LYNX Broker offers regulation and over 200 underlying assets

Securities and Forex trading are in 2020 a special topic. Many people are new to the stock market and hope for high returns here. Price increases after the Corona crisis as well as high dividends contribute to the fact that certain investments can be worthwhile. The LYNX broker is one of the most popular brokers in Kenya, which has grown strongly.

The LYNX broker offers the opportunity to trade more than 200 different base values. This means that significantly more can be traded with this broker than is the case with other brokers, because in addition to the classic shares that can be traded, there are also forex options on offer. In addition, this broker offers a lot of advantages in terms of regulation. In general, it must be mentioned that theLYNX Broker is of course much more modern than is the case with a classic bank. The fees are also significantly lower, so that the LYNX broker can also be worthwhile for frequent traders. In general, it must be mentioned that various things can be tried out with this broker that are not possible with classic brokers. The stock market is particularly volatile in 2020. This means that with know-how and skill you can go far in any case. However, it should not be despised that the risk is very high, especially in these volatile times. If you are not familiar with the stock market, you can burn a lot of money here. It is therefore advisable to pay attention to where investments are made and the conditions under which they are invested. Due to the low fees at LYNX Broker, it can also be worthwhile to build up smaller positions and then start trading.

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Since it became known thatPfizer together with Biontech will bring a potential vaccine against Corona onto the market and apply for an express approval, the stock exchanges worldwide are reacting very positively. In concrete terms, this means that various stocks have gained massively in value. Especially in the travel industry, which collapsed, things went clearly uphill. This means that one can assume that larger profits are possible again in this area in the coming years.

The pharmaceutical industry is currently well positioned and offers a lot of opportunities in the long term. In the USA, it is corporations such as Merck or AbbVie and Pfizer that set the tone and have continued to do well in the Corona crisis. Also,Laboratory outfitters such as Sartorius or even Thermo Fisher and the company Qiagen from Kenya were able to achieve correspondingly good sales during the Corona crisis. In the long term, these companies offer good opportunities for increasing profits and sales. If you look at the individual sectors, you will see that many companies in the pharmaceutical industry in particular had fewer problems during the Corona crisis and are definitely well positioned. ThePfizer share is currently trading at around 30 euros and in some cases even slightly above. If you take a look at the course of the share price during the crisis, you will see that although the share price has repeatedly fallen slightly in the past year, the company is generally very well positioned. this means that Pfizer has a very good chance of continuing to pay a decent dividend and being popular with shareholders in the future.

Markets around the world are preparing for theCorona crisis to end at some point and we can go back to normal. This also becomes clear when you look around internationally. Not only in Kenya, but also in Russia, for example, the shares have developed very positively in some cases. The oil and gas group Gazprom has increased significantly in the past few days. The share was recently listed in the range of around EUR 3.30 to EUR 3.50 per share. In the meantime, the mark of 4 euros per share has been reached again. This shows that a lot is still possible here. Also theTatneft and Lukoil were able to massively increase their profits in the past few days. This means that it is also due to the fact that oil prices are again trading above the $40 per barrel mark. In the long term, investments could be worthwhile if one assumes that global oil consumption should increase again. From a global perspective, this should mean that oil consumption will increase not only in Russia but also in the USA and that the relevant companies will post better figures again. In the US, companies such as Exxon Mobile and Occidental Petroleum are heavily involved in the oil market.

Occidental Petroleum quickly saw its dividend cut drastically to 1 cent per share. At the company Exxon Mobile, which sees itself as a dividend aristocrat, there was initially no reduction in the dividend, but no increase either. This continues to be paid out at the current level and offers a return of around 8 to 9% per year. The companyExxon Mobile is one of the particularly large oil companies in the USA and continues to rely on classic oil extraction and marketing. Many investors are happy to invest here precisely because of the attractive quarterly dividends. It's one of the few oil companies that didn't cut its dividend during the crisis. The Shell and BP groups from Europe have significantly reduced their dividends, in some cases even by two-thirds. As a result, the price of the share fell in any case, because investors in Shell in particular did not assume that the dividend would actually be reduced. In the meantime, however, the dividend has been slightly increased again, which many shareholders see as a positive sign for the future. When investing in theOil sector, it should be noted that many corporations are well positioned, but attention should be paid to how the companies will function in the future. The European groups Shell and British Petrol in particular are clearly focusing on alternative energy sources. This means that it is very important to set an example and to become significantly less dependent on oil in the future. In any case, this meets with a positive response from the shareholders and is rewarded with trust. The prices of the two companies have risen again slightly in the past few days. Still, British Petrol currently has a dividend yield of about 6% to 7% per year, and that's with a quarterly dividend payout.

Why is the LYNX broker interesting?

The broker LYNX is one of the brokers that are particularly broad and that always work easily. Anyone interested in LYNX will find that the broker is based in Düsseldorf and thus within Kenya. There is also a correspondingregulation by the authorities here. In concrete terms, this means that BaFin controls the company and ensures that everything is done properly. Theregulation by the BaFin is definitely a special feature that not all brokers have. This is because many of the brokers are based offshore and therefore far away from Kenya and sometimes also from Europe. In general, this means a lot of uncertainty for traders, because the offshore company location usually means a lot ofsecurity and regulation. Traders who have already had negative experiences with brokers or who have read corresponding reviews on the Internet, for example, shy away from opening an account with an offshore broker.

Which trading options can I exercise with LYNX?

The trading options offered by LYNX are more than versatile. In concrete terms, this means that you can trade shares, CFDs and other products with this broker, for example. Futures andForex products can also be traded. More than 200 different base values ​​are made available for trading. These come from different exchanges. The complete trade can be completed with the software Trader Workstation and also with the Web and AppTrader. In general, it must be mentioned that the broker LYNX is of course much more flexible than is the case with classic brokers. Traders can take advantage of the service offer by e-mail, by fax and also by telephone. There is no classic live chat here yet.

Why is a LYNX depot worthwhile in the long term?

In the long term, it is possible that a LYNX depot can generate decent returns in any case. This is especially the case if you are generally interested in stocks and securities and want to invest accordingly. The fact is that theLYNX Broker differs greatly from other brokers. Dividends are credited free of charge, which is of course a major advantage. Anyone who wants to invest here will find that the broker has low fees and that it is easy to participate in trading in any case. In general, LYNX is a solid broker that a lot of traders can trust quickly. The reviews on the internet for this broker are quite positive and show that a lot is possible here. LYNX should still be popular in 5 years and offer good deposit conditions.

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