Las Vegas: Casino is being built next to the airport

The heart of Las Vegas basically exists taken primarily from casinos. Therefore, it is surprising when new casinos are approved again and again. In the current case, however, it is an idea that could attract numerous guests: A casino is to be built next to the international airport. This, of course, raised some concerns.

Ein Flugzeug im Landeanflug auf einen per Stacheldraht gesicherten Flughafen.

Clark County approves a new casino resort right next to McCarran International Airport.(©yassinebenzahra2016/Pixabay)

Dream Las Vegas Casino next to McCarran Airport

The location for the new casino makes sense indeed: Passengers landing at McCarran Airport can walk or drive directly to the casino. The new casino is being built right next to the airport and is easily accessible. In addition, the casino resort could attract many guests who would like to watch the flight traffic from their room. Given the height of the hotel complex, this can also be really enjoyed: thehotel will be 20 floors high.

But the pool area is apparently not built on the ground, but also on one of the higher floors. You can also enjoy the view of the airport or Las Vegas from the pool. At least that's what the guests who stay at theDream Las Vegas Casino might think. But unfortunately it won't be that easy, because thepool is fenced in. This fence should in no way block the view of the airport. Rather, the fence is designed to prevent attacks on the airport.

Fear of terrorist attacks was expressed from several quarters when the building permit for the casino was presented. Thecritics include some airlines and also the Transport Safety Authority. To reassure everyone, the owners of the new resort came up with some solutions.

Casino is shielded from the airport

One idea, for example, was to build the hotel tower towards Las Vegas and not towards the airport as originally planned. In addition, allwindows should be secured with a precaution that prevents the windows from being opened. This is to ensure that nobody can commit an attack on the airport. But: It should also be prevented that, for example, drones fly over the airport and either take unauthorized photos or disrupt air traffic.

Thecasino resort should also be surrounded by a three meter high wall. The meaning behind this idea is not entirely clear. A wall would only protect the casino, not the airport. After all, guests of the casino resort can go for a walk at any time. An attack on the airport does not have to be carried out from the casino premises. A bridle around the pool seems to make more sense if it is in a higher position.

The idea that only authorized vehicles are allowed to drive onto the casino premises is logical. At the same time, the vehicles are given a special parking space, which is also secured with a fence. Thanks to these ideas, the new casino was approved and Clark County has one more attraction. The size of the casino, which still has more than500 rooms and is built on a two hectare site, offers new jobs. Thus, the locals also benefit from the new casino resort.

Why is the airport so important?

It is true that McCarran Airport is specially protected. This is because not only ordinary air traffic takes place here. Rather, important personalities are transported via this airportwichtige Persönlichkeiten befördert, who are often in the sights of assassins. The airport grounds are also used to park military aircraft. Last but not least, special operations are handled via this airport.

All of this, of course, attracts assassins who may have opportunities from the nearby resort. In order to prevent all plans from the beginning, the appropriate security measures were brought into being. But: Theairlines are not yet completely satisfied. For example, they fear that pilots may be blinded by the new resort's lights and glowing billboards.

It would also be possible for the guests of the resort todisrupt the pilots with a laser pointer. Whether there are also proposed solutions to these fears has not yet been revealed. In general, it doesn't always seem sensible to build a large building with many light sources right next to an airport. Why it was approved anyway could be for other reasons.

Dream Las Vegas Casino costs 500 million US dollars

The construction of the casino will bring the city a lot of revenue. The construction is estimated at 500 million US dollars and of course local companies will be commissioned. Thusnew jobs will be created during the construction phase. The jobs that will be created upon completion of the casino resort are sure to be even higher as the resort will also house numerous entertainment and dining venues. Here, too, the chances are very good that local entrepreneurs will get a chance.

The hope that thisThe economy of Clark County will experience a boost is understandable. The good location next to the airport could well result in many guests staying unrelated to gambling.

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