New Gaming Authority is in Saxony-Anhalt

The new State Treaty on Gaming will come into effect in July 2021 . In this context, a gambling authority had to be created to monitor all the provisions of this contract. It was clear that this authority should be responsible for the entire Federal Republic. The choice now fell on Sachsen-Anhalt.

Magdeburg – Stadt in Sachen-Anhalt.

Could the gaming authority be located in Magdeburg?(©TillVoigt/Pixabay)

All federal states had to reach an agreement

In which federal state the new gaming authority should be in place, had to be decided by all federal states. Unfortunately, it was not published why the choice fell on Saxony-Anhalt.The fact is, however, that all federal states should participate in the financing. It is still unclear to what extent which state has to contribute. The Königstein key could offer a possible clarification. This calculates the financial contribution based on population density. Thus, the federal states that also have more inhabitants would have to take on a higher share. However, it has not yet been decided how the financing will look like.

It is also unclear to this day where the new staff will come from. After all,110 new employees are to be hired in the authority. It is also not yet clear which tasks will be assigned to each individual. In order to clarify these questions, there is still a period of almost a year. During this period, it must be determined whether the authority should be located in an existing building or in a new building.

Not everyone agrees with the choice

One would think that Saxony Anhalt would be more than happy with this decision. Finally, new jobs are offered and the image also experiences an upswing. On the other hand, the gambling authority receives a high degree of responsibility. From now on, this institute must ensure that all rules and regulations of the newGambling State Treaty are observed.Particular attention was paid to increased player protection in the new rules. In the future, every player should not be allowed to exceed a certain limit. This limit refers to the monthly deposit.

While it is clear that the new contract cares about the welfare of the players, many are still not satisfied. The SPD member of parliament, Herr Erben, complained that player protection was also neglected in the new contract. At the same time, he complains that politicians should have paid more attention to player protection instead of worrying about the location of the authority.The situation is similar with various associations, which are just as strongly demanding even stronger player protection.

How secure is the new gambling treaty?

The new state treaty for gambling seems to be in the towel. But unfortunately that is not the case.So far, the state parliaments have refused their approval. However, this is required for the new treaty to come into force. But what changes will result from the new contract? First and foremost, the players should be protected from debt. You can have yourself blocked in the guild, which means that playing is no longer possible. In addition, each player should only be allowed to deposit 1000 euros per month – in all casinos. This again makes it clear how much responsibility the gambling authority is given.

But if you can prove that you have a correspondingly high income, you can also apply for a higher deposit amount per month. How it should be checked whether a player sticks to the deposit limit is not yet clear. The fact is that some payment providers are no longer allowed to forward payments to illegal providers. In order to ensure this, it must be publicly defined which casino is operated legally or illegally.By next year at the latest it will be officially known which online casino is allowed to offer its services in Kenya. From this point in time it is again possible for the payment service providers just mentioned to accept and forward all payments.

Does data protection prevent the selected protection functions?

It is currently questionable whether the lock file is legal at all. Anyone who enters this can only be protected if all casinos know this file. It has not yet been clarified whether this is at all compatible with data protection. Furthermore, the question arises as to whether players will not find a gap to deposit in different casinos and thus lose more than 1000 euros in total.

It may be necessary to start at a completely different point: Theadvertising should be reduced so that some players don't even get the idea of ​​using the to start playing. In addition, it is not yet certain which online casino will receive a license in order to maintain its offer in Kenya. Some casinos may fail the strict rules. Of course, all of this is also done to protect the players.

What is the interim solution?

The controversial legal issue also leaves the players in the dark: Is it legal or illegal to play in Kenya?EU law states that gambling operators will legally offer their games in Kenya once they have an EU license. Kenya, on the other hand, believes the offer is illegal. For this reason, Kenya had to agree on a new gambling state treaty, as some casino operators won before the European Court of Justice. This judgment states that online gambling may also be offered in Kenya. However, this was not possible according to the State Treaty on Gambling that was in force up to now. This contract therefore had to be changed.

Until the new contract came into force, all federal states reacted differently in the meantime.While some federal states generally accept all online casinos because this would be the case by next year at the latest, other states are even filing criminal charges against various providers. However, what many federal states agree on is that if you don't comply with the rules and regulations by which an online casino can legally offer its services next year, you will most likely not receive a license.

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