Moon casino worth billions planned in Las Vegas

New casinos are being built again and again, and so are they in Las Vegas. However, the plan that has now been published is something very special that eclipses everything that has gone before: A casino in the shape of the moon is to be built. We would now like to reveal who is behind this plan and what the new casino looks like in detail.

Las Vegas bei Nacht – im Vordergrund läuft ein Sprungbrunnen, im Hintergrund stehen die Casinos.

A Moon World Resort is planned for Las Vegas. It is to be built in the form of a sphere and offer a lunar landscape in addition to the casino.(©suyashdixit/Pixabay)

Moon World Resort to be second tallest building in Sincity

It is not enough for the owners of the new casino if the casino appears in a very unusual form. It will also be thesecond tallest structure in Las Vegas. The JW Marriott currently holds that title, but it remains the second largest building. How it works? Very simple: Both buildings will be the same height and thus share the title. A height of 224 meters is planned. Much more surprising, however, is that the casino becomes round like the moon.

The moon is given adiameter of 198 meters and comes to rest on a slab . This plate is to have a diameter of 259 meters. Both consist of the materials concrete, glass, aluminium, steel and carbon fiber composites. The planning for the casino resort has already been completed and investors have already been found. That's more than necessary given that the new casino resort is expected to cost $5 billion to build. The owners of the unusual casino: Michael Henderson and Sandra Matthews.

Gambling operators wanted

The owners of the new casino resort cannot offer gambling. They don't have the ability or license to do this. For this reason, agambling company is currently being sought to take over the management of the casino resort. Given the annual revenue, which is only an estimate at the moment, it shouldn't be difficult to find a licensee: $1.8 billion a year should be in the pipeline.

To achieve that, it will take inside the moon not only a casino is located. There should be4,000 hotel rooms, so this building will not only attract gambling fans. In addition, as is usual in any casino resort, there are several cafes, restaurants and, of course, convention centers. Boutiques, theatres, lounges and bars are also planned. A spa area and a lagoon appear rather unusual. The Crater-Cafe is considered to be the center of attraction to the same extent. Where exactly this will be located remains a secret for the time being.

These special locations are the reason why the owners of the resort are already innegotiations with numerous well-known gambling providers located. These are not just corporations from North America. It has been publicly announced that negotiations are also under way with companies from Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Moon ride included

Apart from a large casino and the locations just mentioned, the | ||81Moon World Resort a nightclub that, as expected, is also extremely unusual: The nightclub is created like a spaceship in which moon shuttles fly the guests - if desired - to a moon colony. This looks like the surface of the moon and offers another special feature. Because wealthy guests candrive around there in a moon buggy for 90 minutes. Four hectares are available for this purpose. However, the owner of this idea can be paid very well. A ride is said to cost 500 US dollars.

If you can't afford it, you can still benefit from the nightclub. The atmosphere of a spaceship is unique and the lights shine on the dance floor. At least that is the plan that has been published so far. Thus, a casino resort will be created that will meet the needs of many tourists and business people. The plannedThe event center should offer space for 5,000 people and thus offer space for almost all overnight guests.

Criticism is already being raised before construction begins

Of course it stays such an unusual and large casino resort does not go uncommented. The first critical voices are raised, for example fromMichael Trager. He runs the website TravelZork and believes that the planned building is much too big for Las Vegas' requirements. In his opinion, guests are looking for entertainment and sports facilities. However, these will be partially integrated into the planned casino resort. Still, Michael Trager doubts that a round colossus will be well received by gambling fans.

SimilarlyBob Rogers, who founded BRC Imagination Arts . He also thinks the building is way too big. On the other hand, the question naturally arises as to why or whether Las Vegas really needs a new casino. There is already enough of this. However, the lunar planet could cause a special gravitational pull, just like the real moon can. The possibility of exploring an area modeled after the moon does not yet exist. This attraction stands out from the rest and could lead to tourists booking a hotel room just because of that. Perhaps the moon will eclipse gambling.

If the planned resort is actually built,guests will have to wait five years for it. This time is set for the construction of the building. It only remains to be seen whether the local casino resorts will defend themselves against such a giant, which will definitely change the well-known Las Vegas image.

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