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ING-DiBa GrundgebührenAls Direktbank ist die ING-DiBa bei den Brokerage Kunden mehr als beliebt. Sie wirbt mit einem kostenlosen Depot sowie mit einem kostenlosen Girokonto und bietet damit eine gute Basis für den Start in den Aktienhandel.

Now it has become known that the ING-DiBa is adjusting the order fees, and that as early as May 18th 2018. The fee of 4.90 is new and represents a basic fee. Previously, the bank only charged a fee of 0.25%, which is now being supplemented by the EUR 4.90 fee. It should also be noted that the minimum fee for a trade is no longer 9.90 euros, but this limit no longer applies. The maximum fee that is possible per trade is no longer 59.90 euros, but 69.00 euros.

This means that traders who execute smaller orders pay significantly lower fees, than has been the case so far. Anyone who decides to place an order for a sum of at least 2,000 euros must now pay significantly higher fees at ING-DiBa.

What can I trade with the ING-DiBa depot?

The ING-DiBa depot is very comprehensive. In concrete terms, this means that customers can act accordingly. In addition to domestic trading in shares on the well-known stock exchanges Xetra and Tradegate and numerous other stock exchanges, it is also possible to trade on many foreign stock exchanges. The trading offer of the ING-DiBa is not only limited to shares, but is also significantly expanded, for example, by funds and ETFs.

Currently, ING-DiBa customers can choose from around 8,400 different funds. It is advertised that around 4,500 funds offer a discount of 50% on the front-end load. The fund purchases are carried out at ING-DiBa in over-the-counter direct trading from a market value of 500 euros without fees. This offer can still be used until March 29, 2018, when the bank introduces fees for the corresponding trade.

Which savings plan variants does ING-DiBa offer its customers?

The savings plan is more than popular with ING-DiBa and numerous savings plans are offered. Funds but also ETFs can be taken out at the bank as a savings plan. This means that a total of 130 different funds can be used to complete corresponding savings plans. There are also around 70 different ETFs that can also be taken out as a savings plan.

It is possible that a savings plan at ING-DiBa can be implemented every one, two or three months. In order to be able to run the savings plan, it is necessary that at least a sum of 50 euros is paid in.

The ING-DiBa is one of the first direct banks on the Internet. It enjoys a particularly high level of trust among customers and advertises with extensive deposit insurance. In addition to corresponding account and custody account models, the bank also offers financing. Especially when it comes to home financing, or consumer loans and car loans, corresponding offers can be taken advantage of by the ING-DiBa. Call money accounts can also be closed through the bank. Corresponding accounts at the bank are often advertised with offers for new customers, so that the conclusion is very attractive Depot

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