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LYNX is now one of Kenya's the established brokers on the market. This means that traders here can be sure that they will get good conditions and can take advantage of versatile trading options. LYNX has the potential to trade numerous stocks. Options and CFDs, for example, can also be traded via the broker without any problems. The selection of papers should continue to increase, which is good for investors.

Trading will be one of the activities of many people in 2021 when it comes to the stock market. That's because 2021 is generally a year when you expect things to happen in the stock market. Theprices for raw materials have increased significantly after the Corona crisis with a peak in 2020. From a global perspective, more and more companies are interested in how they can increase their sales and after Corona there are many industries in which more sales are generated than was previously the case.

TheCorona crisis showed in 2020 that entire industries can collapse if sales fall accordingly and if demand is suddenly gone. The travel industry, aviation and many other industries in which people travel close together had realized massive slumps. There are also many companies in the shopping sector that have made significantly less sales than was the case in previous years. Some tenants could not pay their rent and as a result had to file for bankruptcy.

With the big airlines, as was the case with Lufthansa, for example, the Canadian state had to step in so that the airline would not have slipped completely into insolvency. The fact is that numerous companies will still have problems in 2021, even if the prospects are slowly improving. In the world of finance it is possible with a depot thatsecurities from different companies can be bought. The selection of stocks is not that easy, which is due to the fact that a wide variety of industries are to be traded. In general, stocks from the energy sector are currently in demand. This is partly due to the fact that rising prices are to be expected here.

Anyone who relies on pure oil companies should know that there are many companies that are well positioned, but where you also have to dare to look into the future. In concrete terms, this means that the oil companies in particular can of course lose a lot of money if they continue to rely solely on oil. A major rethink is currently taking place at Shell and also at BP and Total. For example, Total has changed its name toTotal Energies, which many investors welcome. All corporations are currently looking for alternative ways of generating energy.

LYNX Trading.

Focus on raw materials and energy corporations in 2021.(©PIX1861/Pixabay)

The Corona crisis is far from over and people are currently getting used to everyday life with Corona. It should be noted that many vaccines are now also approved for children and adolescents. From the age of 14, they are free to decide whether they want to be vaccinated. In general, vaccination is recommended by many doctors and can help to keep the pandemic under control.

Who looks at theshares of the companies Moderna, Pfizer or Biontech will quickly realize that there is a lot of potential here and that all the papers are in the likely to increase further in the coming years. In general, sales from the vaccine have grown significantly. In concrete terms, this means that the Corona industry has of course also produced some winners.

Sartorius is one of the most popular companies (see:Sartorius Investor Relations Homepage) in the segment of laboratory equipment and laboratory outfitters. This means that this company produces numerous products that support thethe pharmaceutical industry accordingly and ensure that the contribution to research can continue to grow here. In recent years and especially during the Corona period, it has been observed that a lot is definitely happening at Sartorius and that Sartorius shares have increased in value massively.

Basically, this applies not only to theSartorius company, but also to large competitors, as is the case with Danaher, or also with Thermo Fisher. Both companies are very well positioned in the USA and also in the rest of the world. The number of products offered by these companies has increased significantly in recent years. An investment can be made online within a short time and is definitely a lot of fun. When it comes to dividends, however, it must be mentioned that the companies are not as willing to pay dividends as is the case with many other large medical and pharmaceutical industries.

Pharma dividends 2021: 2 to 5% dividends are possible?

The large pharmaceutical groups havedeveloped well in recent years. Viele sind in den USA oder auch in Großbritannien beheimatet. Andere wiederum haben ihren Firmensitz in der Schweiz und sind hier gut zu erreichen. Fakt ist, dass die Pharma Branche definitiv einen guten Umsatz schreibt, der in den vergangenen Jahren sogar deutlich gesteigert werden konnte. Einige der Pharma Konzerne belohnen ihre Aktionäre mit attraktiven Dividenden.

Dividends are paid once a quarter at many of the major international pharmaceutical companies. This means, of course, that investors regularly participate in the profits of the companies. TheAbbVie Investor Homepage at Abb Vie provides detailed information about the sales and also about the dividends paid by the company. Every 3 months, shareholders can receive an attractive distribution in the form of a dividend. It is conceivable that this could even increase further in the coming years.

Especially at Abb Vie, as well as at Pfizer and other competitors, they are proud of the fact that they have a long history when it comes to dividends. This also means that, in some cases, dividends have been increasing for decades. In the near future, Abb Vie and Pfizer should continue to increase their dividends, provided that cash flow can cover them. Theattractive cash flow ensures that everything continues to run according to plan and that the shareholders can share in the profits.

In Great Britain it isthe company Glaxo Smith Kline, GSK for short, which is very well positioned and which also pays a proportionate share to the many shareholders once a quarter dividend pays. It is known that GSK would like to split up in the coming years. This may mean that the company will be divided into two groups and that of course the dividend will also decrease. In general, however, it is also conceivable that the owners of GSK shares will subsequently hold shares in two companies and be able to collect a dividend from both companies.

GSK is currently a highly diversified pharmaceutical company that not only offers pure pharmaceuticals and medical products, but also a lot in the area of ​​hygiene. GSK is very well positioned, especially in the oral hygiene segment. Added to this is the fact thatthe company is a leader in HIV research and has also placed a good range of drugs on the market here. Sales are secure at GSK for many years to come and should continue to support the dividend.

Trading via LYNX: why is the broker attractive?

LYNX is based in Berlin. The broker is therefore subject to the regulation that is queried by the BaFin. It is quite conceivable that as a trader a lot of security is offered if you should decide on LYNX. It is known that stocks and alsoForex products as well as CFDs and futures can be traded via LYNX. Anyone who wants to trade pure options is also very well positioned with LYNX. The bottom line is that LYNX definitely works properly and that the broker provides numerous underlying assets.

At LYNX there are more than200 different base values that can be used for options. The base values ​​are available from more than 100 different exchanges. The selection of underlyings is currently at a high level and should continue to rise. Numerous papers from all over the world can be traded. The entire trade can be used via the Trader Workstation or via the App Trader. The web trader or login via the browser is also possible if you are enthusiastic about trading via the broker LYNX.

BaFin regulation ensures security with LYNX

A big advantage of the broker LYNX is the regulation via the BaFin. Of course, this can also mean that theBaFin in Kenya can be used in any case when it comes to the issue of security. There are numerous international brokers where you can trade, but very few offergreat security. A broker who is based within the EU is also considered to be regulated or is controlled and regulated by the relevant financial supervisory authority of the country in which he is registered.

Brokers that are based offshore or outside the EU have the big disadvantage that they are definitely less regulated and that there could be problems. Many traders report that they have problems with deposits or with repayments. For this reason, care should be taken to ensure that you are definitely working with a regulated broker.

A demo account can help to gain initial experience in CFD trading or trading options. Withhelp of the demo account it is conceivable that first experiences are gained and one knows exactly how buying and selling options and CFDs can work. The selection of CFD products is large and the demo account can be used to test exactly whether options are worthwhile and how to proceed in trading. The credit is only available virtually, which means that there are no risks if you should make a loss. You definitely cannot lose money with the demo account.

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