduce the problem for the most part. However, the mafia should not be underestimated here. If they want to offer illegal gambling or manipulate the games, they will always find ways. Therefore, the next few weeks and months will be very exciting and many are already wondering whether the committee even has the chance to uncover all the backgrounds. Last but not least, it could be that the Austrian finance ministerBlümel and Novomatic are investigated by the Italian committee.

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