Las Vegas: Casino turnover breaks the billion mark again

During the last months of Due to the corona pandemic, players in the USA had to do without the casinos in Las Vegas. Which in turn depends on their income from the players. The restrictions in Nevada have hardly eased noticeably when one sales record follows the next in the casinos. In June, the casinos once again broke the magic mark of one billion US dollars. However, the casinos on the Strip had to accept a slight minus. And the corona pandemic has not yet left Nevada completely, but is moving noticeably closer again.

Las Vegas Strip aus der Luft in der Nacht.

In Las Vegas, the casinos have been able to look forward to top sales in the past few weeks.(©12019/Pixabay)

June is still going strong: Breaking the billion mark again

What were those successful months in Las Vegas? After players had to do without entertainment in the casinos for several months, they seem to be all the more happy to play in them again in the past few weeks. According to theNevada Gaming Authority, the Nevada Gaming Control Board, theCasinos were able to generate a turnover of approximately 1.19 billion US dollars in June. Earn dollars. That's a lot of money, but at the same time a "normal" value for the past few weeks. After all, June was the fourth month in a row in which casinos were able to break the one billion US dollar mark.

This sum is particularly impressive when you look at the previous year. As of June 2020, Nevada casino sales were just $560 million. This year's 1.19 billion corresponds to an increase of more than 100 percent. Since the corona pandemic was already being felt here, the figures should be treated with a little caution. That's why it's worthLooking back at the year 2019. Last June before the Corona crisis, casino sales in Las Vegas were around 1.04 billion US dollars. This sum was also surpassed in 2021.

Curious: A slight minus on the Strip of all places

In this context, it is quite a bit curious that theCasinos in the center of Las Vegas had to accept a slight minus compared to 2019. Accordingly, one percent less sales were generated on the Strip. However, that is just a tiny drop in the ocean. The casinos on the Strip are still responsible for around half of all casino sales in Las Vegas. The Gaming Authority said all markets off the Strip were up in June 2021. The center would also have made a good comeback overall for the second quarter.

Slot machines and sports betting are the sales drivers

The authority in Nevada not only determined the general sales of the gambling industry. But also where exactly these were achieved. As every year,The slot machines have done well. Even for them, however, the year is particularly good. A whopping 868 million US dollars were turned over with the machines in June. This broke a sales record from 2007 that was more than ten years old.

Sports betting in Nevada has also brought in enormously good sales. It was 315 million US dollars here in June. Thesports bets are currently on a record course. And that's not all: the mobile betting offer is also being noticed much more intensively. According to the authorities, a good 58 percent of sales were achieved through mobile use.

If the numbers in June already look good, the advantage compared to 2020 becomes even clearer when looking at the quarter. Due to the corona pandemic, sales in 2020 in the second quarter were just $576 million.This year sales more than quintupled to reach $3.46 billion. The problem: The corona pandemic is not over yet in the desert state of Nevada.

Is another lockdown imminent?

Incidence numbers in Nevada have risen significantly again in recent weeks. First of all, politicians reacted to this in the form of a mask requirement for employees. However, this no longer seems sufficient. Just a few days ago, Governor Steve Sisolak announced that themask requirement will now also be extended to guests in the casinos. Quite a few players and casino operators now fear another lockdown, since the number of vaccinations in the United States has recently increased significantly less.

If the situation in Nevada does not calm down, Governor Sisolak will probably have to take further measures. However, it seems rather unrealistic that these would again be a complete lockdown in the gaming metropolis. It is much more likely that, for example, only vaccinated people and genesis will be allowed to enter the casinos.

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