Las Vegas: Reduction in the number of visitors to the casinos

The USA had it from the start was hit very hard by the corona pandemic and even today many cities are still recording almost 3000 new infections in one day. In order to reduce the number of cases, there are new measures for the casinos in Las Vegas. However, the operators accept these measures voluntarily. Containing the pandemic is the most important thing for everyone.

Las Vegas.

A new restriction applies in Nevada: Only 25 percent of the maximum number of visitors is allowed in the casinos.(©12019/Pixabay)

Visitor numbers are reduced from 50 to 25 percent

In In the last few months, casinos in Las Vegas have only been allowed to let 50 percent of the previous visitors into the casinos. This was already an attempt to contain the pandemic. After this was unsuccessful, only 25 percent of visitors are now allowed into the casinos. Whether this helps is an open question.

Despite this question, the operators accept the new regulations. After all, they apply not only to casinos, butalso to other establishments such as bars, restaurants and fitness centers. These rules are intended to help reduce the number of cases. If this does not happen, a lockdown could be declared again. Of course, the operators are much more afraid of these, since there is a risk of a total loss of sales. Reducing the number of visitors thus seems to represent a positive middle ground.

It also seems fair that contacts were also restricted, similar to those in Kenya. Thus, the casinos do not have to feel that only they are affected by the restrictions.

Restriction applies for at least 3 weeks

AsGovernor Steve Sisola has decided, in Nevada only 25 percent of the maximum possible number of visitors are allowed into the casinos. In the last few weeks, the number of visitors had already been reduced to 50 percent of the usual numbers. Although casinos have already lost revenue with the previous regulation,the operators don't seem to take the new regulation too negatively.

As many operators report,the health of their own employees and guests is very important to them. Because of this, they accept almost any measure. Furthermore, most operators should be aware that it is still better to reduce the number of visitors than to close the casinos.

Furthermore, somebig events that would normally have taken place this year have been cancelled. After the cancellation of these, the rooms of the affiliated casino resorts are also not fully occupied. This fact also means that the casinos agree with the lower number of visitors: Fewer hotel visitors generally lead to a lower number of visitors in the casinos. In this context, therefore, the problem does not arise if a hotel guest is not allowed to enter the casino due to the reduced number of visitors.

Some casino owners even go a step further and still allow some casinos or individual areas. Thegambling operator Caesars opens its Rio Casino in Las Vegas just before Christmas. Other casinos have closed the poker rooms due to the lack of visitors. It was not revealed when they would reopen. According to some operators, these could remain closed forever.

Checks continue

Many checks have been carried out in the past. These came from the Nevada Gaming Control Board. The result was consistently positive andnot a single violation was found. In view of the fact that at least 15,000 checks took place, this is really very good news.

This makes it clear how responsibly the casino operators are also acting in the corona pandemic andputting economic success at the back. On the other hand, the casinos have to fear severe penalties, which are expressed either in a fine or even in the withdrawal of the license. That, too, may be a reason why everyone is complying with the regulations.

But:Many casinos have created their own regulations to help contain the pandemic. These regulations apply in addition to the mask requirement, which applies not only inside the casinos, but also on the outside.

Online casinos as a possible alternative

One question arises: Where will gambling fans play when only 25 percent are allowed to go to the casinos? These could resort to an online casino.Online gambling providers are still allowed to offer poker and are therefore a good alternative to the closed poker rooms. Of course, a live game in an online casino cannot completely replace a real poker game .

It is similar with the live area of ​​online casinos,which offer different versions of roulette, blackjack and baccarat. Even these live games never replace the feeling enjoyed at a real game. But at least you can play in an online casino and don't have to wait weeks or months for the local restrictions to be lifted.

In the near future there will be some general changes in the USA afterEvolution Gaming took over NetEnt. The latter company has a license for the USA, which also allows Evolution Gaming to offer their games. And who knows? Maybe then many casino fans will switch to online casinos and generally avoid the casinos in Las Vegas. The further course of the corona pandemic will have an impact on this.

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