Las Vegas: Casinos will soon be free of restrictions

While in Kenya about one more If a stricter lockdown is being considered, the casinos in Las Vegas are happy: According to the latest reports, they will be allowed to open completely again on June 1, 2021. We would now like to explain what that means and what restrictions will then still apply.

Blick vom Wasser auf das Hotel Venetian in Las Vegas.

From June 2021 there will no longer be a minimum distance in Nevada and casinos will be allowed to work without capacity restrictions. However, the mask requirement continues to apply.(©️Michelleraponi/Pixabay)

No more occupancy limits

In Las Vegas the casinos have been open again for a few months. But at the beginning they were only allowed to work with autilization of 25 percent, a little later the percentage was increased to 50 percent. This restriction applied not only to the casinos and arcades, but also to the affiliated hotels. As a result, the city resembled a ghost town - these words were still in the press a few weeks ago. Hardly anyone probably expected things to suddenly change.

On April 13, Governor Steve Sisolak announced thatNevada will no longer be social distancing from June and therefore no minimum distance will be necessary anymore. From this point on, there are no longer any restrictions for casinos and hotels and as many people are allowed to stream into the casinos as is known from Las Vegas worldwide. Some companies can be happy even earlier, because the minimum distance will be adopted in May. The lack of the minimum distance could attract customers again. The only thing that will continue to apply is the mask requirement.

Not only the operators of the casinos are happy about this positive development, but first and foremost the employees. Since the beginning of the pandemic, avery high number of employees have been laid off. They may be able to return to their old jobs. For Europeans, the joy remains unattainable, because there is still a direct entry ban for Europe.

Openings are due to vaccinations

In the USA, more than200 million vaccinations administered. Thanks to this high number, the casinos have now opened up. According to public reports,50 percent of all adults have already received at least one vaccination dose. This means that 30 percent of Americans are fully vaccinated. Biden promised that by the end of May there would be enough vaccine to vaccinate all adults.

This alone may not be the reason why Las Vegas casinos are allowed to open so quickly. In January it was decided that casino employees should be vaccinated first. The gaming provider Cosmopolitan even goes one step further and just a few days ago promised its employees that it would pay out a large bonus if 80 percent of its employees had been vaccinated by May 1, 2021. TheBonus amount per employee is $50 up to $500 and depends on the number of employees vaccinated.

Whoever refuses to be vaccinated must take a corona test once a week. These ideas also hide the hope of containing the pandemic and that everything will soon be back to normal. After all,In Nevada, 40 percent of residents over 16 are already vaccinated.

Casinos open vaccination clinics to employees

Cosmopolitan is no exception , other casinos have already introduced compulsory vaccination for employees. Anyone who resists this must submit a negative corona test every week. In order to convince the employees to be vaccinated and to make it easier,some casinos have already established internal vaccination stations. In these, not only the employees but also their family members can be vaccinated. In Nevada, not only adults, but everyone over the age of 16 can be vaccinated. The following casino operators offer their own vaccination centers:

  • MGM Resorts
  • Caesars
  • The Cosmopolitan

Wynn had another idea: Wynn'sEncore Las Vegas has been since January UMC's vaccination clinic. There, Wynn employees can get vaccinated.

Significant drop in sales in 2020

The opening of casinos without restrictions is greeted with joy in Las Vegas. After all, sales in Las Vegas fell the most. Thedecline for 2020 was almost 40 percent. If you compare these numbers with Macau, Las Vegas can still be happy. The revenue drop for Macau was 90 percent. Nevertheless, it is more than time for Las Vegas to reopen the economy and the hotels experience full occupancy. The only question is when it will be possible again to accept tourists from Europe. After the American economy has been weakened by the pandemic, it will not be possible to achieve occupancy through local guests.

The figures from the previous year show that the economy is only slowly developing again after a lockdown. After the first lockdown in March 2020, casinos in Las Vegas were allowed to reopen in early June. Nevertheless, the decline in salesin June 2020 was again 45.6 percent. One can only hope that the economy will not recover so slowly this time and that Las Vegas will soon be what it used to be.

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