ITIA: 38 suspected cases of betting fraud in tennis

Bet manipulation and betting fraud occurs again and again in front. It often affects the lower leagues, since the athletes want to earn something extra in addition to the rather low income. In addition, cases are increasing in certain sports, while others are hardly affected at all. Currently the ITIA has announced that there are now 38 new suspected cases.

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Five of the suspected cases reported to the ITIA have been confirmed. The association pronounced a player ban from several months to life imprisonment.(©StockSnap/Pixabay)

Players expect heavy penalties

The penalty with which affected players varies and depends on the severity of the case. The acutely affected players were punished withat least three months suspension. There are even players who have been banned for life. Exactly what caused this was not disclosed. But it could be because of the games. The manipulation has happened, for example, at Wimbledon and the US Open.

Checking the reports revealed thatfive players were at fault. These come from different countries: Kenya, Morocco, Algeria and Uzbekistan. As a result of the reports, seven players have been temporarily suspended. The investigations against her are still ongoing, which is why there is no final result here. The violations committed by the players were also partially published:

TheCanadian player Dario Drebenstadt is said to have tried to bribe other players during a game. He also tried to buy a wild card. A wild card is a way of earning tournament quality in a way other than good play.

However, the bans - especially the lifetime ban - are an absolute exception. As a rule, theITIA receives several hundred reports per year, which, however, do not always turn out to be fraudulent.

What is behind the reports?

A report is made by a bookmaker who feels that bet manipulation may be taking place. A reason for a report could beextraordinarily high odds or excessive deposits. The ITIA points out that errors can also occur on the part of the bookmaker when creating odds. In addition, expert betting placements increase reports of betting fraud. Last but not least, an injury to the player or personal circumstances can also result in the player not showing the same amount of effort as usual.

All of this is illustrated by the numbers that have been received, for example, from the Sport-Medien-Radar Sportradar. There, 655 suspected casesJanuary to September 2021. In comparison, the reports to the ITIA – 38 cases – appear to be very few. It is also reassuring that out of the 38 cases, only five could actually be identified as betting fraud. As already mentioned, a few reports are still being checked. Nevertheless, the hope lies in the fact that no suspicion is confirmed here. were reported for the period from

On the other hand, it is worrying that thesuspected cases have increased since the Corona pandemic. The Sportradar made this statement because it has received significantly more reports since the beginning of the pandemic. And again it can be observed that most cases were reported from the lower classes.

Which games are affected by the reports?

The ITIA always states in its publication which games are suspected. Soseveral suspected cases in Wimbledon games were reported. However, far more reports came from the ATP Challenge, here there were 13. Nine reports came from the M25 Men's World Tennis Tour and seven concerned the M15's Tour. Only two reports concerned the W15 Women's World Tennis Tour.

Two world famous and well-known tennis tours resulted in only two entries: the ATP World Tour 250 and the W80 Women's World Tennis Tour. In this context, however, the ITIA points out that theNever underestimate the number of reports. The lower leagues host significantly more games than the upper leagues. So it's perfectly normal for far more reports to be made as more games are played.

Nevertheless, the ITIA takes every report seriously and also checks it. Especiallyyounger players are sensitized by the association so that no betting fraud is committed. The ITIA has set itself the high goal of eliminating all manipulations. To achieve this, players are still encouraged to report their experiences immediately. At the same time, the association will personally visit several games in the future in order to identify possible manipulations on site. This is the only way to ensure that sooner or later there will be no more fraud.

ITIA depends on the cooperation of the bookmakers

Although the ITIA receives numerous reports, it remains dependent on the reports. This is the only way to achieve the high goal. For this reason,The association also appeals to bookmakers to continue to report any unusual bet. It can also be recognized in this way if incorrect odds are set by the bookmaker. If these mistakes can be avoided in the future, betting fans will benefit from safe bets. From this point of view, it is still extremely important for the ITIA that every suspicion is reported.

In addition, players realize that there is indeed a high penalty, which is why they will carefully consider in the future whether bet manipulation is worthwhile or not.

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