Several countries withdraw casino licenses from Genesis Global Limited

The Malta-based company Genesis Until now, Global Limited not only had licenses from Malta, but also from several European countries. These countries included the UK, Spain and Sweden, among others. The company has now had its license revoked for two of these countries.


Genesis Global Limited has also had its license revoked for the UK and Sweden for online table games such as roulette.(©meineresterampe/Pixabay)

Unusually high penalty from the British Gaming Authority

Normally, the British gambling authority UK Gambling Commission first off a company.This warning is usually linked to a fine, the amount of which depends on the severity of the violation. All the more unusual is themessage that Genesis Global Limited'slicense for all 12 online casinos was revoked, for previously licensed to this company. Thus, this company can no longer set foot in the online casino sector in Great Britain.

The fact is that such a penalty must be preceded bya significant violation of the license agreement. It is also unusual for the license to be revoked immediately. Usually, several warnings are issued before the license is revoked. This is intended to give the affected company the opportunity to change its own behavior for the better. The withdrawal of the license is therefore always the very last resort. Incidentally, the British authorities do not reveal what the violation is.

Swedish license was also revoked

Genesis global Limited held the license for Swedenfor 13 online casinos. The gambling authority responsible for this country has also canceled the license without replacement. However, it happened that Sweden has twice issued a warning against the company. Apparently, Genesis Global was not discouraged by this and either did not take the warning seriously or deliberately put everything on one card. It is possible that the amount of the fine issued with the associated warning was not high enough, although it was once just under 400,000 euros.

Casino players affected by license revocation in Sweden, unlike UK players, know what violations have been committed. Here's how the company tried to undermine the highly personal decision of many players never to gamble online again:Players who banned themselves continued to be served advertisements. Such a Behavior is, of course, irresponsible and presumptuous. If an authority would accept such behavior, their existence would not be necessary.

Another violation is said to have been committed bynot complying with the applicable bonus regulations. Aus der Distanz betrachtet sieht es aus, als wäre dem Unternehmen Genesis Global Limited der eigene Verdienst wesentlich wichtiger als das Wohlergehen seiner treuen Spieler.

What about other countries?

Ändert Genesis Global Limited sein eigenes Verhalten nicht, so könnten in der Folge auch die Lizenzen für andere Länder entzogen werden. The company is still allowed to offer online games in Spain, which incidentally come from well-known game manufacturers such as NetEnt, Microgaming and Evolution Gaming. Fortunately, these manufacturers serve an incalculable number of online casinos, so the withdrawal of the license does not have a negative impact on these companies.

These consequences may last for years to come. If online casinos are legalized in Kenya in 2021 due to the new state treaty on gambling, the company Genesis Global Limited could be excluded from licenses due to the acute situation. If this does not happen, a license will in all probability soon lose its validity again. At least that danger exists,if this company doesn't rethink and change their business practices. Because one thing is also clear: According to experts, the conditions forserious casinos licensed in Kenya could be even stricter.

Tips for Affected Players

To protect affected players, the UK Authority has advised that all players must still have access to your account. This access is restricted to the effect that no new deposits may be made.However, players must be given the chance to cash out their winnings.

However, it seems strange that Genesis Global Limited is still unimpressed and, according to various statements, continues to make deposits and advertise bonuses. If players were only allowed to make new deposits in order not to lose theirentitlement to certain bonuses, this would be quite understandable. However, new bonuses and new customers are absolutely taboo. No one understands what goal is being pursued with this unreasonable course of action. If you want to deposit 10CAD/EUR/USD in theCasino, you should do this with our recommended providers. By the way, you can continue to play slot machines online here without any worries. Both the gaming authorities and theSpielautomaten online spielen.

Hiermit riskiert das Unternehmen nicht nur weitere finanzielle Folgen, sondern auch seinen Ruf. Sowohl die Glücksspielbehörden als auch die Licensing regulations are primarily aimed at protecting players and preventing gambling addiction. The fact that the British authorities reacted so drastically and spontaneously only proves that the company has committed illegal behavior on its shoulders. Basically, Genesis Global should have expected a license revocation.

Let's just hope that the game manufacturers don't react as drastically and terminate their cooperation with this company. If that were the case, Genesis Global Limited would soon be completelydisappeared from the casino industry.

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