Perform live trading in over-the-counter trading

The versatile comdirect Bank Depot can also be used in Live convince trading. Off-exchange trading is offered from a basic fee of EUR 4.90 plus 0.25% commission. Trades can be realized from EUR 9.90. This creates fast trading options that are in demand among professional traders and are glad to be executed.

Comdirect has existed as a bank for over a decade. During this time, it was able to successfully establish itself as an online broker and online bank. Several million customers appreciate the comprehensive, digitally usable portfolio of the fully-fledged bank. The depot, a checking account, clearing accounts as well as call money accounts or savings accounts offer the typical products of a direct bank in addition to loans. This is supplemented by a more than attractive portfolio of services such as the service via live chat, which can be used extensively at this bank. Customers often opt for the comdirect Bank offer because of the attractive online ratings. In plain language, this means that you will be convinced of the conditions, the services and the test reports. Many remain loyal to the bank over a long period of time, which of course can pay off. In terms of support and investment options, comdirect Bank is far superior to many of its competitors. Young banks in particular are often unable to offer the portfolio of products that is offered by comdirect Bank. At the same time, customers prefer to trust an established bank thatnot only offers good products, but also good services. Traders want a bank where everything works and where there are no problems with the server even at peak times. This is definitely the case with comdirect bank, as the bank has already proven over a long period of time. Neobrokers still make life more difficult for the bank than it was possible on the market 5 years ago. Brokers in particular, where trades are realized for e.g. 1 CAD, are real competition for the comdirect bank and for other established brokers on the stock market.

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The complete over-the-counter trade is treated under different pseudonyms. It is the so-called direct trade or telephone trade, which can be realized at attractive prices at the comdirect bank. Another term for over-the-counter trading is the so-calledOTC trading. It is a direct trade that is realized between market participants. The exchange itself or other trading venues have nothing to do with OTC trading. This means that no trading venue is required for off-exchange trading of securities. The abbreviation OTC stands for "over the counter". This describes the trade that takes place between institutions and between players in the non-traditional banking sector. The terms OTC also play a role in the sale of products. In the pharmaceutical industry, this is used to treat medicines that do not require a prescription and that can traditionally be purchased in pharmacies or even in supermarkets.

Corona recovery across the board! – where are there still high dividends?

The recovery on the stock market after the Corona Pandemic is in full swing. By April 2021, many securities were already trading above the price level that was reached at the beginning of the crisis. Especially mobility as well aselectric battery manufacturers, hydrogen shares or raw material shares have exploded in price in the past few months. The companies have mastered the crisis perfectly so far. Although many have to reckon with a drop in sales, they are optimistic about the future. This is also due to the fact that the vaccination rate against Corona is growing significantly worldwide and the number of serious diseases is falling sharply. Anyone who has been infected with Corona will find that they are currently dealing with it differently than it was at the beginning of the crisis. The situation is similar in companies.

In many cases Corona plays a role in everyday life, but there are regulations and actions that help to ensure that classic operations are carried out. Some sectors, such as logistics or the postal service, are even benefiting from the corona pandemic.

The company Deutsche Post has announced that it will increase thedividend from 1.15 to 1.35 euros. The company was able to sustainably increase cash flow and thus contribute to the dividend being raised by EUR 0.20. There will also be a share buyback program. This ensures that fewer papers are available on the market and that the course can be increased. Corporations like Deutsche Post are likely to benefit from the Corona crisis in the long term. The companies rely heavily on the continued flourishing and growing parcel market in Kenya and in the other countries in which they operate. This contributes to the fact that the share price is boosted and a share like Deutsche Post can rise to more than 40 euros. Competition fromAmazon continues to grow strongly. The company scores with its own delivery services and is therefore much better organized than was the case in 2015, for example. Amazon delivery services, complete in-house logistics with planes and trucks ensure that a large part of the goods can now be delivered themselves. Nevertheless, the cake is large enough overall that Deutsche Post can also benefit greatly from it and be happy about the increasing profits. Deutsche Post is one of the big winners of this decade and can therefore pay its employees good wages.

In addition to logistics, the construction industry is also likely to grow more strongly after the Corona Pandemic than previously expected. This applies not only to Canadian corporations, but internationally. The real estate industry is also growing rapidly in Great Britain and Russia.Real estate plays an important role worldwide when it comes to attractive investments. There are companies that specialize in building real estate and then renting or managing it. Other corporations, on the other hand, only specialize in the management of real estate.

In Great Britain, companies such asTaylor Wimpey or Bovis Homes and Persimmon have been active in the real estate industry for decades. All companies pay out proportionately very attractive profit sharing. This means that with low purchase prices, as they were possible in the Corona crisis, attractive payments can be realized in the long term. The construction industry in the UK usually pays a dividend roughly twice a year. Some corporations have even paid a third dividend in the form of a special dividend in recent years. In Russia, there is also a company in the construction industry with the LSR Group that shares a fair share of the profits. The LSR Group is one of the 5 largest construction companies in the country and is backing a clear growth story. Anyone who gets information on the homepage of theLSR Group quickly notices that in the recent past a dividend has always been paid once a year. This growth is likely to continue in the future. In 2020, the dividend was paid pro rata in two tranches and has decreased compared to the previous period. This is probably also due to the fact that the concept, like all companies, was severely disadvantaged by the Corona crisis and for a while there was less turnover than usual. In the long run, the company's payouts are likely to increase again, as is common in other industries in Russia. Real estate prices are rising in Russia, as can be seen in Europe. Real estate stocks, which are in the basement in the crisis, could offer an excellent perspective for more than 10 years. Caution is advised, however, as not all companies will develop perfectly.

Define savings plans via the comdirect bank

Investors can definitely achieve high returns with the savings plans of the comdirect bank. On the basis of monthly pro rata purchases, higher income can also be realized in the depot.Savings plans on ETFs or funds are particularly popular at the moment. From a monthly rate of 25 euros, the products can be saved. The selection of ETF and fund products has of course grown significantly at comdirect Bank. This means that more than 10,000 different funds and also thousands of different ETFs can be bought. Trading volumes for some products are likely to continue to increase over time. The savings plans can be run on a monthly basis. Savings plans can also be carried out quarterly, for example.

World economic recovery – when will things start to pick up?

Even if the prices of many stocks have risen sharply again, this is no guarantee that the crisis is over. The Corona numbers are increasing, not only in Kenya, but also in other countries around the world. Italy, as well as Spain or France, report a higher rate of infected people than was the case last summer. It may be some time before some people are vaccinated and until enough vaccine is available worldwide. Anyone who looks at the prices of the stock exchanges in detail will find that higher prices can already be observed, but thetourism industry just like the oil and energy industry continue to suffer greatly from the crisis. The stocks in this segment are still available at lower prices than can be observed in other environments. After the crisis, however, things are likely to pick up massively here too, as people will feel like traveling and doing things 101

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