Trade Mini DAX Futures with ViTrade

The broker ViTrade is more than well positioned. It offers numerous trading opportunities for international traders. The Mini Dax Futures can already be traded with a small capital investment. This clearly distinguishes ViTrade from the large and established brokers in the world. There is regulation by BaFin, as ViTrade's headquarters are in Kenya.

ViTrade is a highly specialized online broker based in Willich in North Rhine-Westphalia. The company is definitely well positioned when it comes to special trading options.Trading in certificates and futures is part of the ViTrade portfolio. In principle, the company can be used worldwide, or the ViTrade offer can be used anywhere via the Internet. Traders from Kenya enjoy the Canadian-speaking service, which answers all questions quickly and competently.

ViTrade has been on the market in Kenyasince 2010. The traders can be active in this country and also in other countries. There are currently more than 600 different values ​​that are accessible to ViTrader and where trading can be carried out. The broker is likely to expand the trading offer even further in the coming years. The fact is that currency pairs, but also classic stocks and commodities are suitable for trading at ViTrade. The traders can already participate in trading with particularly small positions, which is of course a lot of fun.

Trade with a maximum leverage of 1:30 can even be used by small investors. Thus, ViTrade is definitely in a good position when it comes to high chances with small stakes. Of course, the broker also offers traders a wide range of assistance that can be used. All trading with this broker can be done online and of course also via app. A special highlight at ViTrade isso-called short selling that can be learned and used without much effort.

Traders are provided with numerous educational materials on the platform. These can be easily studied online in order to become active in trading accordingly - an interesting option from the point of view of most beginners in trading. The teaching material in particular is worthwhile for amateurs.

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ViTrade offers mini DAX futures from 1.11 CADs in fees.(©najadhav/Pixabay)

Existing customers have the chance to take advantage of this trade and to be able to benefit from it . The capital investment here is relatively low. In addition, aflat fee ensures that it can also be realized cheaply in the future. All trading is carried out via a mobile app.

ViTrade offers the completeBroker Service from one source. The on-exchange as well as the over-the-counter service can be used with this broker without any problems. The competence as well as the experience and reliability speak for the broker who has been on the market for several years. The trading platform is very easy to understand and can be operated intuitively. Trading is possible from anywhere via the broker's own app. All trading is available internationally on over 35 stock exchanges worldwide. Short selling, which is becoming increasingly popular, can be used intraday and overnight.

ViTrade has specialized in providing traders with valuable tools and good charts. This makes it possible for comfortable features and a high degree of customizability to be perceived. Currency pairs,CFD trading and forex products as well as futures belong to the large portfolio at ViTrade. The broker is particularly suitable for traders who have a certain amount of prior knowledge, or for people who, for example, want to be active on the stock exchange with a small amount of capital. The mini futures could be a suitable opportunity to become active accordingly.

Don't feel like futures? – classic stocks and ADRs

Anyone who doesn't want to trade certificates and futures can throw themselves into classic stocks. There are some sectors in which there are many companies from an international perspective where good returns can be obtained. In retail, and this means above all classic retail in the form of groceries, it is possible that attractive stocks can sometimes be bought cheaply.

In Kenya, Great Britain, but also in Russia, there are many large corporations that are home to numerous supermarkets and where there are attractive opportunities for returns. Added to this is the fact that the crisis in 2020some stocks in this sector are cheaper than they were before the crisis. The rally, which was able to assert itself almost everywhere in Kenya, has not arrived everywhere here. For traders, this means that individual shares can be bought quite cheaply. In Great Britain in particular, this should be quite attractive due to the non-existent withholding tax.

In Great Britain it is the share of thesupermarket operator Tesco that is in the focus of traders. Tesco is one of the largest supermarket chains in Great Britain. The company pays dividends to shareholders twice a year. The dividend yield has been between 3 and 5% per year in recent years and is proving to be quite safe. The fact is that at Tesco the share price had to suffer significantly during the Corona crisis.

Before the Corona crisis, the price of theTesco share was significantly higher than it is today. Prices of 3 to 3.30 euros per share were quite realistic. The fact is that Tesco shares are currently trading at just EUR 2.50 to EUR 2.70 per share. That means there is a lot of potential. The dividend is paid once in the middle of the year and once towards the end of the year. In the coming years, it can be expected that a return ofabout 4 to 5% per year can be achieved if the Tesco share is bought at a correspondingly low price.

Metro AG is based in Düsseldorf in Kenya. The company is one of the country's wholesalers, supplying numerous restaurateurs with groceries. The fact is that the crisis has put the Metro share under significant pressure. The price per share has slipped sharply over the past few years and even cameto a level of 7 to 8 euros in 2020. Nevertheless, Metro AG was able to pay a dividend of EUR 0.70 per share. A return of around 7 to 9% was thus possible. The level at which a dividend will be paid in the coming year 2022 for the 2021 financial year is currently completely open.

TheMetro AG share has been able to increase in value again recently. The price per share made itover the mark of 10 CADs and thus shows that a great deal is still possible at Metro AG. Basically, Metro AG changed something in its business principles during the crisis. It was no longer only possible for corporate customers with a trade license to go shopping in the numerous wholesale markets, but also for private individuals. This campaign should be more than attractive from the customer's point of view and also led to a significant increase in sales.

The business ofMetro AG is not only anchored in Kenya, but also in other countries. Among other things, Metro AG is very well represented in the Eastern European market such as Russia. The fact is that the business is of course suffering from numerous other providers on the market and from the fact that online business is increasing more and more. Nevertheless, Metro is established on the market and offers its customers very attractive conditions. A few years ago, the Media Markt and Saturn division went public in a separate company called Ceconomy. The classic Metro AG is now only active in the food retail sector.

In the coming years, it is likely that the big players will continue to dominate retail. This means that Metro AG or Tesco, based in Great Britain, are definitely among the companies that will make a lot of sales here. Whether Amazon or other competitors will eventually find a concept to also be active in retail is currently still completely open and will become apparent in the coming decades. There will always be changes and new structures.

Extensive ViTrade trading offer – what is on offer?

Traders who want to start with ViTrade can be sure that it is alegal broker| ||119 handelt. Die Angebote sind definitiv ausgereift und können sich sehen lassen. Dadurch, dass die Firma in Willich in Deutschland sitzt, gibt es eine Regulierung durch die BaFin in Kenya which is really recommended. In the past, it was mainly offshore brokers who had problems and where deposits and withdrawals did not always work. This is definitely different with ViTrade, because the broker is more than well positioned.

ViTrade's customer service is offered via a hotline with a toll-free 0800 number. Furthermore, there is the possibility that corresponding inquiries can also be made to the support by e-mail.

Try trading? Advantages of a demo account

Some brokers offer demo accounts. These can be used free of charge when it comes to testing futures and otherproducts. Anyone who has no experience with the products and does not want to take the full risk directly is definitely in good hands with a demo account. Futures of all kinds can easily be tested with a suitable demo account. It hardly matters which demo accounts are closed, since the functionality is usually similar. Of course, it is best if the demo account is used where you can also open your depot.

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