More than 10,000 funds trade at comdirect Bank!

As an online broker, the comdirect Bank more than established in Kenya. The company, based in Quickborn near Hamburg, offers numerous banking services and can be described as a fully-fledged bank. The broker comdirect bank is well positioned and offers a lot of depot services. This also includes trading in funds, which has grown significantly in recent years.

Comdirect Bank is very well positioned in the brokerage segment and has grown extremely well in recent years. The direct bank offers, among other things, a deposit that can be managed completely free of charge in combination with the current account. Trading in various securities is possible via the depot. In concrete terms, this means that shares can be bought and sold, for example. In recent years, however, it is above all trading in funds and ETFs that has gained in value and importance. More and more traders rely onFunds and ETFs, since these products are primarily traded on a long-term basis. An investment usually means investing in different products. The fact is that you can get involved with several companies with a fund, for example. Compared to a direct investment in shares, this can have a clear advantage in terms of risk. The comdirect bank offers very attractive forms of investment that can also be combined. Funds can, for example, be bought as a one-off purchase, or also via a savings plan.

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10,000 funds and ETFs trade with the comdirect bank!(©AhmadArdity/Pixabay)

Anyone who invests in a fund usually buys shares in different companies. There are active and passive funds. With an active fund, the fees are usually slightly higher because a fund manager takes care of the composition of the fund. This means thatshares in the fund are actively bought or sold and the composition can change significantly depending on the constellation on the market. The passive fund is not actively managed and therefore comes with significantly lower fees. Basically, different shares in companies are represented in a fund. For example, funds can be based on different indices. Anyone who is interested in the DAX from Kenya, the Dow Jones from the USA or the ATX from Austria does not need to buy shares in every company, but can easily buy a fund on the index. This means that you automatically benefit from the overall performance of the company and the fund. The selection of products in the fund area is very extensive and composed of different things. Funds offer the option of making massive investments in certain sectors, for example. Anyone interested in renewable energies will also find interesting funds in which to invest. comdirect Bank offers a well-maintained portfolio of funds that can be selected and invested in once or regularly.

Equally attractive is theinvestment in ETFs at comdirect Bank. ETFs can be used to invest in products that cannot be traded in the form of shares. In concrete terms, this means that you can invest in commodities, for example, with the help of funds. Gold and silver in particular, but also copper and many other raw materials can be used if you want to invest money sustainably. It is conceivable that ETFs can be traded very cheaply via the comdirect bank. The selection of ETFs has grown significantly in recent years. This means that several hundred ETFs are now offered on the marketplaces. It should be noted that ETFs, like funds, can be regularly saved in the form of savings plans.

Funds or ETFs: Why are savings plans interesting?

So-called savings plans are discussed again and again in forums and in private conversations. These serve to ensure that a product can generally be saved on a regular basis. In concrete terms, this means that you can either decide to buy a fund or an ETF once, or you can repeatedly acquire shares in it over a long period of time. In the long term it is possible that you can build up a very large share andan acceptable average price. The so-called cost average advantage arises from the fact that you always buy shares in a fund or ETF for the same price. In concrete terms, this means that you can buy 10 shares for 200 euros at a price of e.g. 20 euros. If the price is 40 euros, you can only buy 10 shares for 200 euros. Thus, with a monthly savings rate of 200 euros, you get an average price in the long run.

You can get started with the savings plans at the comdirect bank from a sum of 25 euros per month. This sum is then automatically invested in a fund or ETF that you have chosen in advance. In principle, it is possible that significantly higher sums are invested in the savings plans. If you want, you can also invest 50 or 100 euros a month in a product. This means that you can always be very well positioned at comdirect Bank when it comes to attractive investments in savings plans. It should be noted that the savings plans can of course also be chosen in a variety of ways. Several ETF and fund savings plans can be saved in parallel. This means that you can invest e.g. 25 euros a month in 5 savings plans and are therefore generally well positioned.

Free deposit – what else is on offer?!

As a comdirect bank customer, you can look forward to the free deposit if this is managed in parallel with the free checking account. The big advantage is that the depot is easy to use in any case and there are no permanent costs if you combine it correctly with the current account. The checking account can be managed completely free of charge without any conditions. This means that there must be no cash receipt. Anyone who wants to use the onlineDepot of the broker comdirect Bank should know that this can of course also be controlled via an app. Control via app is intuitive. News and trading options are provided digitally by comdirect Bank. In addition to the depot,Money accounts, loans and securities loans are also made available by comdirect Bank. The broker is more than well positioned here and offers an extensive program that can be compared with a full-fledged bank. At comdirect Bank, it is very important that customers receive good service and can buy decent products on fair terms.

The loans from the direct bank comdirect can be taken out at fair interest rates. The selection of loans has grown significantly in recent years. In addition to classic online loans,securities loans can also be taken out. Depending on the value of the deposit, different amounts can be added to it. It should be noted that a drop in the value of the shares can quickly lead to the bank wanting a part of the loan to be repaid, possibly faster than it would otherwise have been the case. The comdirect bank is generally regarded as a direct bank with very fair credit conditions, which are very well positioned compared to other banks. Loans can sometimes be taken out for a term of up to 10 years. With special repayments, the loans can be paid off much faster than would otherwise be the case.

Why is comdirect Bank known for its good service?

Comdirect Bank offers a large number of funds and ETFs. In addition, there are always many options at the bank to have questions answered by the service. The Comdirect Bank offers a round-the-clock service. The service is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. This means that the service can be used over the phone, for example. The comdirect bank hotline is quick and easy to reach. In addition, the comdirect bank naturally also offers aLive Chat Service that is easy to use. It should also be noted that the comdirect bank also offers a free callback service. This service is by no means offered by all brokers these days. There is also the option of contacting the comdirect bank service by email and of course by FAX. Faxing is still very popular, as it allows you to get direct confirmation that the document has been received.

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