Free comdirect bank depot – from 2 trades per quarter

The comdirect bank depot offers very attractive trading opportunities. Under certain circumstances, it can be run completely free of charge. New customers benefit from the fact that the first 3 months after opening an account can be managed free of charge without having to do anything.

Comdirect Bank plays a special role among direct banks. This is because the online depot is advertised in various ways and has a lot of advantages. Account management is completely free of charge for the first 3 years. In addition, free account management is also possible afterwards if certain things are achieved or activities are carried out. After a period of 3 years it is possible that the depot can be managed free of charge if you carry out at least 2 trades per quarter. In addition, the depot can also be used free of charge if you use a securities savings plan that is executed at least onceper quarter. However, the simplest option is to opt for the free comdirect bank current account at the same time. In combination with this, it is possible that the depot can be managed completely free of charge. This means that you can use the depot and current account completely free of charge, which is of course an advantage. In the long term, this also means that no further activities need to be carried out so that both products can be used side by side free of charge. If you cannot or do not want to meet these conditions, you can alternatively opt for a custody account of EUR 1.95 per custody account. This helps ensure that the depot can continue. During the Corona crisis, some traders decided to create a new custody account with comdirect Bank. The bank offers new customers very good conditions, especially during the first few months. In addition, the comdirect bank is of course always advertising bonds and other products.

Trading Finanzen.

Comdirect Bank Depot: can be used completely free of charge under certain circumstances!(©AhmadArdity/Pixabay)

During the Corona period, some traders decided on a completely new depot. The comdirect bank is one of the banks that always havegood products in their portfolio and where good conditions are always offered. Anyone who chooses Depot will find that they receive a decent discount on the trading venue fees in the first 6 months after opening an account. In addition, it should be noted that the comdirect bank always offers very attractive conditions for the purchase and sale of shares and that various marketplaces can also be used.

The purchase of shares is international. In concrete terms, this means that there are numerous ways to buy and sell. Anyone who wants to buy shares through comdirect Bank will find that not only on-exchange trading but also over-the-counter trading is possible. In concrete terms, this means that you can buy very different types of shares with the trading venues. In addition to the classic shares from Europe, ADRs or GDRs, for example, can also be bought.Trade in Russia, in Asia or in the USA is also made possible via the comdirect bank. In Russia in particular, many traders sense great opportunities when it comes to achieving high returns in the long term. Anyone who decides on the right products here will benefit from the fact that very high returns are of course possible. Stocks in Russia are mostly traded on the Moscow Stock Exchange. Some companies are also based in the UK and listed on the stock exchange here. There is also the possibility that Russian ADRs or GDRs can be traded via the USA. Thus, you can benefit from stock gains, dividends and Co. in the classic structure. In the long term, it should be noted that certain small fees (usually 1 to 3 cents) per dividend must also be paid. These fees are calculated at a flat rate and are not dependent on the size of the dividend itself.

UK offers quarterly dividends on blue chips!

There are a few companies in the UK that pay quarterly dividends. The oil industry in particular, as well as the tobacco industry, are among the segments in which shareholders can regularly count on high dividends. The company Imperial Brands is one of the 4 big tobacco players and distributes a more than attractive dividend. This is distributed in 4 tranches over the year. It should be noted that the dividend delivers a decent yield, currently at more than 9% per annum.

Anyone who looks at theImperial Brands Homepage quickly notices that the businesshas a stable cash flow generated. The dividend was reduced significantly to reduce debt in May 2020. For the coming years it was announced that the dividend will be increased again. This means that as a shareholder in Imperial Brands you can expect increasing returns in the future. Basically, the business is very strong, although the number of smokers is likely to continue to fall in the coming years. Higher prices and alternative tobacco products ensure that Imperial Brands' cash flow should continue to be good in the future. In the long term, however, it should be noted that the tobacco business does not have the best reputation and the question is how the industry will develop over the coming decades. Advertising bans and increasing awareness of health are contributing to the fact that significantly fewer people will reach for the classic cigarette in the future.

In the oil industry, it'sBritish Petrol and Royal Dutch Shell that pay really good dividends and make things happen in the industry . In addition, these two companies are definitely well positioned to start the transformation of the oil players. In general, both companies have announced that they will focus primarily on renewable energy sources. This means that solar energy and wind energy in particular will play an important role in the companies' portfolios. These two industries are more than interesting and make for good returns if used properly. The dividend is paid out once a quarter for both groups. At BP, the dividend was significantly reduced or halved. At Shell, the dividend was reduced by two-thirds, thus ensuring that plenty of opportunities can be expected for the future.

TheShell share should be one of the big winners on the stock exchange in the coming years. That's because you're definitely an important player in the fuel business at Shell. Shell petrol stations can be found almost everywhere in the world and some of these generate very high sales. TheOil price is now back at almost 50 US dollars and is therefore much higher than it was two quarters ago. In addition, of course, the consumption or consumption of oil has increased significantly in recent months. People are driving more cars again and significantly more oil is needed in industry than was the case a few years ago. While the Shell share was still trading at around 10 CADs a few months ago, the price is now around 15 euros again and thus much higher than it was in March or April 2020. In the longer term, prices can be expected to rise here as oil consumption picks up again and OPEC+ takes the appropriate throttling and measures to continue supporting the price. Basically, the oil business is still dirty, but the players are changing and it is no longer just the classic oil that plays an important role. Hydrogen, for example, is a part of more and more companies and will be further expanded in the future. Companies like Nel ASA or ITM Power are interesting here and ensure decent returns.

How can I regularly save on products at comdirect Bank?!

Comdirect Bank customers benefit from the fact that the bank is constantly introducing new and attractive products that can also be used to save money . This means that at comdirect Bank you have the opportunity to also subscribe to savings plans and bonds. Both products have the great advantage that money can really be invested regularly. Savings plans can be subscribed to shares, funds and ETFs. All Art products can be saved from e.g. 25 euros per month. The selection of the products is at thecomdirect Bank more than big and something to be proud of. New products are constantly being included in the savings plan and can also be subscribed to. It should be noted that the execution fees are relatively low.

Account management via app at comdirect bank

Compared to other banks, comdirect bank offers its own app. The complete account management can easily be realized via this. The depot can be controlled much better with the app than without it.Mobile trading is made possible from anywhere that has access to the Internet. The comdirect bank is one of the banks that are really well positioned and where you can expect high returns if the right products are chosen. It should be noted that the comdirect bank can also score in the area of ​​service. Anyone who uses the bank'sdepot has the opportunity to use the service around the clock. The free service is offered 24/7 via live chat, email or telephone. There is a FAX service and of course a free callback service. This clearly sets comdirect Bank apart from many other banks that are also present on the market but are not as well positioned as comdirect Bank is. The complete depot can be managed in a variety of ways and is more than popular with customers Offer

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