Las Vegas: Trouble over casino reopenings

No crowds, no ringing machines, no cheering players. Las Vegas is like a ghost town these days. In the number one gambling city, a yawning emptiness is currently the order of the day due to the corona crisis. This has been going on for a few weeks now, but according to some large companies, it should change soon. Mayor Caroyln Goodman approves. This campaigns energetically for the reopening of the casinos, albeit at the expense of their own reputation.

Casino-Resorts in Las Vegas bei Nacht.

In the gambling city of Las Vegas, nothing is currently going on. The debate about the reopening of casinos is causing a fiery debate.(©zzim780/Pixabay)

Nothing works anymore in Las Vegas

The gambling city of Las Vegas currently only gives an idea of ​​what is possible here on a "normal" day. While the casinos and streets are otherwise packed with visitors and tourists from all over the world, there is currently little to be seen in the US state of Nevada. That obviously gets on my nerves in “Sin City”. While the US is struggling with an enormous death toll from the coronavirus crisis,Calls for Las Vegas casinos to reopen are growing louder. At the forefront is Mayor Carolyn Goodman. A few days ago, this demanded that the casinos in Las Vegas should be part of the first wave of reopening in the country. There was encouragement from many players, but at the same timecriticism from virologists and other experts.

But the mayor wasn't impressed at first. In an interview with CNN, Goodman followed up instead. On the one hand she criticized the policies of Governor Steve Sisolak, on the other hand she called for an end to the lockdown. After being pointed out by the moderators that Chinese virologists advise against reopening, Goodman explained: "This is Las Vegas, not China." Instead, one should find out whether it really makes sense to close everything, according to Goodman. In the best case, everyone should be able to find out for themselves whichsocial distancing rules make sense for them.

Reactions were not long in coming

The politician was probably aware that these statements by Goodmann would evoke some reactions. That's exactly how it happened. Poker pro Daniel Negreanu, for example, tweeted: "Mayor Carolyn Goodman embarrasses himself on national television (...). I can't believe what I'm seeing and hearing from her." Numerous other Twitter users also agreed. In no time at all, a graphic of the famous "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign was changed to "Welcome to Las Virus" - and then made the rounds on social media. Other Twitter users called for Goodman's immediate resignation. The politician herself stated after her statement that she wasoverwhelmed by the feedback - both positively and negatively.

Goodman wasn't able to make any real progress that way. Furthermore, the poker rooms in Las Vegas must remain closed. Also over the next few weeks. There is only hope for the other areas.These could be open again from May. And that's exactly what many large corporations are apparently speculating on.

Reservations will be accepted again from May 1st

So far it is certain that the resorts will not be allowed to open until April 30th. However, the corporations seem to assume that this opening will not be postponed further. TheMGM Resorts is already accepting the reservations of its guests again from May 1st. A little later, Treasure Island would like to start operating again. Here it is stated in an official statement that operations are to be resumed from May 15th. The situation is similar for other companies. TheCaesar's group and the Boyd group also plan on May 15th. The Wynn group still seems undecided. The resorts recently called for a quick reopening and issued appropriate information on the safety precautions. However, the group has not yet announced an official date for when it should start again.

Although the situation in Las Vegas is still a bit confusing, at least an early end to the lockdown seems close to being feasible. So the situation is extremely bad, but stillsignificantly better than, for example, in the state of New Jersey and the gaming metropolis Atlantic City.

Atlantic City: Casino employees need donations

The arcades in Atlantic City have been closed since March 16th.More than 26,000 employees lost their jobs as a result. In New Jersey, too, the industry is facing the greatest challenge in its history. Atlantic City's casinos have only been closed once. This was the case in 2012 after Hurricane Sandy caused damage in the metropolis. However, the economic damage at that time cannot be compared with the lockdown, which lasted several weeks - especially since this is still ongoing. At the same time, the situation in Atlantic City is becoming more and more dramatic, asmany casino employees are now dependent on food donations. These are distributed by aid organizations, which recently had to wonder about a significantly increased rush. One of the helpers explained to a TV station: “The response is much greater than we expected. We expected a few hundred casino employees. As you can see, there are thousands.”

The non-profit organizations meet, for example, in front of shopping centers and distribute their packages to the needy here. Miles of traffic jams formed in front of the driveway to the donation point within a very short time. In the small community of Egg Harbor Township alone,Food parcels were distributed to 1,500 casino employees in front of a shopping mall. Each pack contains a total of 40 meals, enough to feed an average family for around two weeks. Although the casino employees are enormously grateful for this help, they should wish for one thing above all: the end of the corona crisis and the end of this bad time for them. However, Atlantic City will tend to have to prepare for a slightly longer lockdown than Las Vegas.

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