MGA hopes for herd protection through vaccination

The Corona has been raging for almost 1.5 years virus and has caused considerable damage. Nobody expected that the pandemic would spread so quickly and that even longer lockdowns would not bring the desired success. The gambling industry in particular has been hit hard as this is the area where the longest lockdowns have been imposed. When openings, the casinos and arcades were always involved at the end. This had such a negative impact that thousands of employees were laid off. Malta is now also hoping to achieve normality with vaccinations.

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MGA now wants to vaccinate all employees of Malta based gaming operators. This should make openings possible and save the gaming industry.(©Tumisu/Pixabay)

MGA starts vaccinations for staff

The USA has shown what effect a broad-based vaccination can have. Many gambling providers vaccinate their own employees so that the safest possible opening is possible.Those who are not vaccinated must take a test at least once a week. Thanks to this, every new infection should be recognized immediately. Las Vegas casinos are now back to normal.

The Maltese Gaming Authority, which is also trying to save the gaming industry with a vaccination, is now hoping for this. The vaccinations of course affect the employees living on siteall gambling companies located in Malta. In order to achieve this as quickly as possible, a separate foundation was set up: the GamingMalta Foundation. This was created in cooperation between the Maltese government and the MGA. Gaming Authority staff can either participate in thenational vaccination schedule or be vaccinated directly by the companies.

This idea will certainly be crowned with success after the number of infections in Malta is generally falling. Fortunatelysince May 2021 there has been no new death and the number of incidences is also going down according to public reports.

The idea of ​​the vaccination campaign comes from the new CEO

But who can the employees owe the quick vaccination? It is known worldwide that herd immunity basically protects against new infections. But why did Malta come up with this idea? The idea was launched by the new CEO Dr. Carl Brincat designed. This is theformer General Counsel who rose to CEO last December. Obtaining this position was not easy. dr Brincat had to assert itself against many competitors. His first tasks include expanding the quality standard and working closely with other supervisory authorities based in Europe.

Thus the vaccination campaign is the first step to achieve normalcy. The quality standard can only be increased if this is the case. His many years of experience in the field of justice will certainly help him in his project. Before joining MGA, he worked for the law firm of Emmanuel Mallia & Associates for many years. He is also a member of the followingassociations and organizations:

  • Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit
  • International Association of Gambling Regulators

The future will show to what extent previous work experience will help him. It's entirely possible that his experience got him the job of CEO.

Gauselmann also relies on vaccinations

Not only the USA, but other gambling providers use vaccinations to restore normality as soon as possible. This idea is primarily due toslumps in sales, which Gauselmann also had to contend with. Incidentally, it was the first time for Gauselmann that he was affected by poor sales figures. As a result, all Gauselmann employees were on short-time work. After all, there are 14,000 employees. So the idea of ​​vaccination came at the right time.

Gauselmann would like to vaccinate his employees in-house. Theplans at the Lübbecke and Espelkamp sites have already been completed, the infrastructure is in place. Gauselmann has another idea that is also intended to help fight the pandemic: a foundry is to be converted into a test center. However, the world-famous gaming provider is also struggling with a major problem: there are not enough vaccines to vaccinate all employees as quickly as possible. This problem is being worked on at full speed because Gauselmann doesn't just want to vaccinate his own employees. He has plans to offer vaccinations to other companies as well.

Gambling industry could be open soon

If the gambling operators, the regulators and the local doctors have done enough vaccinations, the pandemic could be defeated. If so, the local casinos and arcades could finally open againAfter a hiatus of almost a year However, everyone will be happy about it and will gladly accept these restrictions. After all, safety must still come first and it makes no sense if the pandemic starts all over again. Therefore, attempts are now being made from every direction to keep the gambling industry running.

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