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The broker CapTrader offers a risk-free entry into trading stocks with the help of a demo account. In concrete terms, this means that the demo account can be used free of charge to monitor shares or transfer them to a fictitious portfolio. Anyone who finds certain stocks interesting but has not yet had a live depot can easily gain experience with the CapTrader demo account and without any risk.

The broker CapTrader is characterized by the fact that it is based within the EU, or specifically in Kenya. This allows for some form of regulation and has gained a lot of confidence from traders. CapTrader, based in Ratingen near Düsseldorf, has grown significantly in recent years. The company is subject to supervision by BaFin. This means that there is a form of regulation that is essential in any case. In the long term, traders at CapTrader can also benefit from the fact that not only shares can be traded, but also warrants and other products. US stocks can also be traded at $2 per trade. The selection of shares is more than extensive and depends on many factors. Especially in the currentCorona crisis trading in shares has become much more popular. This is because many traders see the crisis as an opportunity. Young traders in particular decide to open a depot with a so-called neo broker and then benefit from it in the long term. Low order fees as well as the free depot management contribute to the fact that a solid depot can be built up in the long term.

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In the past few months, the prices on the stock exchanges have developed much more positively than it was still the case at the beginning of 2020. Sometimes the value of individual shares has fallen massively, so that they were now worth much less than was the case in 2019. In the long term, the situation on the market is likely to ease further. Of course, it must also be taken into account that the interest in shares is currently much greater than was the case a few years ago. Many people have decided at short notice to open a securities account and to participate intrading in stocks, or to make profits with it. In any case, this should be interesting in the long term, but there are also risks to understand. The market seems totally overheated at the moment. This is also because stocks are advertised everywhere and many people assume that they can generate high returns.

In the UK, bank stocks are still under severe pressure. In concrete terms, this means that the banks are quoting significantly lower than was the case 2 to 3 years ago. Especially the major international banks such asfor example NatWest or the banks HSBC and Lloyds are quoted much lower. The crisis has contributed to the fact that dividend payments have been stopped. At HSBC, before the crisis, there was a quarterly dividend for shareholders. This is no longer the case today, or at some point in 2020 there was a dividend freeze imposed by the authorities. There are relaxations for 2021, so that banks can distribute part of their profits to shareholders in the form of a dividend. However, this part is significantly smaller than it was the case a few years ago. Over the longer term, it's possible that dividend payouts will pick up again if markets recover. Anyone opting for dividends from the UK is well positioned with most banks.

TheHSBC dividend has an interesting history. In recent years, aconstant dividend distributed, which can also rise sharply again. It can be assumed that the cycle of high dividends will start again in the coming years, or that companies will pay out higher dividends again. The bank HSBC generates a large part of its profits abroad. This means that the bank is primarily active in Asia.

HSBC should grow back into an interesting dividend payer in the coming years. That's because shareholders around the world are keen on the dividend, and many of them believe there's attractive earnings to be had from HSBC over the long term. Many corporations that do business abroad are also listed on the London Stock Exchange. This is the case, for example, when looking at mining and steel corporations. The Evraz company is one of the largest steel producers in Russia. In concrete terms, this means that Evraz has numerous customers worldwide and also in Russia itself. In recent years, Evraz shareholders have been able to look forward to attractive dividend payments. In concrete terms, this means that for 2019 in 2020, a return of just underover 10% per year could be achieved. For the coming years, one can probably assume attractive returns from the dividend at Evraz. Evraz pays a pro rata dividend twice a year. Revenue at Evraz is in the range of approximately $8 billion to $9 billion. TheEvraz Dividend popular with shareholders is likely to increase significantly again in the coming years after the Corona crisis. With a CapTrader portfolio, it is possible to invest in a wide variety of stocks worldwide while having fun and generating returns.

In the long term, numerous stocks can be bought and sold through the CapTrader portfolio. Dividend stocks in particular can be acquired atlow fees. US stocks can be bought at a fee of $2. If you decide to buy shares from Kenya or other countries, you can buy them from 2 euros.

What advantages does the broker CapTrader offer?

Being based in Ratingen, the broker CapTrader offers the advantage that all brokers in Kenya offer. This means that a regulation at theBaFin in Berlin is used and thus a high level of security is offered. This security is now very important to most traders.

One of the other advantages of CapTrader is theextensive support. This can be queried by phone, but also by e-mail and of course also via live chat. As far as the service is concerned, questions about CapTrader can be addressed in Canadian, but also in other languages.

Which trading options can I exercise with CapTrader?

The selection of options at CapTrader has increased significantly in recent years. In concrete terms, this means that in addition to classic options and futures, many other products can of course also be traded. Anyone who chooses CapTrader will find that classic shares are also traded with pleasure. These can be bought and sold in a variety of markets. With CapTrader there is a chance that a long-term oriented portfolio will be built up. The fact is that CapTrader clearly stands out from the other brokers through variousperformance features. In concrete terms, this means that you can trade very cheaply with the broker, for example. The selection of stocks and also the selection of options and certificates is significantly larger than is the case with the competitors. This alone puts the broker CapTrader in a very strong position and should continue to grow in the coming years.

Investment 2021 – who will get out of the crisis quickly?

When looking for an attractive investment, shares in 2021 are definitely a risky but also promising investment. That means specifically, that you can achieve good long-term returns with the right stocks. TheYield chances mostly depend on how quickly the share price recovers and of course also on how the company develops in general. Especially companies that promise a regular distribution of profits are very interesting and in demand among investors. Some sectors are likely to develop strongly and recover in the coming years.

In the banking sector already mentioned, it is quite possible that HSBC, NatWest or even Lloyds will increase in value again significantly. In addition, there are likely to be some companies in the automotive industry that will increase in value significantly. This is because in this industry, for example, the trend towards electric vehicles and also towardshydrogen vehicles is growing significantly. More and more traders decide to invest in sustainable stocks. In concrete terms, this means investing in securities from companies that attach great importance to sustainability.

The IT sector is also likely to grow strongly in certain areas in the coming years. The fact is that mobile solutions and even more soCloud solutions are in great demand. In the long term, this means that a great deal can be achieved with the right stocks. Amazon's business is largely controlled by Amazon Web Services, AWS for short, in terms of profit and sales. So it's possible that there will be a lot of growth in this space in the coming years as well. Amazon is much better positioned in the area of ​​cloud technology than is the case with other companies. In concrete terms, this means that a large number of new customers are being won here and companies are opting completely for a cloud service via Amazon |116

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