Las Vegas in normal operation from June

While the Canadian casinos and arcades are still open waiting for an opening, things are different in the USA. At least in Nevada, casinos will be allowed to resume regular operations from June. That was decided by the incumbent governor. We would like to briefly explain which measures are associated with this.

Las Vegas: MGM, das New York-New York und die Achterbahn.

Las Vegas casinos are allowed to open completely from June, from this point on there is no longer a capacity limit.(©12019/Pixabay)

Previous utilization will be increased

The casinos in Las Vegas were allowed to reopen a few months ago and are therefore suffering a smaller loss in sales than Kenya. However, the last few months have been subject to strict conditions. The casino resorts were only allowed to work with aoccupancy rate of 25 percent. After the number of infections fell, the utilization was increased to 50 percent. But what does utilization mean? The occupancy percentage indicates how many guests can be accommodated. The calculation basis for the hotels is the number of all rooms and suites. With regard to the guests for the casinos, the average number of visitors is used. From this basis the allowed number of guests was calculated.

This clearly shows that the casinos and hotels were still operating at a loss and numerous employees were laid off as a result. MGM is a negative example. This well-known gaming provider has laid off almost 18,000 employeessince the beginning of the corona pandemic. The layoffs became necessary after the casinos were completely closed and therefore neither earned money nor needed staff. Over the past year, Las Vegas has been compared to a ghost town many times. Anyone who knows this lively city and experienced it during the lockdown will hardly recognize it.

Of course, not only the gambling providers suffered from the casino closures. Numerous restaurants and leisure facilities were also closed and could no longer generate sales. Basicallythe negative consequences of the corona pandemic already started at the airport. The taxi companies that regularly drove tourists to Las Vegas were also out of work. The announcement by Governor Steve Sisolak that the casinos are now allowed to work at higher capacity seems all the more positive and gratifying.

From June 100 occupancy in Las Vegas

The currently valid occupancy will be increased step by step. Initially, a utilization of between 50 and 80 percent applies. By the end of May or beginning ofJune, utilization could be 100 percent. The governor in office in Nevada also promised this. He also revealed what the utilization depends on: It will depend on the structure of the region and the number of infections there. Thus, there is no rule that applies to all of Nevada. This also seems logical, since regions with a low population and equally low number of infections represent a lower risk of infection.

It seems that the possibility of being able to go back to full operation from June depends on other factors.Wynn, for example, announced that it would be one of the first casino resorts to go into full operation. One reason is that 88 percent of the workforce has already been vaccinated. What the players will be particularly happy about: The Plexiglas walls at the slot machines and at the gaming tables will be dismantled. This is a very big step towards normality.

However, the face mask must continue to be worn and previously known hygiene measures must also be observed. This is to keep the risk of infection low. Because of this, Wynn is asking its unvaccinated employees to get tested once a week. If the number of infections remains low thanks to these measures, the Wynn ResortEnter the Wynn Summer Classic Poker Tournament.

Advertising to attract visitors

Although the last few months have shown that many visitors are still flocking to Las Vegas and even inMarch this year a record number of visitors| ||86 ermittelt wurde, wurde eine besondere Idee entwickelt, um die Besucher anzulocken. Es wurde ein Werbefilm gedreht, der viele interessante Einblicke in Las Vegas gewährt. Dieser Film enthält mehrere Szenen aus verschiedenen Casino-Resorts. Der Film zeigt jedoch auch, dass Las Vegas nicht nur aus Glücksspiel besteht. Deshalb sieht man im Werbeclip auch diverse Freizeiteinrichtungen und welche Shows und Events auf die Gäste warten.

This film will not only be broadcast on TV channels. He is also featured on social media. It is planned that there will be another film in the summer.Both campaigns were created by the LVCVA. With this clip, the hope increases that the permitted utilization will be accepted by the casino lovers. However, as long as there are still restrictions on foreign tourists, it could be difficult. After all, an average of 40 million tourists come to Las Vegas every year, 20 percent of them come from abroad. The equivalent of 8 million foreign tourists are currently not allowed to enter or only under difficult conditions.

WSOP takes place online

The good news that a 100% occupancy rate is allowed from June seems to have come a little too late. Thetournament schedule of the WSOP for 2021 calls for the tournament to be held online again. Only the main event, which determines the winner, takes place live. It is unclear whether the tournament plans will now be changed. At the very least, poker fans can be happy that the main event is indeed live and that spectators may be able to attend. The current infection situation increases the glimmer of hope.

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