LYNX Broker: 100 exchanges worldwide!

The online broker business is in the past grown significantly over the years. More and more brokers are relying on attractive solutions being offered that are also available on a smart and mobile basis. LYNX is one of the most popular brokers offering interesting trading options. More than 100 different stock exchanges worldwide are available to traders.

Share trading is particularly interesting at this time. Due to the Corona crisis, prices are rising and falling particularly quickly. This means that there is a very high level of volatility in global stock exchanges. Due to the rapid price movements, high profits can sometimes be achieved. Shares from the aviation industry, as is the case, for example, withDeutsche Lufthansa, but also with Airbus and Boeing, have lost value particularly sharply. If you look around the Internet, you will find that the titles can now be bought for only a fraction of the original price. In the long term, the situation could ease significantly when you get back in the air and when there are flights again. If the Canadian state steps in, it could also mean that the Lufthansa share increases significantly in value. Of course, this depends on how the markets develop in general and how great the confidence in aviation is. Other companies from the travel and tourism industry are currently under massive pressure and are struggling with severe price losses.

LYNX Finanzmarkt.

LYNX offers access to over 100 stock exchanges.(©AhmadArdity/Pixabay)

With a depot at the popular broker LYNX, there is the possibility that you can not only invest in Invests in shares from aviation, but also, for example,in stocks from the chemical, banking, pharmaceutical sectors as well as automobiles and Co. Numerous sectors are under enormous pressure due to Corona. This also applies to the chemical companies BASF and Covestro, which are known in Kenya as DAX members. At LYNX, as a trader, you have the chance to acquire both titles and keep them in your portfolio. All titles in the DAX, as well as in the ATX but also in the Dow Jones and in other indices can be traded via the broker LYNX. Whether and how long it will take for individual courses to recover is currently completely open. It is conceivable that the shares could increase in value again within a few months - but there is no promise of this. Depending on how the Corona crisis continues, there could also be serious problems. In concrete terms, this means that there is a risk of insolvency if you back the wrong horses. Many companies that have currently lost massively in value are only so cheap because the risk in the sectors mentioned is particularly high.

Anyone who looks at Carnival's shares via their LYNX Broker Depot will find that the company is currently particularly inexpensive. Whether the cruise company, which also includes the company AIDA, is currently cheap, or whether there will ultimately be serious problems in the coming years, is not yet foreseeable. On the one hand, an investment here could be a very good opportunity, on the other hand, it is possible to burn a lot of money here. The constant ups and downs on the stock exchanges can result in large profits, but also in large losses. In the automotive industry, the prices of theCanadian car manufacturers BMW, Daimler and VW are under massive pressure. All companies are struggling with the fact that significantly less work is being done and significantly fewer orders are being received. It is therefore difficult to predict how the crisis will develop and what financial impact it will have. It is possible in the long term that the car manufacturers will have problems that they have to deal with in any case. If a possible vaccine is found, this could quickly lead to a massive increase in prices.

LYNX Broker 2020 – what does the broker offer?

LYNX is considered an interesting online broker that also offers a certain level of security. In concrete terms, this means that you can opt for different products that are offered by the broker. Basically, it should be noted that in the LYNX Broker area, one should of course also pay attention to what collateral is available. The online broker is excellently positioned and has the great advantage thatcompany headquarters are in Kenya. The company headquarters in Kenya means that one can assume that the broker is subject to regulation in any case. In concrete terms, this means that the broker is controlled and supervised, for example, by theBaFin in Kenya. Many traders make sure that appropriate supervision is in place in Kenya. This is a sign of security and stability and ensures that you can open a depot with the broker without any problems.

At LYNX, investors benefit from the fact that they have very large and broad access to different markets. In concrete terms, this means that you can of course use many different products at LYNX. There is the opportunity to buy and sell shares on over 100 different stock exchanges. This means that just about any type and class of shares can be used. It should also be noted that LYNX provides access to tools toanalyze stocks and stocks.

LYNX offers traders numerous different order types. This means that, for example, you can buy more or less cheaply with a limit purchase or with aflexible purchase. Share trading can be realized from a price of EUR 5.80 per order in Europe. If you want to buy shares in the USA, you can buy them there on the stock exchanges for USD 5 per order. Basically, trading is offered on more than 100 exchanges worldwide, which is significantly more than is the case with other brokers. Trading can be done on the go via the iOS or Android app. Orders can be adjusted or changed free of charge and can also be completely deleted.

Day trading with LYNX – what does the broker offer?

The broker LYNX offers a lot of options to use the so-called day trading. In concrete terms, this means that you have the opportunity to execute an order particularly quickly and to quickly receive the relevant information about the order. If you want to trade futures in Europe, you can trade them from 2 euros per contract or from 4 USD per contract. With the free tools BookTrader and ChartTrader you have the possibility to carry out corresponding analyzes without any problems. There is a possibility that over60 different order types can be placed when it comes to trading on LYNX.

Day trading is more than interesting if you want to trade daily. The type of trading opportunities is very versatile. In concrete terms, this means that you can trade different amounts and use different contracts in Europe and also in the USA.

Service and benefits at LYNX at a glance!

The broker LYNX offers traders a very extensive service. In concrete terms, this means that the broker offersfree support by e-mail and fax, for example. Unfortunately, LYNX currently does not have a live chat service that can be used. In addition, it should be mentioned that LYNX has a very clearly designed homepage that is easy to use and with which many different functions can be used.

Potential traders can request afree demo account from LYNX by filling out the appropriate form on the homepage. It should be noted that you can use the form without risk and then use the demo account very easily. You can get to know the individual tools, such as the Trader Workstation, within a few minutes using the demo account. It should be noted that you can easily get to know the LYNX Broker trading platform on your smartphone, tablet or PC. You can get to know your own trading strategies completely without risk. The money can be invested worldwide via the demo account in 24 countries and on over 100 stock exchanges. There is a virtual balance of $1 million that can be used on exchanges worldwide. In principle, demo accounts are always recommended if you decide to get to know certain brokers and depots. This means that you can easily try out a broker online and learn about different trades. There is no risk because you don't invest real money, only virtual credit - ideal for gaining initial experience.

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