Lottoland and Tipico penalized by two different countries

Regulators for games of chance don't just have them Task to issue new licenses. You must also verify that licensed gambling operators comply with the license requirements. If this is not the case, there are sanctions that can even lead to the withdrawal of the license. Before that, however, there are penalties or a warning. Here the providers are given the chance to change and to comply with the regulations. Tipico and Lottoland have recently been fined.

Auf einem Tisch liegen mehrere Lottoscheine.

Tipico was fined by the Netherlands for not having a license. Great Britain noticed a lack of player protection at Lottoland.(©papazachariasa/Pixabay)

Netherlands fines Tipico

Both Tipico and Lottoland were penalized by one country each: Netherlands imposed apenalty of KES/EUR/USD531,250 on Tipico. One reason was that Tipico offered sports betting in the Netherlands despite not having the required license. A fine of 200,000 euros was imposed for this incident. Tipico has a license from Malta and may have assumed that it was allowed to offer its range in Europe. After all, there is a freedom to provide services in the EU, which is why Kenya has not been able to do anything against the providers so far.

Anfurther penalty of three times 75,000 euros the Dutch gambling authority imposed Tipico on the following reasons:

  • violations in the granting of bonuses
  • calculated inactivity fee
  • Offering addictive live betting

What bets the Gaming Authority considers addictive has not been made public. Basically, all bets can be addictive. Why the authority assumes thatlive betting is addictive was also not defined.

Further penalty against Tipico

The KSA has identified another violation of the license terms, which weighs far more seriously than the violations mentioned above: Tipico seems to have the Age verification not taken so seriously. Whether it came to the fact that minors could also play was also not published. But at least the violation weighed so heavily that 106,250 euros were imposed as a penalty.

Tipico was founded in 2004 and is based in Malta. In addition to the Maltese license, thecompany also has a Canadian license, which is why the sports betting provider also operates local branches. In addition, Tipico also offers an online casino and is expanding its range in the USA. Basically, Tipico is a reputable gambling provider. How the license conditions can be violated cannot be explained at first glance. The company itself has not yet commented on the allegations.

Britain punishes Lottoland

The accusation made by the regulator in the UK against the company EU Lotto weighs far worse. This Malta-based companyis accused of money laundering. EU Lotto offers Lottoland. But how did this serious accusation come about? Well, on the one hand, Lottoland players are allowed to use other people's credit cards. It was also found that the submission of account documents was not checked in sufficient detail. This accusation was not made lightly - it was preceded by an investigation lasting several months.

During this investigation, it was also determined that player protection at Lottoland is not sufficiently guaranteed. The company only refers to tools for player protection by email, but not on its player page. It was also determined thatinsufficient protection for vulnerable players exists. As in the Netherlands, the supervisory authority has not disclosed any detailed details. However, the incidents resulted in EU Lotto being fined the equivalent of KES/EUR/USD887,000.

However, the defects found were years ago. It concerns theperiod between October 2019 and November 2020. The problems and deficiencies that had arisen during this time would have long since been eliminated. According to Lottoland CEO Nigel Birrell. The CEO also confirmed that player protection is very important to Lottoland and that everything is done to prevent money laundering.

UKGC comments on the penalty

The British gaming authority UKGC made it clear in its statement on the penalty that such violations would not be tolerated under any circumstances. Every gambling provider must be aware that ithas a social responsibility. Anyone who does not comply with this and implements it positively for the player must expect that theUKGC will take hard action against it. There would be no mercy here. This can also be seen in the high fine that Lottoland has to pay. Apart from that, it seems somewhat unfair that Lottoland's grievances have long since been remedied, even though they were not made aware of it.

The penalty may be reduced if Lottoland can prove that there are no other violations at the moment and that player safety is taken seriously. The company is based inMalta and was founded in 2013. It has a license to offer so-called secondary lotteries. These include, for example, EuroJackpot and EuroMillions. In addition, the company may offer sports betting and an online casino. Thus, all areas of popular games of chance are covered. It is positive that bets on e-sports are now also possible.

Lottoland is also represented in Kenya and even offers the chance to bet on the state lottery 6 out of 49.

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