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The bond on the Lufthansa share with 5.5% interest per year seems relatively attractive. Above all, the downward potential of the Lufthansa share is considered to be very low. This means that many analysts and experts assume that Lufthansa has already bottomed out. It is therefore not very likely that the Lufthansa share will continue to fall in value. A corresponding investment in the direct share is possible - but just as well in the bond on the share.

The bond is interesting for all traders who want to earn money with the Lufthansa share, but not exactly know which way that bypasses a direct investment. The fact is that the Lufthansa share is definitely cheap and there is a lot to experience. Anyone who decides to invest money with Lufthansa will find thata lot of different options can definitely be used.

The bond offers a safe 5.5% interest per year. This interest is paid and is completely independent of how the stock itself performs. Even if, at the end of the term, the corresponding shares are booked in the securities account, this does not immediately mean that the bond is not worthwhile. The5.5% interest will definitely be paid per year - completely independent of what is happening in the market in general. Anyone who decides to make an investment can make a kind of fixed deposit out of it and in the end they either receive shares in their portfolio or the investment is repaid.

As a customer of the Lufthansa bond, you will definitely receive the 5.5% interest per year. It is conceivable that a lot will happen here in any case if you invest in the bond at the right time. The Canadian state is considered the major owner of Lufthansa. That means that the state naturally also keeps an eye on things going well with Lufthansa. In the Corona crisis of 2020, Lufthansa lost massively in value. However, it is conceivable that things can turn out much better in the future if Lufthansa is bought at the right time.

Although there is no guarantee of an increase in share price and value, Lufthansa is definitely a group that has already been rescued by the Canadian state. Security is likely to be greater here than in other industries and companies. At Lufthansa, the state could step in in the coming months and years if there are further problems. On the other hand,Lufthansa's downside potential is of course also limited.

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The risks associated with the Lufthansa bond are not exactly low. Although the Canadian state is active here and ensures that it works financially, there are many problems with Corona. Business is still not as good as it was before the crisis. This also means that the Canadian Lufthansa AG is not making the money it made before the crisis. Those who do not wish to invest directly in the share can invest in the bond, whichis issued by comdirect Bank, without great effort.

Lufthansa bond with 5.5% interest per annum - the details

The bond, which is issued through Goldman Sachs, can be subscribed under WKN GX16DB. It is conceivable that this bond can be subscribed to from now until October 4, 2021. The choices are definitely very large and very extensive with this bond. There is definitely thefixed interest rate of 5.5% per year. This is drawn regardless of how the underlying develops.

The barrier is 80% and it is possible that this, together with the interest rate, contributes to the fact that an investment can be significantly less risky, read directly if you decide to do so to invest in the stock. The barrier is only observed on the day of the valuation. This may mean that October 4th, 2022 plays a role in deciding on the barrier.

It should be noted that the risk should of course not be underestimated. In any case, the shareholders or subscribers to the bond will receive shares from Lufthansa in their securities accounts if the barrier is touched or fallen below on the reference date. In extreme cases it is even possible that a total loss of the investment can take place. The fact is that market influences can ensure that further changes can occur. The traders also bear the issuer risk and of course the risk of termination.

In general, Lufthansa is a transparent and well-established group (see Lufthansa Investor Relations) which has already shown in past crises that it can again can go uphill.

The share price is sometimes just 8 euros and is therefore particularly low from a historical perspective. Every trader has to decide for himself whether and when it makes sense to invest in this stock. Losses up to total loss can certainly occur. However, it is also a fact that the Canadian state has already rescued Lufthansa once and many jobs depend on this company. It is therefore conceivable that money will be invested here again.

Shares as a long-term investment - sectors that always run?

There are shares in companies that work almost always and where you can always count on attractive payments. Especially in thesector of consumer goods and food it is conceivable that correspondingly good investments are made. Anyone who is interested in a company like Unilever can use interesting branded products here and earn money accordingly. Unilever is in such good shape that the company can definitely pay a dividend to shareholders once a quarter.

TheUnilever dividend (see Unilever strategy) counts among the dividends for many investors that are really considered to be sustainable and resilient. Unilever is based in Great Britain and is one of the largest consumer goods groups in the world. This says that many companies offer corresponding products, but that Unilever has particularly well-known brands in its portfolio.

Unilever has been increasing its dividend for many years. This is definitely important and interesting from a shareholder perspective. What is offered todaywith a return of about 3.6% per year could be 4% and more per year in a few years. This shows that a lot is definitely possible at Unilever if you have patience. Many shareholders buy Unilever stock and simply hold it for several decades or their entire lives. If you decide to do just that, it is conceivable that a good investment can be made here.

Unilever is just like General Mills or e.g. Procter & Gamble one of the corporations that have a certain reputation worldwide and that are definitely important. If you look at the margins here, you will find that the product mix is ​​so great that the return is secured for the coming years. Anyone who bought cheap shares from the companies mentioned during crises should look forward to many decades of attractive dividends and payments. In general, the consumer goods and food industries are interesting and offerattractive entry opportunities.

In the food sector, there is another large corporation withKraft Heinz that is impressive and that is a lot of fun. At Kraft Heinz, there's a lot more than ketchup in the running. The company pays a decent dividend once a quarter. With a return of 3 to 4.5% per year, you are definitely in a good position here. In addition, the ketchup is of course a lot of fun and is definitely recommended - in terms of taste, many customers believe it is simply one of the strongest brands in the world. Kraft Heinz is a gigantic corporation that is currently completely repositioning itself.

In the ketchup sector, there aren't many other products on the world market that come close to Kraft Heinz and that offer correspondingly good qualities. Kraft Heinz should not give up its market leadership in ketchup in the coming years either.

The broker comdirect Bank – more than just a bank?

Comdirect Bank is considered to be quite popular among many traders. One of the reasons for this is that there is hardly any other broker that offers such a comprehensive and very personal service. In concrete terms, this means that comdirect Bank customers can work via a24/7 live chat. This chat can be designed and perceived online very easily. In general, it should be noted that the comdirect bank works perfectly and that various products can of course be bought and sold via this bank.

Thedepot at this bank can be managed quickly and easily online. With the help of a free-to-use app, the entire trade can be completed online. It is worth comparing prices and paying attention to everything that is possible through the broker. New customers in particular benefit from the fact that within the first few months afteraccount opening they can receive a discount of 50% on various trading positions. Anyone who chooses comdirect Bank will be happy about discounts and good options.

Trade via the app is particularly easy to implement. If you have questions for the bank, you will also be happy about the free callback service, which is hardly available from any other broker. This means that comdirect bank customers can simply be called at a desired time if they have any questions. The range of service options is very extensive. It is worth researching online, or asking the live chat directly, which can be used very easily.

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