Mohegan may start with Hellinikon Casino

The new project Hellinikon Casino- Resort in the starting blocks. After a few different problems, Mohegan is finally allowed to start building the luxury casino resort. However, the conversion of the former Athens airport will take several years. Greece's economy could take off once construction is complete.

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Mohegan has been granted the license to build the Hellinikon Casino Resort. Now the conversion of the former airport in Athens can begin.(©Abbeylein/Pixabay.com)

competitor became successfully eliminated

Originally, two large companies had applied for the new casino resort at the former Athens airport:Hard Rock International and Mohegan Gaming and Entertainment. After a long application process, the gaming authority HGC has chosen Mohegan. Hard Rock International took legal action against this, but has so far been unsuccessful. The European Court of Justice will show whether this could change. According to official reports,Hard Rock International wants to go one court distance higher. Experts rightly wonder why Hard Rock International didn't win the licensing. The decision could be because, compared to Mohegan, theHard Rock group has no experience with a new building. Until now, this company has been able to run numerous casino resorts. However, this was never a new building. In addition, there are probably some uncertainties regarding the financial situation. For a construction project worth eight billion euros, the financing should be guaranteed.

Interesting details about the Hellinikon Casino

Given the geographic location, theHellinikon Casino-Resort not only attract passionate players.This resort is located on the seafront, just ten kilometers from Athens. Other interesting facts will attract numerous visitors: Aside from a 15,000 square meter casino area, aluxury hotel, several restaurants and a shopping center will be built on the site. In addition, there are many entertainment directions and a congress center. Regarding the entertainments, it was determined that these are not only indoors. The spacious outdoor area is included, since theentire site covers 620 hectares. In addition, 8,000 apartments, a museum and a theater are to be built. The look that Mohegan decided on in cooperation with other companies will also attract numerous visitors: theGreek architecture is deliberately chosen. The buildings of the Greek city of Acropolis and the caryatid sculptures serve as models. The Americanarchitectural firm Steelmann Partners and the Greek construction company GEK Terna Holding were involved in this idea. Mohegan is particularly pleased about the architect, as he is considered an expert when it comes to new casino resorts.

Greece's economy to be boosted

The Hellinikon project has been in the planning for years, and from for a good reason: the hope is that the number of tourists in Greece will increase.Experts expect an increase of 10 percent. The increase may be higher. After all, the Hellinikon Casino should not only attract players who can try their luck at 120 tables and 1200 slot machines. Congress participants are also attracted - apart from the tourists who love pure luxury. The latter is definitely offered. During the construction phase, 7,000 people are to be given jobs. This also reduces the unemployment rate.After the opening of the casino resort, 7,000 employees are to be hired. It is currently still unclear from which countries the new employees come. Since it is an international resort, foreign specialists could also be hired. Apart from a high number of visitors to the Hellinikon Casino, Greece in general could experience an upswing.Such a luxury casino resort will soon gain worldwide fame. So it would be conceivable that the hotels in the vicinity would also benefit. There are also day visitors who just want to have fun in the casino. The theater and the museum will do the rest, so that many visitors flock to the new resort.

Greece also issues licenses for online casinos

So gratifying the news about the start of construction of the Hellinikon Casino Also, the simultaneous news is so pleasing thatGreece is also currently issuing licenses for online casinos. However, these come at a significant cost and further regulations and rules could be difficult to implement. Alicense for casino games costs two million euros. For sports betting licenses, applicants have to dig even deeper into their pockets and pay three million euros. In addition, the gambling providers must make a deposit of 200 million euros. They also have to prove that the companies are also financially able to run the online casinos. Once the companies can prove all this,the license will run for seven years. Many rules and regulations have also been set for the players. Only people over the age of 21 may register. The maximum bet for a spin may not exceed two euros.The winning limits were limited to 5,000 euros or 50,000 euros for jackpots. It has not yet been announced whether the new rules will also include a loss limit or a betting limit. Of course, the fact that they have to pay 35 percent tax is important for the gambling providers ||105

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