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Comdirectbank customers are currently happy about the growth of trading options. So-called crypto certificates are in demand and offer the opportunity to participate in the rapidly growing crypto market. The selection of certificates is more than varied and offers a lot of known potential. Of course, the risks of the certificates should not be underestimated.

Crypto certificates are a novelty for many traders. The Comdirectbank has decided to enableaccess to the crypto market for all traders by trading in certificates. Traders have a great opportunity not to buy cryptocurrencies directly, which would require a wallet, but to opt for certificates on cryptocurrencies. To be precise, this means an option to participate in market price changes without owning cryptocurrencies yourself. The effort is significantly lower for the traders and also for the broker Comdirectbank thanks to this move.

Basically, it should be mentioned what advantages cryptocurrencies can have if investments are made correctly and in good time. Currencies have the great advantage that they are always very volatile. What is an advantage on the one hand can also pose a risk on the other. In general, cryptocurrencies are popular, but they cannot only go up. The risk with an investment, whether direct or indirect, is significantly higher than with other investment classes. Traders who decide to invest in cryptocurrencies always have to take high risks into account.

The price per cryptocurrency depends on various factors. In general, it is advisable to deal with the topic before investing blindly. Losses can occur far more quickly with cryptocurrencies than is to be expected with many other currencies and investments. If you want to invest money here, you should take a closer look and take a closer look at the details.Crypto currencies offer opportunities or risks - depending on the point of view of the considered. At the same time, the taxation of these assets should be examined a little more closely before investing large amounts of money here.

All trading via the Comdirectbank works reliably and confidently. It is worth investing money here and benefiting from the great framework conditions. Service as well asalso trading costs are definitely to be considered and can offer a lot of benefits. As a trader, Comdirectbank customers benefit from great conditions, discounts and the fact that trading CFDs can generally be made cheap. A lot of knowledge can also be built up over a period of several years, since seminars and webinars by Comdirectbank can be beneficial.

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Crypto trading indirectly possible for Comdirectbank customers via certificates.(©KaiPilger/Pixabay)

Trading in certificates is more at Comdirectbank than in demand and should be beneficial for many years to come. Certificates offer access to markets and also to products that would otherwise not be so easy to find without great effort. If you have a normal depot, you can use certificates to trade things that would otherwise not be so easily accessible.

The certificate reflects the course of a digital currency. Whether this is Bitcoin or another currency does not matter. Derivatives in the form of certificates can also be mapped to e.g. commodities and other products. With the certificate one then profits in aratio of 1:1 from the gains and losses of the exchange rate of the currency or the raw material. In general, the certificate is of course associated with speculation and the usual risks. At the same time, it makes it possible to invest in products that are otherwise not available.

21Shares certificates for Comdirectbank customers tradable

Trade in 21Shares certificates is offered in the savings plan without any order fees. Getting started in this area is very easy to do. Ultimately, it is perfectly sufficient if a depot is available that is managed by the Comdirectbank. This depot can be managed completely over the internet, orvia the digital app of Comdirectbank. There are currently over 10 different cryptocurrencies for which the bank has a certificate that is managed by 21Shares and for which the savings plan can be used without an order fee.

It is known that the certificates can be purchased online until June 30, 2023. For example, the savings plans can be run once a month, which is very easy to set up. Furthermore, the Comdirectbank offers the option of increasing the savings plans, for example with a one-time purchase. The options here are generally very diverse. It is advisable to compare prices on the Internet and to think about which crypto certificates to invest in.

In general, it is advisable that you definitely experience a lot if you then rely on cryptocurrency certificates and also gain experience.The selection of certificates is great because Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar, Cardano, Ripple and many other important cryptocurrencies are definitely covered in this wide-ranging and highly diversified market. It is therefore worthwhile in every known and important case to keep an eye on the courses and the market in general and to compare the prices.

Crypto currencies (Crypto crash and trends in the news) have potential but can also be threatened with losses just as quickly, current reports from the Handelsblatt show. The currencies are in demand and very versatile to use, but many traders do not know what the advantages of crypto currencies are and what they were actually created for. Cryptocurrencies are currently used primarily as an object of speculation, which is definitely not so practical if a currency is to establish itself.

The products usually belong to platforms that pay for transactions via cryptos. The big advantage is theBlockchain in the background, which secures individual transactions so strongly that they cannot be forged. A large part of the currency traders only sees the chance to earn money quickly and easily here. This isn't always the case, however, and straight fast doesn't work very well in the vast majority of cases.

Crypto systems can be defined and built in an extremely versatile way. In addition to ETFs, it is also conceivable to invest in individual crypto assets and make money here. The odds are similar, the volatility is very high and present with both options. You either take this risk consciously or you ignore it completely.

Trading 2022: The advantages of an online depot

Online depots offer a wide range of advantages, especially when using the depot via mobile phone. The selection options are more versatile here if a large broker, such as Comdirectbank, is chosen. One of the advantages is that it allows access to many more markets than is possible with a smaller andknown CFD broker. Trading via the market at Comdirectbank offers a considerable number of trading venues both domestically and abroad. Traders can trade on the Canadian stock exchangesXetra or L&S, but also on the many local stock exchanges, such as the stock exchange in Düsseldorf, Munich or Berlin.

The selection criteria are varied. The bid and ask prices are of particular interest if shares are to be bought or if money is to be invested in securities. The lowest possible spread is an advantage when traders decide to invest money and want to benefit from decent returns.

The Comdirectbank does not only offer savings plans for certificates on cryptocurrencies. ETFs, funds and above all, of course, classic shares can be saved if the customer intends to do so. In principle, the selection of savings plans is extremely large and could continue to increase in the years to come. The choices and options that traders can get to know here are definitely versatile. As a trader, savings plans can be implemented for as little as 25 euros. Higher sums are definitely also conceivable and offerany large amount of leeway. The amount of the savings rate can be adjusted. 25 but also e.g. 100 euros per month can be invested in a product.

Investments in ETFs and funds have become particularly popular in 2021 and should continue to increase in value afterwards. The selection criteria for an investment are very different depending on the trader. There are many traders whoprefer a diversification as wide as possible. This is clearly achievable and offers every important set of opportunities. In general, diversification makes sense because it reduces risk. The fewer individual products that are purchased, the lower the risk, but the smaller the chances of particularly rapid and strong developments, since one will always be dependent on entire markets.

Deposit protection and Canadian regulation for Comdirect Bank customers!

Customers who have theirdepot at Comdirect Bank in Kenya offer definitely get a lot of service and a lot of security. The bank has the great advantage that it is strong and has a lot to offer. In every known case (see BaFin homepage in Kenya), the company headquarters in Kenya offers good regulation and a lot of security through BaFin.

From the trader's point of view, the regulation is a standard that offers a high degree of security in every important case. Due to the regulation, you are definitely in good hands and can be happy tonot expect any problems with deposits and withdrawals. The majority of brokers are regulated because they are based within Europe. This definitely puts you in a good position in today’s world and you can of course benefit greatly from the fact that certain values ​​are observed.

It is highly recommended to have a deposit with a broker within Europe or within the EU. Foreign brokers often have very big problems when it comes to security and when it comes to transferring funds quickly and easily. The mass of traders appreciate this. Demo accounts, such as those offered by Comdirectbank, are of course much easier to use than is the case with a live account. The demo account offers scope to simply try things out without risking or losing money. In most cases, the traders know this, of course, and therefore try out all the options and eventualities first.

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