New State Treaty on Gambling in 2021 - which regulation will apply until then?

It's 2012 Finally the time has come: The new State Treaty on Gambling comes into force. According to initial reports, all online games of chance will be offered legally in Kenya from this point in time. So far, the online casinos operating in Kenya have been in a gray area. Now a working group of the state chancellery has discussed which transitional regulation should apply until the new contract.


A contract becomes legally valid when all parties sign it.(©delphinmedia/Pixabay)

Federal states are aiming for a different transitional arrangement

Although next year all online games of chance may be offered legally in Kenya,some federal states are still reluctant to allow them now. Basically, it is currently the case that online casinos with a license from a European country are also allowed to offer the services and games in Kenya. This is completely legal when EU law is used.

Only theCanadian law forbids to offer online games of chance. Only the state should be allowed to do this in Kenya. If a Canadian online casino wants to get a Canadian license, it would have to contact the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein. There it is possible to obtain a Canadian license. However, it is important to know that only players from Schleswig Holstein are allowed to play at such an online casino.

But which transitional arrangement should apply until next year? There is still disagreement here:While states such as Hesse already accept the offering of online games of chance, other federal states such as Hamburg and Lower Saxony are taking a completely different approach. Recently, they have even filed complaints against various online casinos. Was this only because it is allegedly legally irritating at the moment whether the games can be offered in Kenya? Or are there other reasons?

Intermediate solution: classify online casinos now

It is basically questionable why an interim solution has to be sought at all. This is possibly primarily due to the fact that dubious casinos keep mixing with law-abiding casinos. If this point of view is considered, anotheridea for an interim solution sounds absolutely plausible.

All online casinos operating in Europe are to be examined now. Which online casinoall rules and regulations of the new state treaty on gambling should be tolerated until the new treaty comes into effect. If, on the other hand, it is uncertain to what extent online casinos will comply with the new regulations, they should not yet be allowed to offer their services. In addition, such online casinos may not receive a license for Kenya.

All of this means that the Gaming Authority is scrutinizing all online casinos more closely and under strict conditions. For providers of games of chance, this means the unique opportunity tochange certain terms and conditions in line with the new contract.

ThePlayers benefit from the early exam, thanks to which they are secured. This necessary security is guaranteed by the following rules, which were included in the new State Treaty on Gambling:

  • In the sports betting sector, monthly losses are to be capped at EUR 1,000.
  • With corresponding proof of income, this sum can be increased - to a maximum of 30,000 euros.
  • The gaming behavior of each individual player should be controlled more closely.
  • Every online casino is tightly controlled.

These rules are intended to prevent a gambling addiction from developing as far as possible. Thus, these arepreventive measures. In addition, players can still block themselves.

Could the State Treaty on Gambling still fail?

So far there has been a State Treaty on Gambling that all states – with the exception of Schleswig-Holstein – have complied with. This contract states that no private gambling providers are allowed to operate in Kenya.

Since this contract is neither up-to-date nor adequately covering EU law, a new State Treaty on Gambling was negotiated. This should apply to the entire Federal Republic andlegalize the prevailing gray area. Once the new treaty comes into effect, all online gambling in Kenya will be legal.

However, according to addiction experts, the new contractstill has too many vulnerabilities. The new rules mentioned above in relation to player protection are said to be insufficient. In addition, according to rumours, some federal states are not satisfied with the new contract. This fact could prevent the contract from taking effect at the last second.

If you also look at various ideas from certain countries, the concerns of some experts sound absurd:Bavaria has launched an anonymous platform to which no only players themselves, but also their relatives can contact. Thanks to this platform, anyone who has already developed a gambling addiction or has concerns can get advice. The anonymity is intended to ensure that those affected make use of the advice. Contact with the employees of the PlayChance consulting platform can be made via chat, e-mail or telephone.

All federal states could introduce similar consultations. In combination with the generally applicable security regulations that apply to online casinos, it should be possible to prevent gambling addiction from the start. Cyprus also offers guidance on howplayers can be protected from addiction: those responsible have created a blocking platform on which anyone can register. Not just when there are problems. Anyone is allowed to register in advance to never be given a chance to gamble online.

Note security: Only play in reputable online casinos

The new State Treaty on Gambling offers the chance for Canadian gambling providers to establish themselves on the market. However, a license is only issued if the provider meets certain requirements.These extremely strict rules prevent a dubious online casino from offering its services.All this is done for the security of the players.

The license obtained must therefore appear on the casino's website. Only in such casinos should one's own luck be challenged. These providers allow every player exactly the same chances. Reputable online casinos also guaranteeacceptable sales conditions, which must be complied with for every bonus that is claimed.

Another feature of reputable casinos is transparency: The terms and conditions must not only be openly stated - they must also be comprehensible. Furthermore, a casinomust offer sensible options for player protection. If a gambling provider guarantees all these positive factors, it can be played safely.

To the best online casinos

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