Credit card payments are no longer possible at William Hill

Not only the countries themselves, but also gambling operators do their best to protect players from gambling addiction or harm from gambling. For this reason, William Hill has now announced that its players are no longer allowed to use credit cards. This eliminates a very popular and important means of payment. Currently, William Hill is the only provider that no longer offers credit card payments. TheseOnline Casinos Still Accepting Credit Card Payments.

Eine Person hält mit der linken Hand den Geldbeutel und holt mit der rechten Hand eine Kreditkarte raus.

Irish players can no longer use a credit card at William Hill with immediate effect. With this ban, the sports betting provider wants to protect the players.(©JESHOOTS-com/Pixabay)

Credit cards are a very popular means of payment

Credit cards has been around since 1894, when the first credit cards in the USA were given to wealthy people. The first issuers of the credit cards were hotels, which only made this means of payment available to guests with the appropriate funds. In 1920, oil companies and department stores issued credit cards. From 1945, credit cards could be obtained from airlines and restaurant chains. The aim of credit cards was that customersbuy at the issuing company and only have to pay later. Thus, the customer received the loan directly from the company.

The now known credit cards came much later. Credit cards are usually issued by credit institutions and can be used to pay both in a local shop and on the Internet. As in the past, purchases are made with a credit card, but payment is usually only made a month later. With this, theperiod until the next salary payment can be covered. However, there is always a risk that the credit card payment will result in excessive amounts being spent that the credit card owner does not even have.

This is exactly what William Hill sees as a problem when its players pay for the stakes with a credit card: the stakes are much higher than the player's assets. To avoid this, William Hill now issued a credit card ban for its players.

Credit card ban effective immediately

William Hill has decided toexisting protections and players even better protect. This means that as of February 16, 2022, it will no longer be possible to use a credit card to place bets on sports bets. Theban applies to Ireland. However, this ban is preceded by a recommendation from the Irish Sports Betting Association. He had already suggested last year that credit cards should not be used for online sports betting. However, this comes with a small problem as credit cards are allowed by law. Thus, the providers of sports betting can only voluntarily dispense with this means of payment.

William Hill isn't the first sports booker to do without credit cards, however. Other well-known sports betting providers have already eliminated credit card payments. These includebet365, BetWay, Entain and Flutter Entertainment. The latter group recently proposed its newly developed five-step plan to increase player security. It is therefore hardly surprising that this company has abolished payment by credit card.

E-wallets also work with credit cards

However, there is another problem with the credit cards: Even if a player uses another permitted payment method, the use of the credit card could be linked to it. In the background of the payment methodRevolut or Google Pay there is a credit card. This means that the players officially place their bets with a different payment method. However, the stakes are debited via a credit card.

The payment methods just mentioned are also referred to as e-wallets. There are two options for this payment method: The e-wallet as an electronic wallet is topped up. In this case, only theamount of money that was charged is available. A gambling fan cannot go into debt with this. A reload and thus payment via e-wallet is only possible if the player actually has the money. A recommendede-wallet for online casinos is Skrill.

Alternatively, thepayment can be made via a reference account|| |94. Das bedeutet, dass jede Zahlung vom hinterlegten Girokonto abgebucht wird. Somit wird zuerst gezahlt, dann wird vom Konto abgebucht. Theoretisch sind keine Abbuchungen mehr möglich, wenn das Girokonto nicht gedeckt ist. Praktisch sieht es so aus, dass zuerst der Einsatz getätigt wird und erst dann festgestellt wird, dass kein Geld mehr vorhanden ist. Zu diesem Zeitpunkt sind die Schulden bereits entstanden.

Britain has banned credit cards by law

The British government, for example, has recognized the danger of using a credit card to accumulate debt. That's why the use of credit cards in online gambling has been banned in Great Britain for almost two years. According to new news, the ban has already proven its worth. A study that is only four months old proves thatuse of credit cards in connection with online casinos has reduced significantly. The British government succeeded in doing this through several regulations:

The gambling providers were asked to no longer accept credit cards as a means of payment. They therefore had to remove this payment method from their own site. However, so that the credit card is not used in the background, as is the case with e-wallets, another regulation was issued: Thebanks were requested, no more payments to the Gambling providers to transact if these are done by credit card. For e-wallet providers, this would have meant not getting their money back. Therefore, they may have also dispensed with the use of credit cards.

Is there going to be a legal ban in Ireland?

Gambling operators removing credit cards from their offerings are currently doing so voluntarily. Experts reckon, however, that sooner or later there will be alegal ban in Ireland as in Great Britain. The current gambling law is to be revised in the coming months. It may also include the fact that no credit cards can be used anymore. It is currently not certain whether this will really come to pass. Ireland has a similar problem to Kenya: the planned gambling authority that could review such a regulation does not yet exist.

So gambling fans in Ireland will have to wait and see. Until then, however, it may happen that other gambling providers also remove the credit card from their offer. If this is the case, the new law would hardly bring any changes.

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