Kult rock band Kiss: Planning their own casino resort

Kiss is known as one Cult rock band from the USA. Now the band not only wants to achieve musical success, but also want to convince with theopening of their own casino. The rock band's own casino resort is set to open in Biloxi, Mississippi, USA. Kiss would like to operate the casino together with the RAM Group from Arizona. RAM Group is a well-known gaming and hotel operator, so it's definitely a good decision. Approval from the Mississippi Gaming Commission is said to be already in place, so nothing stands in the way of the start.

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Kiss Casino with a special flair

The rock band has musical already convinced and delivered. You can therefore assume that the casino will also appear interesting and special. It should be equipped withdifferent kiss games. The main focus is clearly on the rock band. The band will be the focus and will not only be interesting for Kiss fans. A themed casino is to be expected, which brings with it a special flair of rock & roll. A concert arena is also planned.

Frontman Paul Stanley previously mentioned that the bandana will be played on the casino grounds, which is located on Fifth Street, ahead of theconcert on March 15th| ||64 in Mississippi durchgeschnitten werden soll. Natürlich wird auch der RAM-Sprecher zu der feierlichen Zeremonie erwartet. Ebenfalls soll Adam Goldberg vertreten sein. Er ist der CEO der Restaurantkette der Kiss-Mitglieder Stanley und Simmons. Am frühen Nachmittags soll es laut Sun Herald, der lokalen Tageszeitung, soweit sein.

Kiss with success across the board

The rock band Kiss was founded in 1973. The band is now one of the most successful of all time. Over 100 million albums have been sold. The band is now on a farewell tour, which saddens many fans. The date 15.3 is also on the tour schedule. in Biloxi at the Coast Coliseum Mississippi, which is particularly important. After all, the official ceremony for the casino is to take place here.

The US rock band is nowactive in several business areas. In addition to music, the musicians are also active in the catering business. 21 restaurants are operated worldwide. Now there is the casino. Together with the gaming operator RAM Group, you want to revitalize the former Casino Biloxi Margaritaville.

The complex where the casino is located has been idle for several years. At that time, the landlord and the then casino owner had a dispute. This dispute resulted in the arcade being closed in 2014. But not only the casino was silent. It also started a hotel that was never completed. In November 2019, RAM chose the complex. A letter of intent has also beensigned with Kiss.

Further benefits for the Kiss brand

The band Kiss has always scored points by strengthening and emphasizing the brand. Kiss has a magical knack for this and has managed to keep the band going for decades. However, it is also the case that some bandspartnered with gambling providers before Kiss. Everyone tries to uphold their own brand and make it even bigger. So it makes sense to successfully enter the gambling sector. After all, gambling is widespread and popular, which can have a positive impact on the brand.

There are quite a few band slots already, which proves other groups had the idea too. Slots such as Motörhead and Guns N' Roses should be mentioned, for example.These slots are developed and published by NetEnt. Wazdan, on the other hand, has created an AC/DC slot. The brands are thus strengthened and become better known. The Band Slots are of course not comparable to their own casino, as Kiss intends to do. New standards are already being set.

Large construction project is imminent

Everyone involved in the construction project has their own special tasks. Kiss will create a suitable lifestyle ambience. RAM, on the other hand, has the task of installing the necessary infrastructure and providing the technical equipment for operating the casino and hotel. RAM and Kiss want to create a veryspecial venue and invest over 200 million US dollars.

The plan is to create a casino area of ​​at least 40,000 m² for over 1,000 slots and many gaming tables. In addition, a luxury hotel is to beat the scene of the action, which will offer around 300 rooms, be found at the harbor and have a pool area. The guests should feel completely comfortable. In addition, a large concert hall with up to 3,000 seats is planned. The concert hall should provide a very special sound experience. Of course, rock music pictures and collectibles should not be missing in such an establishment.

Both local residents and tourists will be amazed at the special facility that is to be created. Construction of the casino is scheduled to begin in the spring. Thecorresponding approvals for casino operations are already available. Now it's just a matter of waiting and seeing how things progress. Until then, rock fans will have to settle for the band slots on theOnline Gambling Sites. So far, however, everything that Kiss has put their hands on has always worked. So we can be curious about what's coming and when it's finished.

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