Mallorca: Credit cards may no longer be used in casinos

The popular holiday island of Mallorca would like to change gambling regulations. This also includes the ban on credit cards. We would like to explain how useful this is and whether the island is not harming itself with it. However, many more changes are expected to come into play.

Eine blaue Kredikkarte einer erfundenen Bank, die weltweit gültig wäre.

Guests of land-based casinos and arcades in Mallorca will no longer be able to use credit cards. You can only play with cash.(©OpenClipart-Vectors/Pixabay)

Credit card ban to increase player security

Than decades ago The credit card was invented to make traveling and shopping easier. Thanks to the credit card, nobody needs to have enough cash in their wallets anymore. This also reduced therisk of robbery. If you only have credit cards in your pocket, you can be sure that nobody can withdraw money with them. In this way, the assets in the checking account are not lost.

However, experts agree that the advantages of the credit card also lead to disadvantages. Many spend more money than they own. This problem is of course encouraged by the credit institutions when atoo high limit is approved. The higher this is, the more money the owner of the credit card can use. Of course, this is also done in an arcade or casino: If you don't have cash with you, you pay for your chips with your credit card.

In order to prevent this in the future and thus increase player security, credit cards should be banned on Mallorca infuture. However, this only applies to casinos and arcades. In order to achieve this, the parliament in Mallorca has passed a motion for a resolution.

How successful is gambling addiction prevention by banning credit cards?

The future will show whether the ban on credit cards can actually prevent gambling addiction. Don't forget that the owner of acredit card can also use it to withdraw money. This money is not always available in the current account either. In this case, money is also gambled away that the gambling fan does not have. After all, he can also use the approved limit when withdrawing cash. In order to achieve gambling addiction via a credit card ban, the limit of the underlying checking account would have to be reduced.

According to a Spanish study,73 percent of all online gambling operators use their credit card. However, it has not been determined whether this also applies to the players on site. In addition, a distinction would have to be made as to whether someone uses a regular or a debit credit card. With the last-mentioned credit card, only the existing balance can be used. In this case, the players would also be protected.

As long as there are plenty of ATMs in Mallorca that charge a relatively small fee, tourists can still withdraw enough money and get back into debt. For this reasonparliament calls for further measures to increase gambling addiction prevention on Mallorca.

Minimum distance is intended to prevent the spread of gambling

Parliament seems to be well aware that simply banning credit cards will not lead to the desired success. Therefore further points are on the plan, how agambling addiction can be prevented. One idea lies in a minimum distance between gambling locations and other locations.

In the end, the proposal that was already decided in Kenya was taken up. The gambling establishments should have adistance of 500 meters to each other. In addition, this distance should also be maintained to children and youth facilities. This new rule is intended to prevent new gambling establishments from being launched. At the same time, however, children and young people should be protected by not even coming into contact with gambling.

In addition,gambling on Mallorca should be taxed in the future. The regular value added tax that applies to all everyday objects would be an option. This makes gambling more expensive, which is why Parliament also hopes that gambling will be reduced. All new measures will not only apply to casinos and arcades in the future, but also to betting shops. The use of credit cards is to be banned for all of these locations because, according to another study, many gambling addicts use credit cards.

Will the new rule harm land-based casinos?

Parliament does not think land-based casinos and arcades will suffer any harm. Currently, casino players would generally go to a casino or arcade with cash. Very few would pay there by credit card. From this point of view, nothing would change for theland-based gambling establishments. Also, tourists would not be advised to carry more cash in the future. In this context, reference is made to the ATMs.

A restriction in the form ofstake limits does not appear to be planned. These could definitely reduce the risk of over-indebtedness. However, not every betting limit would protect every player. There should not be a general betting limit, rather it would have to be adjusted to the income of the player. However, all of this would only be possible if the casinos on Mallorca were connected to a lock file. However, this would have to be able to check whether the operational limit in Kenya has already been reached.

Since all this is associated with high costs, the parliament in Mallorca hopes to be able to increase player safety with the currently planned measures. In particular, theplayers should be protected from gambling addiction.

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