Merkur receives certificate from the ECA

From the fourth to the sixth of February was in the British Capital London which hosts ICE Totally Gaming. The gaming fair of superlatives once again attracted numerous exhibitors and visitors to London this year. The visit was particularly successful for the Merkur Spielbanken from the Gauselmann Group. These have been awarded an ECA certificate by the European Casino Association. This proves the special merits in the field of youth and player protection. The certificate was presented during the gaming fair.

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The Merkur Spielbanken Sachsen-Anhalt were awarded the ECA certificate by the European Casino Association for special services in player and youth protection.(©TheDigitalArtist/Pixabay)

Merkur Spielbanken Sachsen-Anhalt receive ECA certificate

While most of the exhibitors at this year'sICE Totally Gaming in London were busy presenting their products and developments, Merkur was busy elsewhere. As part of the trade fair, the subsidiary of the well-known Gauselmann Group was delighted to receive the covetedECA certificate. This was awarded by theEuropean Casino Association and represents the special merits in youth and player protection at Merkur. ECA spokesman Caspar Krewinkel explained at the trade fair as part of the handover: "The Merkur Spielbanken Sachsen-Anhalt with their locations in Leuna-Günthersdorf, Magdeburg and Halle (Saale) meet the criteria of the ECA".

Of course, the decision was by no means made overnight, but was carefully considered. The group was scrutinized in advance in a three-day audit at its casinos.Various criteria were then evaluated, which include, for example, access to information for players, employee training or cooperation with the supervisory authorities.

Prevention department at Merkur for several years

The Gauselmann Group and the casinos in Saxony-Anhalt announced in a press release that they wanted to offer their guests a pleasant and entertaining gaming experience . Of course, this would also include the implementation of targeted preventive measures. The fact that the group takes this topic extremely seriously is nothing new.More than ten years ago, the Gauselmann Group introduced its own prevention department. Merkur explains that a “responsible approach to all prevention issues” is maintained. The department is therefore responsible for all matters relating to prevention work. This would include, for example, the player protection measures that are coordinated here, but also further developed. According to Merkur, the focus is always on the group's social concept. Knuth Achilles, Director of Merkur Spielbanken Sachsen-Anhalt, explains: “The certification by the ECA proves that we are on the right track with this. Their spokesman Caspar Krewinkel adds:

“The company's own well-founded social concept is implemented by both the management and the employees. We are pleased to be able to ECA-certify the Merkur Spielbanken Sachsen-Anhalt for their excellent youth and player protection measures."

ECA certificate joins a series of awards

That it is at The company seems to be aware that Merkur and the Gauselmann Group are corporations with a high level of social responsibility. The ECA certificate is by no means the only award that has been celebrated in this area in recent years. As early as 2015, the Group was the first European casino company to receive theG4 certificate from the Global Gambling Guidance Group for the Merkur Casino in Halle. The company was also examined intensively here and was able to enjoy the highest international award for player protection efforts.

The conclusion at that time was similar to the conclusion of the ECA auditors now. As early as 2015, Merkur was able to convince the jury with its "commitment and great expertise". Here, too, the focus was on various control issues. These include, for example,Prevention of gambling addiction and money laundering, compliance with European gambling laws or the range of training courses for employees.

Changes in the European Casino Association

Neben der Auszeichnung von Merkur hatte die European Casino Association in den Tagen noch deutlich mehr zu tun. Anfang der Woche wurde verkündet, dass ein neues Mitglied aufgenommen wird. Die tschechische Casino Association (CCA) ist künftig ebenfalls ein Bestandteil des Verbandes. Zusätzlich dazu wurden auf der General Assembly in early February, new board members were introduced. For example, Jari Heino from the Veikkaus company or the Austrian Bettina Glatz-Kremsner from Casinos Austria are accepted onto the board. The association said the new board is now ready to advance members' interests and "strengthen the voice of the European licensed land-based casino industry". Only last month Dietmar Hoscher said goodbye as former Vice President. As a result, Tracy Damestani was initially appointed to the post, but she resigned after a short time.

The aim of the new cooperation with the Czech association is to further strengthen international cooperation. The association was examined intensively for this. The conclusion of the ECA: TheCCA works on the basis of the Responsible Gaming Framework and is therefore fully suitable as a member. The association said:

“We are pleased that our members are committed to a responsible framework for gambling, which indicates a general willingness to intensify efforts in this direction. We are now looking forward to working with the Czech Republic this year and further strengthening the land-based casino industry.”

Indeed, theECA has grown tremendously in recent years. Since it was founded in Belgium in the early 1990s, the number of members has increased to around 900 casinos. A total of 30 European countries and 70,000 employees in the gaming industry are affected. According to his own statement, the task is to deal with the regulatory issues in connection with gambling and thus to design solutions for the European industry. The ECA is now a central point of contact in Europe, which also awards prizes such as the ECA certificate to particularly strong companies. A certificate like this is extremely desirable for companies these days. So it's no wonder that Merkur is extremely happy about this document.

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